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A Superhero's Saga
Part 6 - Randilor gets taken.
By Kyle Cicero

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Ten days later:

Barrett and his assistant were busy going over plans for future criminal projects in the arch fiend’s inner office when they heard a small pathetic knock at the outside door.

"Who is it?" Barrett yelled .He had left instructions not to be bothered and he wondered who dared ignore him.

"May I come in.....sir," A voice weak voice answered. A smile broke out on Barrett’s jowly face. “Of course. Of course." He knew that voice. He had been expecting it for a few days. It was a far cry from the normal husky smug tones he had heard before but there was no mistake it was Randilor’s .The door opened.

"Thank you.....sir," The once mighty super-hero hesitantly replied. As he approached his former foe the contrast to his former demeanor just months ago was dramatic. Though still tall and powerful in body he was, as demonstrated by his no long confident stride, a beaten man. His classically handsome face had the vacant look of hunger. His sensual eyes were dull.

Barrett signaled the crime fighter to stop. “You are here because?” He queried. The room seemed to grow silent as the corpulent crime genius waited for the reply. This was the critical step. The final victory. Randilor had to acknowledge in his own mind the truth of his utter humiliation and induced desires. “Speak up or go!" Barrett snarled coldly.

" I came because...because," Randilor muttered his voice cracking with agony. “Because I ..I... I", he gazed at Barrett and they both knew at that second what was about to happen. The proud smug assured super stud was ready to admit his total submission to the gnome-like fat underworld boss. A whimpering moan of total surrender escaped from his full sensual lips. "I came because I acknowledge that I want to..." Randilor’s impressive frame began to tremble.

The young assistant couldn’t help but think how hot the super stud appeared even as he going down into defeat.

"Please get to it or go," Barrett barked so gruffly that Randilor jumped at the sound of it.

"I want you to take me ...sir," He sobbed as he fell to his knees, his muscled form bent over , his powerful arms hanging limply at his sides. “I need to submit. That is why I came. That is why I came the last time .I know that now. I hunger for your touch. You arouse me beyond endurance!" the humbled hero babbled as his will broke and he was reduced to a pathetic shell of his former self. The fight was over! “I need you sexually. I will do anything you desire or request. I will submit .I do submit!"

Barrett felt the indescribable thrill of a victory he had dreamt of for so long. This plain fat gnome had taken down the striking physically perfect hero of the masses. He had reduced the cocksure fighter to a meek slave.

“Strip now and then crawl over here to me." He commanded as he savored every delicious second of this moment. “But keep that chain around your throat. It’s a collar of ownership. Got it!"

Randilor groaned submissively, "Yes sir." He then did as commanded and slowly removed his costume. He shivered before the men striped of everything. He stood in front of them aware of his degradation. At one point he crossed his hands in front of his chiseled shaking form in a futile attempt to cover his crotch. He was a far cry from his former self and yet he realized that his body was beginning to quiver with that all too familiar need.

"I said crawl to me." Barrett stated. He would permit no false modesty.

Besides he could see , from the slight swelling of the crime fighter’s manhood visible through those crossed hands trying that were trying to shield it, that the first stirring of sexual arousal were flowing through the former unconquerable idol. “Pile on the domination," a voice inside Barrett’s head laughed. He will be so turned on it will blow every circuit in his super hero brain. “NOW CRAWL!" the villain yelled.

Randilor instantly dropped to all fours and crawled over to his newly acknowledged master. Barrett spread his massive legs and unzipped his pants setting free his own stiff manhood. Randilor’s eyes took on a look of dull lust as he stared at the erect organ. His mouth opened as he licked his lips. His breathing deepened."Yesssss," he rasped.

The criminal overlord stroked the now subservient Randilor’s face thereby giving him once more that critical touch connection that passed more of the chemical into his system. He happily watched as the hero’s breathing increased further. The crime boss took in the sight of his former foe’s heavy defined chest rising and falling taking in gulps of air. Even Barrett had to admit that the naked man in front of him was stunning with his fully formed pectorals, tapered waist and, ribbed abs. Barrett reached down to fondle the hulk’s large nipples until they were firm and bullet shaped.

“Aaaahhhh,” Randilor grunted in response. “Moreeeee,” he whined in a beseeching tone. By now it was clear he was in full heat.

He was more than ready. Barrett grabbed the chain collar around Randilor’s neck and pulled the aroused man’s head inward. "Get your face in here and service me." Barrett ordered with disdain as he yanked that goodlooking countenance toward his waiting member.

The muscled stud meekly thrust his face between the fleshy thighs of the arch villain and burrowed deep into the folds of surrounding flesh. His handsome head was buried in the mounds of fat."Hmmmm...mmmm.mmm," were the only sounds the super-hero now made as he slurped and lapped.

He was gone now. His brain only focused on the need to satisfy his dominator. The assistant watched as Randilor orally serviced the crime boss.

"Enough," Barrett said suddenly as he grabbed the Randilor’s hair and pulled the super hero face off his crotch. The muscle man was bewildered by the sudden action. His tongue lapped at the air searching for the organ it had been servicing.

Randilor then let out a strangled cry of need, "Please. Please. I want to suck it. I do. I must!" he wailed. It was obvious from the impressive erection that the stud was sporting himself that he was totally aroused by now and desperate to submit to any sexual demand.

"I decide when and how you will sexually pleasure me understand.”

Barrett roared as he pushed the groveling hero sideways to the floor with his foot. “Now kiss this foot to show you understand that." Barrett growled Randilor shivered and signed his understanding of his new role in life.

“Yes master.” He replied in tones so subservient it thrilled Barrett to his very core. The stud took righted himself, then kissed and licked Barrett’s extended foot. Once again from the state of his aroused manhood it was clear Randilor was turned on as he did as he was bidden. He was beyond any concern about humiliation by now.

"Good the fat man said as he adjusted his crotch and covered himself.

"Go into that side room. Clean up. Oh and shave your body too from the neck down. After all, you are no longer a man but my boy so no need to try to hide that fact with a symbol of a manhood you no longer have a right to have claim. After that , you will climb onto the bed face down. I will be with you shortly to screw you like men usually do to subs like you. You did want that right. For me to penetrate you repeatedly?

Randilor nodded as tears fell down his striking features. "Yes," he sniveled. "I want you to penetrate me sir please.” He had come a long way now .It was truly the end of the mighty crime fighter. Even as he said the words his own organ stayed rock hard as if to confirm away any doubts about how much he wanted it. The demoralized hunk let go of Barrett’s foot.

He started to get up.

"No crawl to the room you weak miserable joke. Super-hero indeed.

That’s a joke!” Barrett hooted as he watched the mighty Randilor crawl away to await his induction into anal sexual service.

Once in the side room the dejected yet erotically excited stud prepared for his deflowering. He quickly washed himself and then, using a metal from his home world, he scraped off the hairs from his body that he had first grown upon reaching puberty. At last he came to his crotch. As he cleaned off the final traces of his manhood he broke into sobs.” I am unmanned," he cried. "I have unmanned myself. And even this excites me." He dried himself off and slowly climbed onto the bed. In his fevered mind he was soon to experience an ultimate degradation . Sexual invasion by his former enemy. The thought aroused him beyond belief!

* * *

"Well this is my greatest triumph," Barrett gleefully informed his assistant.

"Let’s finish here quickly so I can claim my prize."

"It would be advisable to give you another injection just before you go in sir," the assistant quietly suggested. “Maximum pheromone levels as you take his virginity"

"Yes. Yes." Barrett agreed. "Get it and put these papers away and don’t lose any of them they contain the detailed plans for every new criminal direction we will take over the next 50years."

The assistant gathered the files and put them in the wall safe. Barrett eased his massive body out of the chair and lumbered toward the room where a quivering super-hero waited for his fate. Just before he entered he received the shot from the assistant. "Wait here," Barrett instructed him. The arch fiend pushed open the door. There on the bed lay Randilor. The overhead lights flickered off his pale dimpled buttocks. The feast was about to be consumed. “At last” Barrett said as he waddled in to take his hunk.

Randilor lay on the bed as he was bidden. His hard abs supported by a pillow under them; his firm muscular cheeks thrust up. He felt Barrett’s massive bulk climb onto him. His defined thighs were spread open by the corpulent hands of the arch criminal. Then the enfolding fat of his master lying over his chiseled frame. “Yes,” He whimpered as Barrett stretched the stud’s legs farther apart. The hot flesh of his dominator engulfed him and against the soft form enfolding his harder hulk he discerned a hard long tube driving between his splayed cheeks. He wiggled back onto the invader and his brain reeled as he experienced an incomprehensible wave of lust as he meekly gave up his once virginal entryway. “Uuuhhhhh,” he purred as his anal cavity flared wide in acceptance. His brain spurn into permanent sexual submission. As the two figures gyrated in erotic heat it happened.

From outside the bedroom the waiting young assistant heard the combined sounds of sexual surrender and something else. The latter sound was chilling enough that the young man defied his instructions and ran into the room. What he saw changed his entire life’s course.

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