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A Superhero's Saga
Part 5 - On The Cusp
By Kyle Cicero

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For the next four weeks the criminal world slept leaving Randilor alone with his tortured thoughts once more.

"Isn’t this getting rather expensive for the organization," the young assistant queried as he gave his overlord another massive injection of their chemical creation. “I’m hearing rumbles from the lower levels on profits lost by this self imposed crime free period."

"They will do as I say and like it," Barrett Lang said firmly as he rolled down his sleeve. “Under my guidance they have amassed quite a nice sum of loot. Besides if I eliminate Randilor as a threat profits will triple." The fat criminal genius lumbered to his chair and sat staring at the roaring fire. "By now Randilor must be going crazy struggling with what is going on inside him. This crime hiatus ensures that he has nothing to do but let it all eat away at him.” Barrett looked over to the assistant. “Make more chemical for my injections."

As the assistant walked away he just shook his head. Too much chemicals in him cannot be good.

Far off in another section of the city Randilor shook. He barely slept now from fear of having those recurring dreams of Barrett. In them his powerful frame yielded physical control over himself to the corpulent criminal and upon each awaking he, to his growing humiliation, found he had once more flooded his crotch with his alien seed. By day he fingered the chain around his throat a constant reminder of his defeats and yet now a constant source of erotic arousal.

"I must correct this," he sobbed at last. It is time for our next match. I must pull myself free of this." He gazed across the sky for the drone. As he contemplated the upcoming match he flushed with....excitement...or arousal?

But the fourth week passed and no drone appeared. Then a fifth week with no drone. By now Randilor was cracking up with the anticipation of it all. By the start of the sixth week he was frantic to see Barrett even if he could not admit it to myself.

Barrett sat his desk signing papers that the assistant handed him. They heard a slight sound at the other end of the room. Barrett looked up "Why Randilor a surprise visit how nice." The villain said suppressing a smile. “But as you see I’m so busy plotting world crimes right now I really don’t have time to chat or..."

"I didn’t" Randilor replied in a voice barely containing his emotional strain. The two criminals glanced at the once confident manly super-hero. The muscular body was the same but his handsome features were drawn. His eyes had a vacant haunted look of ravenous hunger and he stared at his former foe as if memorized by the sight of Barrett.

"I’m sorry," Barrett purred. "I didn’t what?"

"The drone. The contest," Randilor blurted out. "Four weeks till we were to meet. Its been six weeks!” The sculpted hunk’s body started to shake.

"My dear boy," Barrett said with mock concern as he rose to come over to Randilor."I’m so sorry for my rudeness." The assistant watched as Barrett placed a massive arm around Randilor’s waist and guided the hapless hero to a chair. It seems as if Barrett’s touch calmed the super-stud who meekly went where directed. "My boy you look unwell.” Barrett continued as he placed a meaty palm on the sitting crime fighter’s brow. The assistant saw Randilor’s eyes close at the touch and he let out an audible sigh of...was that surrender?

"I...not sleeping....the contest." Randilor muttered as he rubbed his brow on Barrett’s palm.

"And here I am not remembering and you wearing the chain and all too.”

Barrett answered as he reached down to run his fat finger between the chain and the hunk’s neck. Randilor, his eyes still closed, shuddered in his chair.

The assistant noticed the crime fighter’s manhood was filling out once more.

Was he massaging his head against Barrett’s pudgy hand now?

"Shall we wrestle? I can get undressed for you,"Randilor sighed as his brain drifted off into the erotic sensations Barrett’s touch was giving him. His body tingled in anticipation of their match. Their bodies pressed on each other. His equipment filled out more. “I won’t take long to undress for you.”

He groaned without thinking of what he was saying. Barrett’s touch was intoxicating.

"Considering how bad you look it wouldn’t be fair," Barrett said suddenly to the amazement of both Randilor whose eyes popped open and the assistant. "Besides too busy right now in fact bored with it all.” Barrett withdrew his hand from the alien hero and waddled to his desk. "Nice seeing you but next time please call ahead. now if you will go."

"But," Randilor said frantically as he rose from his chair. His manhood shrunk in his briefs in terror.

"No...mind made up," Barrett retorted. “You know the way out." He bent over his papers and signaled the stunned assistant to come toward him. The assistant looked at Randilor. The guy was about to break into tears. What was Barrett planning? As the assistant grew close he started to speak. "Wait" hissed Barrett under his breath.

Randilor was losing it. He wanted to wrestle. To feel that soft flesh overpower his. He had to get Barrett to reconsider.

"Barrett...I...Barrett," he said trying to hide the all too obvious pleading in his tone.

Barrett turned to face Randilor. "I don’t want to be rude but I am truly busy so...”

"But you promised. I waited," Randilor whined as his body shook with desire.

"Well," sighed Barrett. "I did promise."

Randilor’s face lit up and he started to quickly strip off his costume.

Barrett stared quietly until the hero was almost nude."Ah what are you doing?" he said with mock shock.

Randilor had just one leg to pull out of his costume by now and was balancing on one foot. He stopped. realizing he was the only one undressing.

Sheepishly he raised his head and muttered. "The match. I was going to get ready."

The room echoed with Barrett’s laugh. "I’m not going to wrestle in this match"

The assistant could see Randilor’s rising embarrassment but he could also appreciate the beauty of the hero’s form that was before him. Physical perfection he said to himself. Despite all the inner turmoil Randilor was a study in chiseled muscular proportion. "God even his equipment is perfect," the assistant thought as pangs of envy flared in his brain. Oh well he pondered foolish to try for him and risk Barrett’s anger.

"But you said...contest...always physical," a panicky Randilor croaked as he dropped his other leg and stood before Barrett totally exposed.

"And a contest it will be." Barrett said. "I chose same terms and it will be the type of contest I pick. Agree or go NOW!" he replied reveling in his power and the sheer humiliation Randilor must be feeling standing there stark naked before his foe quivering like a virginal youth awaiting his first kiss.

Randilor’s head was spinning now. He had come without being summoned, practically begged for a match and was now here before Barrett undressed and, from the looks the assistant was giving him, being appraised like a side of beef. “Yes. Anything." he responded choking back tears.

"Then it will be a contest of wills!" Barrett cried loudly.

Both Randilor and the assistant couldn’t believe what he said. A contest of wills?

"Wills...What," Randilor’s mind was trying to comprehend but he was losing it.

"Now here is how it will be," the crime genius said as he walked up to the buff hero and guided him to a nearby sofa. “Sit next to me here and we will begin."

Randilor complied and sat down while Barrett plopped next to him. The fact that he was totally undressed was not even registering to him. Barrett gazed into his eyes and he then felt the bulky man’s massive hand on his thigh. His skin tingled with electricity. Barrett’s bulky paw felt so good he reflected. As Barrett moved his palm along the defined muscles of Randilor’s legs the handsome crime fighter vibrated with desire."Uh," he involuntarily gasped as the chemicals raced from one skin to the other.A part of him held out yet.

"I don’t want to do something and you do correct?" Barrett stated calmly as his pudgy finger stroked Randilor’s inner thigh muscles. The effect was instantaneous. Randilor’s eyes glazed slightly and his breathing quickened.

"Well that right isn’t it." Barrett insisted.

"Ah...yes...yes," Randilor rasped. His throat was parched and all he could focus on was Barrett’s touch. The crime czar was now brushing his thumb further down between Randilor’s powerful legs and just hitting the mighty super-hero’s manhood. Randilor was spinning to the edge but just holding on.

"So here is the match. We both want different things." Barrett replied as he pressed his thumb up against Randilor’s now stiffening erection and ran along the softer inner legs muscles to cup the round pouch of the once over confident super stud.

Randilor gave off a strangled moan, "Oooo...we.....both...we...both ....both...diffe...aaaahhhh,"The more powerful hunk was shivering. His thighs were beginning to squeeze together as he wiggled in the chair.

Barrett could see the beads of sweat on Randilor’s brow now. "So we have a test of wills going on correct?"

"Huh...a ...test," Randilor panted as he felt Barrett thumb run along the under shaft of his now fully aroused manhood. “I...ooooo...yessss," he hissed in surrender to the erotic sensations that fired his body. “Test....test," he responded without thinking rationally. His muscled body twitched in sheer ecstasy. His sensual lips parted and his eyes fully glazed.

"Good," Barrett said in a controlled voice which belied the inner excitement that was roiling in his corpulent frame. At long last he was close to his goal. A time to savor he thought. He watched the glassy eyed hunk sitting next to him. That powerful body twitching for his continued touch.

That handsome face flushed with desire and submission. "Take him now," a voice cried. “Not yet," another stronger voice reasoned. "I think you want me to win Randilor don’t you." He whispered as he leaned in to stroke his prey’s stiff member.

"Want...I ...want," The crime-fighter babbled not understanding and not caring by now. His chiseled frame was bathed in sweat and his classic masculine features were slack as they drifted in a sea of sensuality.

"It would please me if you yielded” Barrett teased as he took the next step and grasped Randilor’s inflamed thick tubular shaft in a vise like hold. He began to pump now.

Randilor felt the firm grasp of his foe on his manhood. Felt the pull of the pumping. He shuddered. "I....I...I...I," he said trying to control what was now too late to control. His body took over and his former superior confident persona went over the abyss. He weakly nodded. "Yes I do want to please you. I yield." He cried. As it came from his lips his form jolted violently and it happened. He sexually climaxed. Randilor crumpled on the sofa as a triumphant Barrett rose. The exhausted super-hero lay quiet for a few seconds but slowly he came back to reality. As his brain cleared he saw his seed on the floor in front of him and realized what had just happened. He had been defeated again and moreover had shot his seed for Barrett. Worse he understood that he had wanted to do it!

"Well that was rather dull competition," Barrett smirked as he got up.

"Duty calls however so come over here to get this newer chain and we will see you again soon. Oh and remember how tall you are .Don’t expect me to strain to attach it " The gleeful criminal mastermind grabbed a smaller heavier chain from his desk and quickly collared the stunned hero who just walked over to him totally degraded by everything that had happened in his room and knelt to be collared once more.

"You can leave." Barrett haughtily retorted."Oh and clean up that mess with your uniform before you go. You always blow your juices so quickly.

You should really practice self discipline you know."

Randilor dropped to his knees by the mess and shamefully cleaned up his juices from the floor. The two men watched the kneeling stud bent down and cleaning away like some servant.

"Leave the uniform too and you can go." Barrett sighed impatiently.

Randilor dropped his costume, rose and, turned to go. As he left he heard Barrett chilling say in a smug commanding tone. “Come back when you are ready to admit what really brought you here today and not one second before understand,"

Randilor turned to stare at Barrett and the assistant. His handsome face dripped tears as he nodded. "Yes Barrett," he meekly uttered as he left.

"Considering today’s disgraceful conduct I’d thought you’d address me with me more respect." Barrett replied roughly.

Randilor’s lips quivered. "Yes ....sir. I will." He responded .He left beaten and shattered.

"Beating him isn’t enough," Barrett said simply to his assistant. “He needs to admit his desire to surrender without this contest fig leaf. That’s when I truly win. When he begs me to take him physically and sexually.

Never fear, he will quite soon. Oh yes. Now go to the lab for more of that chemical and inject me again."

The assistant nodded and left still recalling his view of the sexy bubble butt of the crushed hero as he slunk out of the room.

In a far off place a naked hero fingered his new tight chain and broke into pieces." Do I need him?" he shuddered as the answer roared back.

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