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Sacking Jason
Part 4 - Sacking Jason
By Kyle Cicero

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New York was a great place thought Lee as he signed for the delivery. Where else could you find a costume store that delivers quickly. Of course mentioning that it was the residence of a 'famous' football star probably helped speed things up. The young delivery girl had practically creamed in her uniform when Jason, on instructions to behave 'normally', had answered the door She could barely keep her eyes off him especially since he was wearing just a robe loosely tied to show off his hot fully muscled body to its best advantage . Lee was quite proud of his boy who flirted with her much to her excitement. The girl left on cloud nine with visions of Jason and that 'accidental' slippage of the robe that had given her a great brief glance of the player's newly shaved unique private personal charm! She decided to stop by the local drug store to pick up some shaving cream and a new razor for her boyfriend on the local police. If Jason did it he would as well!

Lee handed Jason the box and gave his instructions . While the hero changed for his "performance' Lee set up the video camera--no need not to have a record of what would be a memorable event right!

"Ready sir", Jason called from the next room.

"Let's see some action then ," snorted Lee.

A transformed Jason came out. Dressed in a cheerleader's short skirt, his sweater pressed tight by a stuffed bra, his rugged All American face all powered , rouged , and lip-sticked--- the macho jock was a sight!

"I would like to thank all of you who are out here to support our team." Jason exclaimed keeping his hands on his hips and swaying girlishly to an imaginary crowd. "Now, lets cheer our men on," he giggled as he winked and air kissed his fans.Wiggling his butt seductively Jason began his cheer (one furnished by Lee).

"Give me an 'I'," the hypno-dazed jock shouted.

"Give me 'NEED!' ," he screamed as he waived his arms and swayed his hips seductively. As Jason cheered he moved his hands up and down his body literally feeling himself lewdly up for the camera which caught every girlish move and facial expression. Lee was in tears at the hilarity of this super built macho hero mincing before the camera cheering like some oversexed adolescent girl !

" Give me an 'A' ," Jason continued.

" Give me a BIG!", Jason tittered as he rubbed his crotch with one hand and his ass with the other obviously turning himself on in a sexual frenzy sure to shock and embarrass even the most jaded viewer.

"Give me a DICK!," Jason implored as suddenly he produced a huge dildo and began to lick it in front of the camera.

"What does it that say!!," the player moaned as he lifted his skirt to show his raging hard on.

Jason then turned his back to the camera, bent over ,lifted his skirt to reveal his luscious muscular butt and, while gazing between his legs smiling, proceeded to ram the dildo up his butt hole!

"DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!" He groaned as he drove the item home.

Lee could barely restrain himself as he thought of how Jason's trademark phrase "dude" would have a whole new meaning for the stud from now on if the fans of opposing teams ever got to see this tape and then, cried it out whenever Jason took the field!

It had been an inspired performance Lee contemplated as he shut off the camera and walked around his 'video star' who was busy withdrawing the dildo and straightening his skirt. Yes, one for the books or the local video stores as the case might be provided Lee decided to do so( Jason would sign any contract Lee drew up now for his company he believed in return for a non release of that tape to the public). Lee came up behind the 'cheerleader' and leaned in to kiss the soft nape of Jason's strong neck. Jason groaned and let his head fall back on Lee's shoulder as Lee moved his arms around the jock and slipped his hands under the bra . As he 'felt up' the stud's nipples getting them hard and pumped (while the room filled with lusty grunts from the 'star') Lee looked down to see Jason's cock was hard as well and sticking out from under the skirt. Hmmm, Lee smiled, lets see how he reacts to this. Lee took each nipples head and squeezed harder giving them a slight twist and pull .The effect was electric as Jason bellowed and shot his wad on the floor in front of him.

"Bad boy ," Lee scolded a red faced young truant. "now you clean that up and ,while you're at it, go take a shower and clean yourself up as well young man."

"Yes....sir..," Jason replied as he dropped to his knees to lick the cum off the floor (Lee was able through quick reflexes to shoot that as well getting a great 'zoom in' of the cum and Jason's slurping action).

As the player showered Lee wondered if Jason's unfailing appetite for jis went beyond his own. Well, time to find out Lee figured. After Jason had showered and cleaned up he returned to the bedroom. Lee let his eyes wander over the muscled vision before him. He got off the bed and, going up to the still slightly moist player, took hold of Jason's impressive 10 inches which quickly rose to its full glory.

"Bet you are proud of this huh ," Lee inquired as Jason blushed and nodded. "But it is really small boy." Lee repeated as his eyes locked onto the player's. Jason's pupils dilated as he fell again under the hypnotic trance. "its small right?"

"Small... yes ...sir," he muttered.

"Puny... a regular stub.. not worth crap," Lee suggested as he noticed the cock he was holding begin to deflate.

"Puny....crap," Jason sobbed as he saw, in his mind, a stub of a dick.

"Not like my huge monster," Lee said as he took out his dick. The player let out a gasp as he saw Lee's meat. In his mind it was all he could ever hope for. His cock retreated further in Lee's hands .

"Looks tasty too right," Lee commented.

"Yeah ... tasty," Jason repeated as his mouth watering at the thought.

"If I let you suck it , my jis will make your cock grow," Lee casually said.

Jason's eyes shot up, his eyes pleading. "Please sir," he stammered like a shy boy requesting his first kiss. "Please may I suck it sir. Let your man cream fill me inside. Please I want to grow."

"Hmmmmm,"Lee hummed as he pretended to consider the request.

Jason dropped to his knees begging, "Make my cock grow sir...Let me suck you!!!

A grinning Lee nodded as Jason roared in joy. It was a enthusiastic stud who opened his mouth letting Lee insert his stiff rod down the player’s virgin and very eager throat. "MMMMMMMM........MMMMMMM", Jason moaned as he slurped away oblivious to the pictures Lee was taking of America's hero swinging on an unknown man's joint. "Smile Jason,” Lee laughed as Jason, his mouth so stuffed with Lee's dick that his cheeks were bulging, gazed up so the camera could see his famous smiling lips now downing a hard rod. The saliva dripping out of both sides of his mouth really set the proper tone Lee figured ! Jason slobbered away like he was drilling for oil and soon Lee felt the rush of an orgasm engulf him.

"AWWWW SHITTTT," Lee yelled as he came. Jason sucked away like a madman as he heard this. As Lee erupted, Jason ever the team player slurped away not letting a precious drop go to waste. Watching the jock lick his cock clean Lee could hardly wait for the next play.

"Hey Jason," he cooed as he tousled the thick hair of his boy toy, " time to show you the real meaning of the football term "sacking"!

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