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Having Harry
Part 6 - Harry Gets Had
By Kyle Cicero

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Having Harry

By Kyle Cicero

Thanks again to Khalid for the inspiration and input. Again, English translations are given for Arabic terms.

Part Six: Harry Gets Had

“Wake up,” a voice said. Harry felt his cheek being slapped. Slowly he returned to consciousness to find himself in a room with Salib. “What happened?” He asked as he rubbed the light pain in his jaw.

“I knocked you out and won the bet,” Salib calmly replied. “You’re my sharmout .”

“You weren’t serious about it were you?” Harry grumbled.

“So you refuse to honor the bet you made with me,” Salib replied. “Fine. I will let you go but, my friends and I will spread the word how you are a Marine who swore on his honor then backed out of keeping it. You will lose face with everyone. Maybe even with your friends too.”

Harry paused. He had pledged to do as asked if he lost. It was a wager that he backed with his honor as a Marine. He had boasted about the wager to everyone. It was bad enough that Salib had kicked his ass with both his buddies and the Arab cops watching. If he walked off without paying up, he’d be disgraced in front of everyone too. “Fine,” he grudgingly grunted. What do I do?”

“Simple,” Salib said. “I want to have some sexual fun with you.”

“You cock sucking faggot,” Harry angrily growled. “My ass is off limits got it! So, what kind of ‘sexual fun’ do you mean?”

“That is to be seen,” Salib replied. He gazed at the soldier. “I’m tired of this delay. I was told Marines are tough. Perhaps you are not man enough for anything I might ask of you.”

Part of Harry’s mind said ‘go’ yet, the greater part of his brain refused to lose face with the Arab policeman or have him think Marines were wimps. “I can take whatever you try,” he responded as he began to strip. “Do your best, asshole.”

Salib suppressed a smile. He had worried Harry would walk away but, it seemed the arrogant American would comply rather than losing face in front of him. This will be good, he thought as he undressed. “Let us toast to your honor and the Marines. Tough men of honor,” Salib said as he poured a laced drink and gave it to Harry.

The young man took the cup. “I can drink to that,” he said as he gulped down the liquid before the Arab officer had even managed to raise his own cup.

“A proper toast is when both parties consume their beverage at the same time,” Salib told him. “In my country not to do it this way is to insult the very people you are saluting.”

“Fine,” an irritated Harry responded. He quickly extended his empty cup to Salib who, quickly refilled it to the brim.

“To them,” Salib said. He began drinking his fruit juice. He watched as Harry once more gulp down the drugged beverage. It will hit him in a few minutes, Salib mused as he stood gazing at the prize piece of All-American Marine beef he was about to fully savor.

Slowly Harry felt a warmth spreading through his body. As he looked at Salib he experienced a strangle tingling in his crotch. What the fuck , he thought. The room slightly tilted.

“Lie down on your back,” Salib instructed.

“Okay,” the now sexually stimulated and woozy Harry replied. He laid down on the cool floor and closed his eyes. “Shit I feel funny,” he mumbled. He was so out-of-it, he never even noticed when Salib grabbed Harry’s ankles and raised the American’s muscled thighs apart.

“Time to pay,” Salib stated. He moved between the American’s splayed legs. “This is what I want,” he rasped as he leaned his body forward and pushed the head of his cock against Harry’s resisting anal entryway.

“Fuck,” Harry yelped as the pain in his butt flowed to his brain. He felt the pressure of the Arab’s invading dick. He told himself he should resist but, by now he was too out of it and sexually stimulated to fight to get Salib away from him. A sharp pain suddenly hit his anus. “I can’t fit it into me,” he moaned.

“I’m getting inside of you,” Salib hissed as he violently pushed his cock-head past the outer ring muscles guarding Harry’s anal virginity.

“FUCK,” Harry cried out. “Too big. Can’t fit it in me,” he sobbed while Salib relentlessly continued leaning into the American’s rump.

“Toughen up Marine,” Salib told him as he slowly pressed further into the squirming soldier’s hole. “Breathe in and out and it will relax. I thought a Marine could take anything.”

“Marines can take anything,” he sobbed. He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing. Slowly his ring muscles unwound. As they did, Salib moved evermore deeply into him. When he finally opened his eyes, Harry was shocked to see that he was sporting an erection. “Fuck I’m getting dicked and I’m boned,” he rasped.

“Yes, my muscular sharmout,” Salib replied. He reached out. Grabbing the soldier’s shaft he began masturbating Harry.

“Aw fuck,” Harry gasped as his body succumbed to the arousal. He laid his head back down trying to process the overwhelming sexual sensations he was experiencing. He knew was getting fucked by an Arab and yet, he was totally erect. Soon he just gave up thinking about what was going on with him. He let his body enjoy the sensual pleasure coursing through it. He began to thrust his tight Marine ass backward to get Salib’s cock even deeper into him. Then it happened! “You’re tapping something amazing inside of me, man,” he babbled.”

“Your prostate,” Salib said as he increased his pounding upon Harry’s inner G spot.

“Fuck me harder.” Harry shamelessly begged. “Oh God you’re turning me on doing it.”

“A natural sharmout ,” Salib shouted. He saw a fellow officer walk into the room. “Bitched this Marine,” he told him.

“Big deal,” the man retorted. “I just finished fucking three of them in the main room. Mind if your sharmout cleans my cock for me?”

“Be my guest,” Salib replied as he continued fucking and masturbating a now wildly enthusiastic Harry. “Even better let him give you his first blowjob.”

“Sounds good,” the man stated. He moved Harry’s head into position and began face fucking it. “Take my dick, you slut,” said the man.

Harry was so aroused by the drugs he’d consumed that he simply sucked on the shaft that was invading his throat. Under the man’s guidance, the American soon learned how to gulp down a large cock and still be able to breathe. Suddenly the man pulled out of Harry’s mouth. “Keep it open,” he told Harry.

As Harry complied the man cream-pied the Marine. His cum oozed down Harry’s face to drip into his open mouth.

“That is amazing,” Salib grunted as he shot into Harry’s guts.

As the searing hot Arab spunk seeded him, a gasping Harry cried out and had his own orgasm. Salib had positioned the American’s cock in such a way that Harry’s jism hit his own face. As the two grinning men watched, Harry licked at the cum that was around his lips.

For the next two hours Salib and, what seemed to be an endless procession of other entering Arab policemen, fucked Harry’s mouth and ass. Harry was jerked-off numerous times too. Throughout it all, the sounds of other men getting roughly fucked emanated from outside.

“That is the sound of your fellow Marines being bitched by my friends,” a laughing Salib told him at some point before yet another Arab prepared to screw the Marine’s ravaged butt hole or mouth.

“Aw fuck,” Harry moaned in reply seconds before another rather fat Arab policeman shoved his dick into Harry mouth. Hours later, it all stopped. An exhausted, naked, cum soaked, and utterly passive Harry lay at Salib’s feet. His ass-hole ached and his jaw was sore. His tight muscled torso was covered with the sticky spunk of Salib and his friends.

The rough sexual abuse Harry had endured had broken his once overly confident spirit. He had complied with his promise but felt no sense of honor from it. They fucking used me like a two-bit slut , he thought as he shivered in the growing chill of the room. I even repeatedly shot my wad while it happened. Did I like it? He wondered. He looked at a grinning Salib. “Can I go now,” he pitifully moaned.

“Not quite,” Salib gleefully stated. Before Harry could react, the Arab policeman and his friends flipped Harry onto his stomach. They secured his hands behind his back with a set of cuffs then dragged the stunned American to his feet. He was held in place by two strong Arab cops.

“What the fuck,” Harry groaned. Any further comments were cut off when a gag was secured inside his mouth.

“The bet was that you would be my sharmout,” Salib stated. “Not for a night but forever. You’re days as an embassy guard are over.”

Harry began to struggle with the men holding him. They tightened their grip to secure him in place. Harry gazed at Salib then at the two Arabs holding him. To his shock, he felt the stirrings of sexual arousal by their aggressive control over him. These Arabs so powerful ,” Harry thought before returning his gaze into Salib’s eyes. Shit I want to sexually serve them , he realized.

Salib saw the Marine’s growing erection. “Have you developed a taste for Arabian cock, sharmout?” He teased.

Harry simply blushed then, looked down at the floor. Throughout his athletic career in school and then, serving in the Marines, he had always found contentment in taking orders from his coaches or ranking military officers. Tonight, he had discovered sexual stimulation in submission. He looked back up at Salib and hesitantly nodded.

“I’ve no need of such any American male whore but there are men who do want one,” the grinning Arab policeman stated. “ Powerful men who would pay a nice price to own a Marine who would serve as their sex slave.” He leaned in close to Harry. “Even a used one,” he mocked while staring into the Marine’s eyes. Another Arab bound Harry legs. They hoisted Harry up and draped him, ass up, over the shoulder of one powerfully built Arab. Salib gave the soldier’s butt a hard slap. “Take him to the market. Hassan will train him how to properly serve men. Tell our friend that when this slut is sold to be sure his ass gets me a good price,” Salib instructed his friends. “Enjoy your new life American,” Salib gleefully shouted to Harry as he was carried out of the room.

Epilogue: Aftermath

Harry never reported back to the embassy. An immediate but, ultimately unsuccessful search, was launched to find him. In the end, Harry was listed as AWOL.

His fellow Marines had been questioned but they denied any knowledge about his whereabouts. No one mentioned the match that had taken place since, none of them wanted to reveal they had all been repeated fucked by various members of the local Arab police. The embassy civilian staff soon noticed that their once overly, macho Marine guards now treated their locally assigned Arab police counterparts with respect and deference. They attributed it to their Marines finally learning how to interact with the local authority. What they didn’t know was that a few of the macho strutting Marines were secretly meeting some of those Arab police to get fucked by them.

About one year later, Drake saw Harry at a local party being thrown by a visiting, aged, rich Arab. The naked, ex-Marine had a thin sliver ring around his neck with a circular tag attached. The Arabic writing on the tag indicated that Harry was the porty host’s personal sex slave. Harry also sported a cock ring and nipple piercings. During the festivities Harry was passed around to the man’s various guests. An amazed Drake watched as his friend eagerly performed either oral or anal sexual services for each one. Harry didn’t recognize his friend since, Drake was kitted out in his usual puppy attire of black leather jockstrap, dog-mask, lease, and collar. Drake shuddered at the sight of his friend slutty activities. He moved his body to press his torso closer to his owner, Abdul’s legs.

Abdul looked down at him. He sensed his pup’s unease. “Easy my fine obedient kalb ,” he softly assured the young American sitting at his feet. “You are mine alone. I will never sell you or ask you to do such disgusting actions.” He affectionately rubbed Drake’s head as he unzipped to pull out his cock. “Is my pet hungry?” He asked.

The Marine softly growled as he leaned up to take it into his mouth. He thought about how, in two months his military service would be over. He could then be Abdul’s kalb full time. Abdul had even prepared a puppy pen in his mansion for his pet to occupy. “Arf. Arf,” the young Marine softly barked as he gently licked and sucked Abdul’s erection. As he did he reached down to stroke his cock into an erection. Drake eyes looked upward to stare with adoration at his owner. Abdul smiled back. He continued rubbing his pup’s head while a masturbating Drake continued sucking him off.

The End

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