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A Superhero's Saga
Part 4 - It’s Only a Wrestling Match Isn’t It?
By Kyle Cicero

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CHAPTER FOUR: It’s Only a Wrestling Match Isn’t It?

To a casual observer the outcome of this wrestling match looked obvious. On one hand you had a taller sculpted body locked in combat with a gnome-like fat one. Power and strength dictated the former would easily win out. But, however, an evaluation based on such objective levels would be flawed for in this case the muscular stud in the match was being double teamed. From the second their bodies touched the injected chemicals in the arch criminal raced into action out his pores and into Randilor’s. The powerful crime fighter found that his body actually liked being in close contact with his foe. As the two locked in a standing embrace & Barrett’s massive fat layered over the hunk’s taunt muscles a part of Randilor’s sensors reveled in the enfolding flab. Randilor needed to win. He wanted to win. But pa rt of him was alive to the potential thrills of being conquered by the massive body now pressed onto him and joined with his opponent in aiding in the contest. As Barrett’s blubbery arms gripped his narrow waist tightly the super-hero began to experience that familiar tingle that that haunted him theses last weeks. “No.” he groaned softly but with just enough sound that Barrett could hear, know and, delight. Part of Randilor was sapping his strength away. His super-hero body called on reserves that his erotic centers diverted for their own ends.

Barrett and Randilor’s sensuality were tag teaming the handsome hunk!

“Must win.” He muttered.

“But you know that you don’t really want too,” Barrett softly whispered into the hero’s ear. By now both were sweating which only increased the pheromone exchange. Barrett pressed against his foe savoring the hardness of the stud’s body on his. He moved and side flipped Randilor onto his meaty butt.

Randilor rushed to his feet only to be outmaneuvered later and grabbed from behind by Barrett who did a perfectly executed black flip on his foe driving Randilor head backward into the mat.

“Ooofff,” Randilor grunted as he lay on the floor shaking his head while a cool Barrett just sighed confidently and waited.Randilor staggered to his feet. He went in and cinched his massive opponent around the waist and tried to lift him.

Barrett just smirked and put on his own squeeze. “Let’s see who loses his grip first shall we.” He mocking stated.

For Randilor it was turning into a nightmare. He was yielding. Slowly yes but he felt himself weakening and worse enjoying it! He frantically tried to fight harder and more importantly avoid responding to the growing warmth in his loins that were tightly mashed in his briefs. He could feel Barrett’s basket pressed on his now. The arch villain cinched tighter and thrust his groin deep onto Randilor’s. The sensation was intoxicating.Randilor suddenly found his grip loosening .Were his legs spreading as well? Defeat at the hands of this pudgy villain would be bad enough but defeat and sexual arousal for him would be the ultimate degradation. “I will win.” He rasped as he battled on even as his powerful thighs spread farther apart to get more of Barrett’s bulge between his legs.

Randilor was in a panic by now . He let go of his grip and tried to push off but Barrett tightened. Soon the once mighty hero was a rag doll bent backward. Then Barrett let him go. Randilor crumpled to the floor.

“Oh now stop playing,” Barrett laughed. “Now really wrestle.”

Gasping and in pain Randilor stood and the two continued their match.

The assistant watched as the two enemies engaged in a variety of holds.

To his eyes Randilor was getting the brunt of it by now as Barrett successfully managed to throw the taller hunk down quite a few times. A series of leg drops and body shots given by Barrett to the other man only served to make Randilor look rather pathetic. For some reason the super-hero appeared incapable of concentrating fully on the meet.

“Yes.” Barrett hissed as he head butted the hero’s abs driving air from Randilor’s lungs and causing a dazed look to appear the muscular hunk’s features. Barrett was now so confident he reached over to slap Randilor’s face.

“Come on wake up.” He gleefully said as he playfully swatted the good-looking hunk’s face.

“Huh,” a dopy looking Randilor responded. He needed to clear his head.

“I….I…”but he never said more. Randilor knew he was getting his butt kicked. Every move he made was broken by Barrett. It was as if he couldn’t summon the power to hold on. He gazed at his foe who was assuming an air

of dominating power. Barrett was going to conquer him an inner voice said.

Randilor’s body replied with the same tingling excitement such thoughts always produced by now. He could sense his manhood filling up and pressing against the flimsy brief material at such a thought. “No,” he gasped forcefully .He would not get aroused! He was so diverted by that mental resolution though he failed to counter the movement that would decide the contest. Suddenly Barrett managed to get behind the hero and to his amazement secure a sleeper on him.

“I think we are all rather tired don’t you agree?” The villain smugly whispered into Randilor’s ear as the muscled taller stud tried to break the hold. The hunks powerful arms waved and twisted but in this type of hold even his large biceps couldn’t aid him. Barrett gripped hard and pulled his prey close into the folds of his massive bulk.

“No.” the stud groaned. Randilor could feel Barrett’s substantial form on his back and worse his foe’s manhood pressed tight against his meaty butt.

His cheeks tingled. Randilor discovered to his amazement that his powerful muscled thighs were spreading apart to enable Barrett to thrust further between them. The crafty criminal czar rubbed his meat against Randilor’s separated hard cheeks. The once confident heroic hunk’s inner buttocks spasmed and clinched …..for what? What did he want from Barrett? A feeling of sensual pleasure overcame the studly hero as Barrett’s manhood rubbed deeper into his rear. Randilor gulped for breath as he experienced waves of longing unlike any he felt before. “Oh god my ass.” He whimpered lost in what he was saying.

“I’m taking your ass stud boy,” Barrett hissed. “I’m winning this match.”

The thought that he, Randilor, was losing flooded into his brain. That Barrett was going to take him down repulsed and excited him. It sapped his need to concentrate on breaking free and then it started. He was losing focus.

The world grew blurry and his powerful flaying arms got so heavy. His breathing slowed and he realized Barrett was putting him out. “No.Mustn’t sleeeeeeepppp.”Randilor protested weakly as he lost it. His muscled arms dangled at his sides and his sculpted form grew limp.

“Nap time my muscular foe.” Barrett whispered in a commanding voice.

“Sleepy time. Sleepy time.” He intoned as he lowered the hunk to the floor while still keeping his hold.

“Sleeeepppyy ttimmmee,” Randilor replied as he gave it up. Randilor felt himself yielding and as one part of him drifted off the other part of him that had allied with Barrett was finally free to seek its own satisfactions. “So sleeepppy,” he muttered as his breathing slowed and he drifted off in the arms of the corpulent criminal. His body felt alive in the villain’s embrace; involuntarily it snuggled back burrowing into the mounds of soft flesh against it. An unchecked arousal flooded throughout the super-hero’s body and demanded some relief. Randilor experienced a body quake and a sensation of wet heat left him. “Ooooooooo,” were the last words that came from his lips before he went out.

An amazed assistant watched as his boss put the formerly smug and confident muscled hero out for the count. Even more amazing was that as Barrett lowered the now limp and unconscious opponent to the floor it was clear that Randilor was fully erect in his briefs. At the last moment just as his impressive frame was fully splayed out on the floor Randilor’s body shuddered and the crime fighter let out an audible sigh. A large wet spot appeared in his crotch area. “Boss the guy just popped his nuts!” cried the assistant in shock.

Randilor awoke and found himself lying prone on the floor. He looked around. Barrett was sitting in a chair facing him with his eyes closed. As Randilor stirred his conquering foe’s heavy lids opened. “I agree a rest after such physical exertions are always best. I feel refreshed do you?” He inquired in a cool unemotional tone. Randilor moved and became aware of the wet sticky moisture in his briefs. He looked down and in horror realized that he must have had a sexual orgasm. He quickly returned his gaze to Barrett expecting his nemesis to begin to gloat at this double humiliation.

Barrett’s face showed no emotion. “There is a bowl of water over on the table behind the screen over there. I myself washed away some of the sweat from our match. If you care to as well?”

Randilor got up and walked behind the screen & over to the water. He splashed the cold liquid onto his face. He could not understand why Barrett was being…was it kind? At this point he just wanted to leave. He stripped off the musky scented wet briefs and washed. Then he dressed and came out from behind the screen to face Barrett.

“Good fight. Fairly done. Shall we say in another four weeks we try again?” Barrett inquired emotionlessly.

Randilor silently nodded. As he turned to go the corpulent criminal mastermind called out to him.

“The..well…the chain.” Barrett rasped.

Randilor turned back and saw Barrett holding it.

“If I may? If it’s alright? Well it’s such a small request but I’d like to put it on you.” Barrett asked innocently.

Randilor stared at him. His ego was crushed by now; wordlessly he nodded and stood still as the man rose to come to him.

“I’m afraid I’m a bit short.” He chuckled. “If you could kneel?

Randilor was so disoriented by the entire events of this night he couldn’t even process mentally the implications of the request. He just wanted to go.

To hide from the shame of his loss. His sexual actions. A feeling of inferiority engulfed him. “What?” He weakly replied as he looked at Barrett through unfocused eyes.

“Kneel,” Barrett said forcefully as he contemplated the dazed look on the former confident super-hero.

Randilor knelt without thinking . He was completely at sea mentally now and letting his body call the shots.

“You are truly magnanimous.” Barrett replied as he fastened the chain around the kneeling hero’s throat. “I see it’s a bit tight.” He said as he ran his fat finger under it around Randilor’s neck.

Randilor head rotated as the criminal boss’ finger circled the chain’s length. Randilor felt aroused by the contact and it was then he realized he was on his knees before his foe. He let out a muffled moan , “Oh god,” The once unconquerable confident stud sunk into depression at the thought of what he had just done. Yet again a part of him….tingled?

“Well it still fits. You may go.” The crime czar stated with an air of dismissal as he tousled Randilor’s hair as if the hero was just a recalcitrant child. As Randilor rose and then flew off the portly villain wattled over to the screen and pushed it aside. His rotund fingers greedily reached out to grasp the wet briefs of his foe. He had played his part well following the cultural outlines of the book from Randilor’s world. The calm exterior of his actions covered his inner thrill at seeing the muscular hero meekly kneeling at his feet. Later that night he sniffed at the funky smelling material as he pleasured himself. “I wonder what Randilor is doing now.” He mused. “I’ m breaking you with your own biology!”

In a dark room a distraught super-hero tried to make sense of what he was feeling. He relived his defeat. As he touched the chain he remembered how it felt being knocked out and then kneeling before Barrett. To his shame his manhood rose as he recalled his submission. “Oh what am I becoming.” He moaned as he found himself reaching down to relieve his erotic needs. His mind replayed it all until it came to the part where Barrett was behind him thrusting up against his buttocks. Randilor felt lightheaded and he lost control, “I…shouldn’t be doing this I shooo……OOOOoooooooooo,” he control, “I…shouldn’t be doing this I shooo……OOOOoooooooooo,” he grunted as stroked himself until his alien seed arched high into the air!

Back in the lab the assistant worked up a new patch of the alien chemical substance and pondered it all. “What will it end in?” He mumbled.

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