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Having Harry
Part 5 - Drake Gets Dogged
By Kyle Cicero

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Having Harry

By Kyle Cicero

Thanks again to Khalid for the inspiration and input. Again, English translations are given for Arabic terms.

Part Five: Drake Gets Dogged

“Fucking hell,” a buzzed Drake cursed as he saw Salib knock Harry out cold.

“Well it seems I’ve won our wager and by its terms you are now my sharmout ,” a gleeful Abdul softy said. He saw a shocked look appear on Drake’s face.

“Hold on,” Drake muttered as he tried to clear his mind. “You weren’t serious about me being a know…to you…were you? I ain’t having fucking sex with you. Got it!” He angrily replied.

Abdul gazed at the handsome Marine. He knew that the man’s youth and finely defined muscularity made it impossible for Abdul to force anything upon Drake. Clearly the older Arab needed to employ a slyer method to secure his prize. “It was made with your consent and you bound yourself to it upon your honor. So, you lied when you honor pledged to me? Is this what Marines do…lie? Marines have no honor then?” He watched as Drake sputtered to protest. “The terms were clear but I will modify them,” Abdul quietly stated.

“Great,” a relieved Drake replied. The thought of being this pudgy older Arab’s whatever they called it, had truly horrified him.

“For a few hours tonight you will obey my orders. If you do the bet’s wager will be satisfied,” Abdul said. Truthfully, he had no use for this American being his permanent whore. However, a few hours of taking his pleasures with Drake and his high and tight, bubbled rump was more than sufficient for Abdul.

“Deal. No sex okay,” Drake quickly said.

“Only if you beg,” Abdul told him.

“No worries on that one buddy. That ain’t happening. So what happens now? He tentatively asked.

“We will go to my dwelling, have a few drinks, and decide what you will do,” Abdul warmly responded.

Still under a slight buzz from his prior alcoholic consumption, Drake followed Abdul. He never even bothered to notice as Salib and a few of his friends were hoisting the still unconscious Harry up onto his feet and dragging him off. If he had stayed a few minutes more he might have seen his totally inebriated fellow Marines being stripped and fucked by some of the other Arab policemen they had sat beside during the match.

About ten minutes later, Drake was at Abdul’s place consuming the drink he had been offered. The middle-aged Arab, being the town’s chemist, had helpfully laced the liquor with a mild drug that not only heightened sexual stimulation but also lowered one’s inhibitions. “So, what do I do to satisfy the bet,” Drake slurred. “No sex though,” he muttered as his pupils began to dilate from the effects of the drug. “It’s fucking warm in here,” he suddenly grumbled. He removed his shirt to display his well-defined, upper chest and tight eight-pack. Unlike Harry, Drake had a nice hairy chest area . “Fucking too warm,” he said as he finished his drink then took another Abdul served to him. “So what the fuck do you want me to do?” He asked.

“Well,” Abdul responded. “How about you be my kalb {dog} tonight,” he replied as he pulled a collar and leash from a drawer belonging to the table next to their seats.

“Your fucking dog,” a now sweaty Drake managed to say. “Fuck why am I so hot,” he mumbled. Worse, his tight pants were rubbing his cock and getting him boned.

“I think it’s fair. You agreed,” Abdul insisted. “Playing being my good American pup isn’t asking much considering what I gave up in the bet that I won,” Abdul sharply stated.

“Fuck okay. Just pup play you sick bastard,” Drake grudgingly replied.

Abdul grinned. Moving swiftly, he attached the collar and leash to Drake. “I have something else for you to wear,” he told the younger man.

By now the hunky Marine was totally under the effects of the drug. He reached up to touch the leather collar. “Fuck, he grunted as it rubbed his skin. A tangy smell of leather hit his nose. “Man, the smell of leather. Fucking so hot,” he softly stated as he remembered an encounter that he had during his Asian tour. Drinking heavily, he had sought out a place with a reputation for ‘novel sexual stimulations’. It was there he met a dominatrix. That night she had introduced him to the erotic uses of leather. Memories wafted inside his brain of how the smell of warm leather had invaded his lungs and, surprisingly, thrilled him. He also experienced the sexual stimulations that came that came to him with submission. At one point during their sexual activities, a man had entered the room to watch. Soon he was the one issuing orders to the Marine. Drake could still see the man’s smiling face as Drake eagerly complied with those commands. He had never before experienced such a sexual thrill as when he complied with whatever the man asked. The recollection of it, which he had suppressed prior to tonight, caused his dick to stiffen inside his pants. He was still lost in those thoughts as Abdul returned with a black leather dog mask.

“Shit man,” a now shaken Drake said as Abdul handed him the mask. He gazed at Abdul. “You don’t expect me to wear it?”

“You agreed to obey, did you not,” Abdul replied.

“Okay, what the fuck,” he grunted as he put it on. The musky odor of the mask invaded his lungs. His cock stirred. Get it together , he told himself. “There anything else?” He asked.

“In time,” Abdul whispered so Drake wouldn’t hear it.

“God, these fucking pants are crushing my nuts,” Drake gasped as he pulled at his crotch.

“Take off your pants,” Abdul suggested. He saw the cautious look on Drake’s face “I will not touch you. I said no sex unless you ask for it. Could it be you’re too scared of me to lose your pants?”

“Marines ain’t fucking scared of anything,” Drake angrily replied as he stripped out of his khaki’s.

“Ah you have gone…what do they say…ah yes, commando, huh,” a delighted Abdul stated as the soldier’s hefty balls and erection popped into view. “Striking equipment.”

“Aint got no complaints,” the dog masked Drake smugly replied as he reflexively reached down to touch himself. His shaft grew even more erect. “Fuck,” the Marine groaned as he unconsciously fondled himself in front of Abdul.

“Now go onto all fours and bark,” Abdul sharply told Drake. “Remember your word was given about arguments . Do it!”

Muttering to himself, Drake did as instructed. “Arf. Arf. Arf,” he hesitantly yelped. The tingling in his cock increased.

Abdul took in the sight of the young American there at his feet and on all fours. Naked except for white socks, the Marine was barking away and sporting a growing erection. “I want to lead my kalb around the room,” he said as he gently tugged on the leash. “Remember you said you obey.”

“Fuck,” Drake grunted as he shuffled forward on all fours. He felt humiliated doing it.

For the next few minutes a delighted Abdul led his leashed American “puppy’ around the room.

As Darke continued his actions, his semi-erection waved about, sometimes slapping on his ribbed abdominals. Fuck I’m so fucking horny , he unexpectedly realized. At one point he turned his head to catch an image of himself in a large side mirror. Masked, collared and being led around by a leash. Something stirred inside his nuts. I’m not human , he thought as he stopped to gaze at himself. His erection grew to become even more noticeable.

Abdul observed Drake’s actions. “What do you see in that mirror?” he asked.

“Nothing,’ Drake weakly replied as he continued staring at his reflection.

“I said, what do you see?” Abdul firmly asked.

By now Drake was in a growing state of uncontrollable sexual heat. “A dog,” he softly responded. “I see a dog.”

“Mykalb,” Abdul insisted. “Admit you are my kalb !”

“Yourkalb ,” Drake mumbled as the scene being played out fully took hold of him. He was so turned on by his outfit and, so fixated on what he was observing in the mirror, he barely noticed when Abdul left him there. Seconds later the Arab returned. He lubed up and gently inserted a puppy tail into the young Marine’s anal entryway. “Shit,” Drake sighed as his hole took in the object.

“Now you truly are my kalb ,” Abdul whispered.

“Oh fuck,” Drake softly muttered seeing the tail sticking out from his ass. He suddenly waved his butt and watched it wiggle back and forth.

“Bark kalb ,” Abdul commanded. “ Bark to tell me you are nothing more than my American kalb!”

“Arf. Arf. Arf,” Drake suddenly yelped as his brain lost itself in the highly charged sexual stimulations he was feeling being reduced to a dog. Thoughts of being dominated by Abdul swirled inside his head. I’m his kalb, he told himself before adding, I’m so turned on being his dog . He raised his masked face to stare up at Abdul. The man now seemed to tower over him. Dominate him. His cock throbbed. He was ready to succumb.

Abdul could see the change in Drake’s eyes. He had observed the look before in eyes of heretofore macho Arab men he had seduced. Like them, it appeared that Drake had within him a hidden submissive streak. Until now, all his posturing and bravado had covered it up. Now, it was freed and Abdul intended to exploit it. “Ask me to bred you kalb ,” he calmly stated.

Drake hesitated but, finally surrendered to the growing arousals building within him. “Bred me,” he hoarsely replied. It struck him that he had, after, all begged to have sex with Abdul.

“Goodkalb,” Abdul said as he stripped. He took a small bottle from the nearby table and placed it under the snort of the mask. “Breath,” he instructed.

Lost in the erotic thrill of his submission, Drake did as instructed. As the fumes hit him, his eyes spun up into his sockets. His now copiously leaking cock waved about. “Arf ,” he now repeatedly mumbled.

Abdul walked behind Drake and pulled out the tail. The Marine groaned as it popped out of him. “Good that plug loosened you up,” he laughed as he moved his own erection towards Drake’s anal backdoor.

Drake felt a burning as his hole was invaded. “Ow,” he yelped. He tried to move forward.

Abdul yanked back on the leash knowing the tightly secured collar would hold Drake unless he wanted to risk chocking.

“Stop please,” Drake howled as Abdul pushed his dick deeply up the Marine’s ass. He could have easily overpowered Abdul. Yet, just as he was about to buck Abdul off, he again saw his masked image in the mirror. He lost any desire to resist as he succumbed to the sexual stimulations of that image.

“Bark foe me, kalb or it will hurt worse,” Abdul yelled.

Arf. Arf, “ Drake hooted as he got royally butt-fucked by the Arab. He felt the man’s round stomach slapping against his muscled rear end. Abdul’s balls slapped against his as well.. “Arf Arf Arf,” he howled as the older man humped into him with even more vigor. To Drake’s surprise the pain soon receded. It was rapidly followed by bolts of a erotic pleasure. “Fuck,” he moaned when the head of Abdul’s cock struck his prostate.

Drake lowered his head to the floor. Using it for balance, he was able to free one hand. As Abdul took the American’s anal virginity, the now overly stimulated young man began masturbating himself. “Yes,” he cried out as his ass seemed to come alive. Fucking yes,’ he screeched as he felt the pounding inside of him release cascades of sexual heat. “Aw fuck. Arf. Arf,” he yipped. “Shit, I’m popping my fucking load!” He squirted his jism onto the floor.

As the Marine did, Abdul suddenly felt the muscles lining Drake’s insides contract upon his shaft. “Good kalb ,” he shouted as he too reached his own orgasm. “Bark for me, boy!”

“AAAARRRFFF!” the Marine howled as he felt Abdul’s hot spewing spunk flooding into him.

Afterwards, an exhausted Abdul lay on top of a panting Marine. “Fucked. You fucked me and I was hard for it,” a mind-whacked Drake mumbled.

“Good puppy,” Abdul laughed as he rose up off Drake. “Does my puppy want more?” He stroked his still semi-erect cock. “Maybe a nice bone to suck on my kalb ?”

Drake looked over at his reflection in the mirror. A dog-masked man stared back at him. He felt his cock stirring.“Arf,” he unexpectedly replied to a delighted Abdul.

“First lick up your spunk on the floor and then you can lick my cock,” Abdul instructed. He fondled himself as he watched his new kalb comply.

Hours later Drake returned to the embassy. His ass-hole was sore, his jaw ached, he could still taste Abdul’s spunk, and his neck sported a reddish-hued ring around it. He turned to see Abdul give him a nod. “Arf,” Drake replied making Abdul grin in reply. Tonight he had been mentally conquered by Abdul, fucked in every way and in every hole possible by him. Drake knew he’d been treated like Abdul’s kalb. The once strutting macho soldier had succumbed to the erotic thrill of being dominated and used. Abdul had unintentionally opened up Drake to the sexual heat of pup play to a powerful man. Drake would crawl back to Abdul for more of it. He touched the reddish ring around his throat, savoring the slight sensual pain it gave to him. His cock stirred. “Arf,” he howled as he walked onto the embassy grounds.

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