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Sacking Jason
Part 5 - Sacking Jason
By Kyle Cicero

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Lee checked the ropes to be sure they were secure. It was a hot sight he contemplated. There was the great football girl magnet stud bound ass up on his own four poster bed ! Lee slipped a few pillows under the hypno dazed jock's hard six pack so that his ass was high in the air. Jason had meekly submitted to the binding and awaited his deflowering eagerly. Lee, however, felt that such an 'event' should mean so much more to Jason if he thought as he did before Lee had rewired him.

"Jason, do you hear me?” Lee inquired .

"Yes master," groaned Jason who was squirming in anticipation.

"When I clap my hands you will revert to the old Jason but you will return to your new self when I say ‘stud’ understand.” Lee instructed.

"Yes master," Jason meekly replied.

"Oh yes, your chute will remain supersensitive to sex no matter what and, you will unconsciously obey any command I still make if I use the words 'do it'." Lee ordered.

"My pussy will be sexually charged yes master and obey you when I hear you say ‘do it’." Jason moaned anxious to get fucked by now..

Lee clapped his hands and waited for the old Jason to reappear.

"What happened....where am I?..." , a drowsy Jason murmured as he shook off the effects of hypnosis.

"Hey...what the fuck is this." he roared as he pulled against his bonds and bucked on the pillow. He glared at Lee. "You did this you goddamn Asian creep...let me go ..I'll bust you up." Lee snickered, " I believe it is I who will be 'busting you' so to speak ,by the way like the shave down below?"

"Shave...what..", then it hit Jason who propped his behind up like a tent--giving Lee a beautiful vision of the player's ass and leg muscles in action-- "you crazy sick bastard ..." Jason sputtered his face turning red in shame, " you shaved my man hairs off me!"

Lee went over to the struggling stud who was now helpless. He raised his hand and gave the players fine bubble buns a hard whack.


"Owwww," yelled Jason who was stunned. Lee laughed and hit the prone macho star again and again.




"Stop...." cried Jason, " shit stop...." with each hit Jason bounced up and down on the pillows much to Lee's amusement. Nice , Lee realized, like he's screwing the pillows--hmmm he looks hot doing it and I bet I would love to 'get it' from him too but, that's for another time Lee decided reluctantly.

"Ask nice then", Lee replied.

"Go fuck yourself asshole," shouted Jason.. " that will be the day"

"Just 'do it'"

"Stop please master sir", answered Jason without thinking, "what the hell am I saying!" A stunned Jason said

Lee felt under the shocked stud's stomach. "You know Jason some men never break out of childhood problems huh"

"What are you talking about" growled Jason who , to his amazement , liked the touch of the man's rough hand as it brushed across his dick. "No" his mind shouted this is sick!

"Well, I think you wet your bed as a child right,” Lee chuckled with the idea that just came to him. Yes, this will cause the event to be even worse for his ego.

"Hell, no I was never some pussy bed wetter." Jason replied momentarily forgetting his situation and letting the old arrogant self re emerge. Lee smiled --perfect answer.

"I bet you still sometimes ' do it'!" he retorted

"Fuck you.......oooooo dammmmm." Jason sighed as his bladder released a steady stream out of his cock soaking the pillows under him.

"See I knew it." Lee said in a paternalistic way.

" did...oh god!" Jason responded his voice cracking with the shame. Americas hot shot flying ace and football idol had just wet his bed!! Now he is ready Lee decided as he mounted the player from behind. Jason was so stunned by his 'accident' that he did not notice what Lee was doing until he felt Lee push his butt cheeks apart.

"Get away from me you faggot pussy."Jason screamed as he tried, to no avail, to clench his smooth muscular cheeks.

"You want it , ' whispered Lee ," but I will only fuck you if you ask me to 'do it' "

"No fucking...fuck me please sir, " an astonished Jason heard himself saying.


"Well only because you asked nice, laughed Lee as he inserted his cock in the jocks virgin hole.

"OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW", Jason howled as his cherry popped! "Take it outtttt.....oh god ......", he sobbed. But suddenly ,his butt hole tingled and he felt a wave of heat hit his cock. He saw stars and he realized that his body was on sexual fire.

"Like it boy" Lee said as he increased his thrusts.

"No....nooooo....oooohhhh.", Jason's mind screamed even as he felt his body thrusting up to meet the thrust into him. "I....don't understand," he sobbed, " I'm not a faggot ....oh is this...", even as he bucked under Lee like a dog in heat ; his once innocent asshole sucking the invader in deeper as waves of pleasure soared through out his defiled straight body!

"Oh but you are enjoying it," Lee assured the man feeling the heat engulfing his cock as he took Jason's virginity and fucked the sex idol into permanent humiliation. "Just think you once said that 'that will be the day I let some guy ride my ass' well, my fiery stallion--TODAY IS THAT DAY!!"

"Oh god .. he's got his cock up my ass!!" Jason yelled his head spinning in confusion as he felt his 10 inches stiffening to its full length.

"Yeah and you know how much American jocks love Asian cock up their tight holes right!" Lee reminded the macho star as he increased his strides into 'virgin' territory.

Jason buried his face in the bed sheets and sobbed. "He's fucking my ass !" Jason's mind repeated over and over. He was getting ass fucked but good and by a slightly build little guy. No one would ever believe that he, a built tall jock had ever been overpowered by Lee. The thought of his team or news reporters ever finding out. Hell, the women.

"If you don't resist and admit you're a pussy I'll never tell a soul" Lee told the man as if he had read Jason's thoughts.

"NOOOOO......", Jason groaned even as his throbbing dick said otherwise.

"Give into to it Jason." Lee stated softly. "You're turned on to getting fucked!"

"No..." Jason wept "I'm an all American stud....I can't be...."

"Say it Jason, you are a pussy,", Lee responded. " This can't be happening...My ass...oh god..the feeling," Jason whined as his mind entered a total fucked up zone!

"Do it!", Lee whispered intently.

"I'm a pussy whose body craves cock... I'm a two bit bitch who's cock crazy," he babbled now, off his head in sexual heat and hypnotic control.

"What else pussy," Lee insisted. Driving the term home to the once macho stud now writhing under him in sexual surrender .

"You win...dude.... ," Jason howled as his body gave fully into the waves of lust that was coursing through him. " I want ass is on fire.... I need it bad!"

"Tell me what you want me to do to you," insisted Lee, "do it!"

" FUCK ME!!" Jason begged, his arrogance shattered into pieces . He was forever broken. In his mind he was totally punked . The great star football player, in all of his 6 ft 2 inches & over 200lbs of hard muscle glory had been sacked but good for the first time in his life and, by a slight, shorter man!


I broke him Lee smiled to himself. After Lee left town he would leave the old Jason’s persona behind but they would both know that Lee had fucked the old once hyper-masculine jock into absolute submission. The once smugly macho football player would forever remember his 'deflowering' by Lee and how he had begged for it. Worse yet whenever the young stud was in bed with a woman he would, thanks to a hypnotic order deeply implanted by Lee into Jason, would never be able to ‘get it up’ unless the woman first used a dildo to 'mounted him’ during their sex actions! Mission accomplished! Jock defeated and, gelded!!

Time for the new Jason to come out and play. “Okay ...stud”! Lee commanded. "Lets really fuck!!" Jason's head shot up the change was instantaneous!

"YEAH!!!... fuck my butt master," howled a gleeful hypno zonked Jason as his body squirmed in heat.

"Easy there stud," Lee hooted as he felt himself getting ready to sear his brand into his new stallion. "Ride em cowboy" he shouted as he slapped his now fast bucking bronco’s ass red and rode to glory!

"Yeah... fuck this baby", a lust hungry Jason begged. "Ride me master... do it...oooh I'm going to... cummmmmm." As Jason came Lee felt the jock's cute ring tighten on his cock.That was it--Lee exploded in the players ass collapsing on the smooth muscular frame of his 'mount'.

"More master", teased Jason affectionately.

"All right you cock hungry kid," Lee replied causing Jason to smile and lick his lips.

"Lets untie you first and change these sheets," said Lee. "next fucking I want to have you on your back with your legs in the air so I can see my boy's smile!!" With that he unbound Jason and the two of them embraced in a deep passionate kiss! The evening was still young!


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