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Sacking Jason
Part 6 - Epilogue
By Kyle Cicero

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As morning came Lee stretched himself on the bed. He gazed lazily down at Jason who was at Lee's feet happily sucking on the toes on Lee's right foot while letting Lee's left ones fondle his hardening cock. That boy is never satiated Lee decided. Jason looked at Lee adoringly.

"You really get off on men huh?" Lee stated as Jason smiled and nodded , his mouth filled with Lee’s toes. Lee grinned knowing that whenever he was back in town he could call up the new Jason's persona for some fun.

"Yeth…I dooohhhh", Jason mumbled as he slurped on Lee’s toes.

"Hmm," said Lee to no one in particular. "My friend Kuan is coming to town in a few days and he's mad about a young hot arrogant stud who plays baseball for an certain big city baseball team and privately refers to himself as , 'the virgin surgeon' pussy breaker."

Lee sat up and looked at Jason who was crushed that his toe sucking had been ended. "Jason he's a friend of yours isn't he", Lee asked ,naming the player for Jason ,who nodded yes to Lee even as he repositioned himself to lick Lee's feet. "Jason go call him up and have him come over tonight. Tell him you discovered a guy who changed your whole outlook and you want him to experience it all too," Lee ordered. Jason gave a goofy smile , nodded, got up , and went to the phone. As Lee heard Jason confirm the visit he laid back in bed and yawned. Kuan will be thrilled Lee thought.

"Jason," Lee yelled, "hurry back , I feel like riding my stallion again!"

"Yes sir master," came the response from the next room.

"Ah yes," sighed Lee as he felt himself stirring. Only one last touch to top it all off. "Bring the mobile phone and the phonebook back with you," instructed Lee.

Yes , only in New York can you order up a discreet gay tattoo artist who makes house calls and asks no questions. Lee thought about the pre and post game locker room changing Jason would be doing in the future. The other teammates and ,the worldwide press who came to the later for post interviews while the players walked around naked and showered, would be very amused. Lee visualized it. Jason walking around with a small but noticeable inscription on the small of his back just where his crack begins: "insert here" it would say with the image of a dildo pointing arrow like to the spot between his luscious muscular cheeks. Permanent ink yes ; something irremovable for sure Lee chuckled. Then, remembering the baseball player who was due to arrive , perhaps the tattoo artist would give a two for one discount! “Definitely a great visit!", Lee shouted as Jason came in ready for another 'riding lesson'!

“AWWW DUDE!” Jason grunted as Lee rode his football hero to score another touchdown!

the end!