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Having Harry
Part 4 - Carl’s Ass Gets Cracked
By Kyle Cicero

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Having Harry

By Kyle Cicero

Thanks again to Khalid for the inspiration and input. Again, English translations are given for Arabic terms.

Part Four: Carl’s Ass Gets Cracked

“Where are we going?” a drunk Carl asked as Omar and his brother Tahir half carried the tall blonde Marine to a side room. By now he was so looped on the liquor he had been offered he was barely aware of Harry’s loss.

“To a more private place where my brother and I can collect your bet,” Omar sneered as the two took the good-looking man into one of the building’s backroom.

“My bet?” The puzzled and still mostly out-of-it,” Carl mumbled as the two men proceeded to first get him undressed then, do the same for themselves.

“You laid hands on my sister in a public market. You tried to force yourself on her and defile her,” Omar angrily said. “Wellya kalb {you dog} of an American, we will have retribution for this insult to our family honor.”

Together the two brothers lifted a barely resisting Carl onto a nearby table. They draped him face up on it. The lanky but, nicely built Marine, was positioned so his head hung slightly off one side while his legs hung down the other.

“What the fuck is happening?” Carl moaned. He tried to lift his head only to have Tahir push it down. “What are you doing,” he moaned. “Fuck I’m so drunk, guys.”

A silent and determined Tahir straddled Carl’s head. Using his furry thighs to hold the young man’s head in place, Tahir thrust his dick into Carl’s throat. Bending his legs a bit, he began to fuck the now struggling Marine mouth. A loud series of muffled cries of ‘oomph’ came from Carl as his throat was stuffed with Tahir’s massively thick shaft. Tahir grinned as he observed the outline of his shaft appear just under the skin of Carl’s throat. The rippling bulging and contracting tubular movements of his cock clearly showed the depth of his fucking as he rammed down Carl’s throat.

While this was happening, Omar had already taken a hold of the Marine’s muscled legs and had spread them wide. He gazed at the pinkish skin of Carl’s virginal anal entryway. “I will not take you dry,” Omar said to the violently squirming Carl. Omar contemptuously spit onto the Marine’s hole. Then, wasting no more time and, heedless of the muffled protests coming from the Marine, Omar pushed against the outer muscled anal ring of the soldier.

Between gurgled gasps for air, Carl managed to squeal in pain as Omar managed to thrust past the resisting muscled ring of Carl’s chute. Leaning in, Omar speared the Marine on his cock. He gazed in triumph at his brother who returned that similar look back at him. Together the two savagely penetrated Carl. Ignoring the soldiers yelps, fighting movements, and gasps for air the brothers continued fucking the young embassy guard.

Omar laughed as he verbally insulted the young blonde who lying there getting plowed from both ends. “Take it Ya Sharmouta { you bitch}” he repeated shouted.

“My brother, his mouth is tight,” Tahir grunted as he face-fucked Carl’s throat with vigor.

“As is his ass,” Omar groaned as he too savored the satiny feel his shaft was getting as it maneuvered inside Carl’s guts. “I think I’m ready to shoot my seed into this American sharmout ,” he said. He felt his shaft begin to quiver inside of Carl. “Yes, I’m going to shoot into him!”

“I am as well,” Tahir managed to say. He closed his eyes as he pushed his dick down deeper into Carl’s mouth. “Yes,’ he hissed as he unloaded directly into Carl’s throat. The Marine frantically waved his hands about as a chocking sound emanated from him.

“Swallow my Arab spunk or drown,” Tahir sneered as he unloaded his jism deep into Carl. Soon, telltale dribbling of cum oozed from the corners of Carl’s lips.

“Yes,” Omar yelped as he saw that sight appearing around Carl’s lips. He groaned one last time as he felt himself orgasm as well. For the next minute, the brothers emptied their loads into Carl. Once they were done, they roughly pulled out of the young man leaving him gasping for air.

“Honor avenged,” Tahir said. He looked at Carl then at Omar. “I once saw the American hold their hands aloft then slap their palms against each other,” he told his brother. He gazed down the moaning, now totally fucked over Marine. “It is called a high-five. It signifies triumph.”

“Yes I have seen it done too,” Omar laughed. “Well let’s do it,” he eagerly added. He raised his hands. His brother did the same and they slapped palms.

“After we are done my brother, what do we do with him?” Tahir asked .

“By the terms of his bet his is our sharmout ,” Omar replied. “However, I’ve no further use for such a defiled creature. Do you?”

Tihar looked at Carl with disgust. “Nor do I have a use for this used sharmout ,” he replied before then spitting on Carl.

“Let’s fuck him again but this time I will use his ass and you can use his mouth,” Omar quickly stated. “Afterwards, we will drop him off at his embassy. We can always take him again on another night if we change our minds.”

“Agreed provided we also punish him with a canning,” Tahir replied. “A lesson that he will carry on his ass as a reminder not to mistreat Arb women.”

That night Carl got his butt vigorously canned. He cried and bawled throughout it while tearfully promising never to even look at another Muslim woman.

An hour later the brothers dropped off a naked and moaning Carl at the embassy gates. Cum dribbled from his swollen anal opening. His breath smelled of it too. A series of thin, angry, red whelps crisscrossed his pale skinned rear-end. He was red-eyed from bawling too.

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