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Beta Busting the Boy Wonder
Part 3
By Kyle Cicero

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Beta Busting the Boy Wonder

By Kyle Cicero

Part Three:

It took a bit of time to ‘redress’ him in his regular clothes and then drive him back to campus. By the time I’d dropped him near the bushes where I’d first taken him, it was almost dawn. An hour later and students going to early classes would have been all around us. I had brought a bottle of whiskey with me.

“What are you doing,” he mumbled as I brought the bottle to his lips.

Fearing discovery, I simply poured some into his mouth not caring if any gushed out from it. I simply wanted his breath to stink of it. in fact, I poured the rest on him so he would have its odor too. I figured if he was found in an unconscious state with the smell of liquor on him and his attire, he would be seen as just another student who’d overindulged. Sure enough, by the time of my afternoon classes, the school gossips were spreading the word that campus security had found “a drunk on his ass” Dick Grayson passed out by some bushes. By the time I left for home, goody two shoes Dick was the talk of the student body. I had to smile at this unexpected blow to his ego. I also knew he would be gunning for me. I looked forward to that encounter.

I had also left a note in his pocket telling him who I was, and that I would like to meet him after his “Robin Rounds” at the facility where I had first taken him. I also informed him that it would be in his best interest to come alone, in his ‘Robin’ outfit, and not to tell anyone what had happened to him. I enclosed, along with that note, a picture of him standing with his briefs and tights around his ankle, wearing a goofy smile while gripping his impressive erection. Sure enough, at precisely midnight he arrived. It was clear that he was not “a happy camper“.

“You drugged me,” he spat out. “You’re a sick perverted bastard and you’re going to regret doing what you did to me,” he haughtily told me. “I want you to delete it wherever it’s stored or..” he barked. He made a fist and punched it into the palm of his other hand.

“I hardly think it’s wise to threaten me. Besides, you don’t look forced in any way. In my opinion, to anyone seeing it, the picture showed you were having fun. By the way, did that puddle of your cum at your feet show in it. I always find it hard to visually capture such liquids.” I innocently replied knowing this attitude would only enrage him further and not keep him mentally alert any danger. “Sorry though about dropping you off smelling of whiskey.” I grinned.

“I suppose you think it’s funny.“ He yelled. “I got suspended and had to explain myself to…” he paused.

“You mean to Bruce Wayne or, should I call him Batman,” I teased. I saw the shocked look on his face. “Oh please, if you’re Robin, it stands to reason that Bruce Wayne has to be Batman. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.” I teased.

“If you reveal that,” he sputtered showing a less confident attitude. “I would..” he paused.

“Do nothing,” I replied. “Now this is where I tell you what you’re going to do or else Bruce and the world sees that picture and…some fun videos,” I shot back while enjoying my famous, young hero was showing uncertainty on how to fix this issue. For the first time, he wasn’t in control of things, and it showed..

I saw him go pale. “Videos,” he replied. “There is a video,” he barely chocked out.

Gotcha, I thought. I tapped a button that held in my hand immediately a movie screen dropped. “I wonder what everyone will think seeing Robin acting out so obscenely,” I joked as I hit play.

He gazed at the screen when I’d taken appeared on the on the screen. “You… you,” he sputtered as he watched his lewd activities unfold. He was so transfixed by what was playing, he did not see that I had shifted my position. Now slightly behind him, I pulled out a blow gun, loaded my dart, and scored a direct hit into his right butt cheek

“Ouch,” he yelped. Instantly, he turned towards me. he pulled out the dart and gazed at it before directing his focus at me. He moved towards me, grabbed my shirt, pulled me close, and glared at me. I could see the fury in his eyes.

I slowly raised my hands above my head. “I’m unarmed and surrender,” I told him. I counted this admission combined with his ‘honor code’ to stop him from doing any unprovoked physical assault on me. I also wanted him furiously frustrated by this fact so his increased adrenaline would speed up the drug’s workings in his system. “You’re sick. I’m going to…” but, he never got to finish that threat. Quickly, his hard stare was replaced by heaving breathing. His handsome face grew slack. “Drug…in…fight…got to…fight,” he wheezed as a familiar glassy look emerged in his eyes.

“What were you saying? “ I asked as I eased his grip from my shirt.

“I swear,” he panted even as, once more, his body fully relaxed. He blinked a few times then, his arms dropped limply to his sides. “What was I saying,” he grumbled.

“Let me help you lay down before you fall to the floor,” I patronizingly said while recalling how he’d used a similar vocal tone with me when we discussed Cassandra.

He weakly protested as I guided him over to the exam table. “Get away from me,” he muttered even as I helped him up and draped him on the top of the exam table.

“Now, now,” I said to him. “You’re going to feel really good and very soon I promise,” I assured him as I reach down to rub his crotch.

“No don’t… do… oh God,” he sighed. As I massaged him into another erection, I took the opportunity to let my other free hand caress his powerful legs. “Such definition,” I softly stated. I fondled each of his muscled calves before next savoring the sensation of ‘feeling up’ both of his strong inner thighs. All the while, as he moaned a combination of weak protests alternately coupled with contented whimpering, I continued my manually rubbing his crotch area .

He quickly achieved a most respectable erection under his briefs. A growing wet spot appeared on their surface area. Moving swiftly, I pulled down his briefs and his tights so that they were again bunched around his booted ankles. His impressive erection, once freed, waved about. This time I paused to examine it. Grayson’s cock was long and thick with a few veins running along his shaft. Nestled below, his hefty nut-sack was sparsely furred and sexily hung slightly down from the base of his dick. I noted he kept his bush nicely manicured as well. As I rolled his nuts in their pouch, he let out a deep growl of contentment. “You like have your balls played with?”

“Uhuh,” he sighed spreading his legs a bit apart.

Obviously, from his campus reputation, Dick was sexually experienced. I was curious about it. “When did you start fucking women,” I asked.

“When I was fifteen,” he mumbled between his moans. “She was twenty -two,” he grunted as I engaged in more nut play with him. “She worked as a maid at the Manor.”

“Did you like it,” I queried.

A large smile came to him as he recalled the memory.

“Have you ever done anything with a guy,” I pressed.

He said nothing which, to me spoke volumes. I rolled his nuts and lightly stroked his shaft.

“Go on,” I softly said.

His body squirmed in sexual heat. “Wally and I once jerked each other off when we were fourteen,” he blurted out.

“Was it fun?’ I inquired.

He took a deep breath then another. “It was okay,” he slowly replied.

“Well, tonight we’re going to have some more fun,” I said. I’d previously set up the cameras to record him. Donning a mask to keep my identity a secret, I took a hold of his erection, letting my thumb rest upon its head.

Dick managed to lift his head slightly to stare at me. “What are you doing? “ he woozily asked.

“I’m going to make you feel really good,” I replied. Slowly I used my thumb to rub the head of his cock.

“Stop it,” he grunted even though he made no move to stop me. He stared at me , or tried to, then sighed and let his head drift back onto the table. By now, his rod was copiously leaking pre-cum. As my thumb gently circled his cockhead, his breathing deepened. I could hear him whimper a few times as my thumb continuously circled around his slit.

“It feels good doesn’t it?’ I asked.

“Yes,” he hissed.

I used a finger from my other hand to his cockhead and got it wet with his pre-cum. I rubbed the liquid on it across his lips. I repeated my action a few times until those full sensuous lips of his were fully moistened with his pre-cum. “Why don’t you lick it.” I instructed knowing that the drug had rendered him mentally pliable too. I waited for a few seconds with my finger on his lips until, to my sheer delight, his tongue tentatively slipped out from between them and licked my fingertip. “That’s right,” I told him. I again scooped up more of his pre-cum and brought the finger to his mouth. He repeated this activity making sure every time to lick my finger clean. I decided it was time to press onward. “It’ll taste even better if you suck my fingers,” I said as I slipped my finger into his throat. The sensual caress of this lips across my finger was only exceeded by the exquisite sensation of his tongue running up and down it. For the next few minutes, I fed him making sure to complement and praise him. I knew how much Dick secretly ate up praise. What better inducement to use while he ‘ate up’ his own pre-jism. For the next few minutes lay on the table suckling on my sticky fingers.

Having accomplished the first steps I’d planned for tonight, I moved onto to the next ‘event’. With just a little bit of difficulty, I managed to position myself to push his lower body upward. Luckily, his years as an acrobat made him extremely flexible. I used my upper body to support his ankles and thighs. “Time for dessert,” I said as I now ceased edging and began to vigorously jerk him off.

“Dessert?” he hoarsely asked as his breathing quickened.

Saying nothing, I picked up the pace of my masturbating.

“Oh…oh….oh,” he muttered over and over again. Even with his mask on, I detected that his eyes had rolled up in their sockets. He was close. I had lower body folded up, so his cock was pointed directly at his face. Suddenly his entire torso tensed. His narrow waist thrust violently forward while his legs pushed back trying to straighten out. Their movements were so powerful, he almost pushed me backwards. Yet, I managed to hold on. As I did, I felt the veins in his shaft pulsing within my grasp.

“Do it bat boy,” I shouted. “Shoot it right now.” My fingers sensed something throbbing, gurgling upward as it flowed up inside his shaft.

With a loud long yelping “Argh”, he exploded. The first streams of his thick cream gushed out accompanied by his bellows.

I had been very careful about aiming his dick. Although some of his spunk hit the top of his forehead, most managed to splash the facial area below his mask. “Cream pie for dessert,” I laughed as each volley of his now copious squirts drenched his lower face.

Once he finished, he just laid there moaning and gulping in air. I gently lowered his body back down onto the table. Both his arms and legs now hung limply down from the sides of the table. Using my fingers to scrap up the cum from his face, I brought the creamy liquid to his lips. Without any protest, he let my fingers slip past his lips. I watched as he sucked on them like a newborn babe. “Well, until next time,” I said after he’d finally slurped up all I’d offered.

I reached out to stop recording. I took the camera and left him lying there on the table with his briefs and tights still bunched around his cute boots. I knew he would be coming around in about an hour. There was no need to hide my identity or to take the trouble to bring him somewhere else. I left a note pinned to his chest telling him that we would meet here again tomorrow at midnight unless, of course, he wanted tonight’s video to go out on the Net. As I drove back to my apartment, I contemplated my next steps.

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