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Beta Busting the Boy Wonder
Part 2
By Kyle Cicero

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Beta Busting the Boy Wonder

By Kyle Cicero

Part Two:

I stood next to him and let my hands rest on his uniformed crotch. As I felt the outline of his nuts and growing erection, I wondered how many women had felt him up and how many men would want to do it too. From what I could manually detect, it was pretty clear that good old Dick was packing a ‘weapon’ with some serious heat.

“What are you doing?” He lightly protested while trying and failing to fully focus his eyes on me.

I decided to test my theory that Dick Grayson aka Robin had an oversized ego. If it proved true, it was something I could use to my advantage “I’m simply conducting your exam. You know you are quite impressive down here,” I said as my fingers traced the outline of his expanding shaft. “I bet the ladies go wild when you show them what your packing in your briefs.” I noticed a brief flicker of a smile appear on his face before quickly vanishing. Yep, I was right. He had an ego. “Yeah you are really a “Boy Wonder” down here though, this isn’t a boy’s equipment is it?” I softly told him as I let my fingers gently run across his nuts. “Damn you have two large balls here too.”

“Stop. It isn’t right,” he mumbled though, from the way he began blushing, I could tell he wasn’t all that offended by my remarks. In fact, his shaft stirred even more as I was telling him it. I cupped his nuts.

“Stop,” he mewed.

I smiled and slid my fingers across. My fingertips reached the sensitive skin area where they met his ass-crack. “Man they are huge,” I teased as I lightly tapped this area before swirling my fingertips around it.

He gasped. “God I love getting my nuts played with,” he suddenly blurted out.

“Like this,” I replied as I increased my rubbing. I watched as he squirmed from her massage my fingertips were giving to that sensitive area.

“Oh …no…it’s not right,” he whimpered while I delicately tickled the area under his hefty balls. By now he was gulping I air. A wet spot began appearing in his crotch. “Stop…please,” he babbled though his reactions clearly indicated h the opposite. Yeah, he was losing it.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” I told him. “You know you love sexually showing off. You dress in tight briefs showing everyone your rump,” I said as I let my hand drift to caress his well-defined inner thighs. “not to mention how these tights show off the muscles in your legs. “Go on admit you like being ogled over.” I rasped as I again cupped his nuts and lightly massaged them.

“I..I…” he grunted as I alternately played with his inner thighs and nuts. The wet spot grew larger. He was sucking in air and his pupils were completely dilated.

“You love showing off. Your abilities, your body, especially your rear-end. Admit it. You get off being sexually desired. You love it when everyone admires your ass,’ I insisted as I stroked his nuts and then his erection.

“Yes…I do. I do get off being admired,” he moaned.

I leaned in close. “Do you sometimes masturbate thinking about how they all must want you. All those woman and men checking out your body. Checking out your ass. Do you jerk off visualizing them doing it?” I figured, by his swagger and revealing uniform, he must have done it but, I wanted him to admit it.

He wildly gazed at me without really seeing me. I could see he was lost in full heat. “Yes,” he grunted. “I do jerk off about it.”

“Do you do it while sometimes still dressed as Robin,” I asked.

He blushed and nodded.

Holy fuck , I thought as an image of him decked out in his crime fighter’s uniform, his briefs and tights bunched around his ankles, and beating his meat flashed into my brain

“It isn’t right though,” he suddenly cried out even as he moved his crotch upward into my hand.

Clearly he was ready to blow. I didn’t want him to do it just yet. I pressed one of my fingers against his lips. “Shhh, it’s going to be all right stud,” I said while slowly fondling his family jewels. “Why shouldn’t you enjoy the adulation. You are Robin. The famous boy wonder. They should admire you, your body, and that amazing butt. It’s only natural for you to masturbate thinking about it, okay.”

‘Okay,” he moaned in agreement as his body squirmed under my touch.

“Now just shhh,” I again whispered as I let the thumb from my other free hand gently rub across his soft full lips. “Dick you need to just go with the flow.” I watched as his pupils dilated even further during my crotch massage. I suddenly felt him raising his waist slightly upward to press his cock into my grip. I smiled at him. he smiled back. I made my next move. “Why don’t you try sucking on this for me like a good boy,” I softly suggested as I let the thumb slip between his lips. “If you do it nicely, my good little bat boy, I’ll keep fondling your crotch.” He let out another deep groan and began sucking it.

I watched as Robin “the feared crime fighter” lay there whimpering and sucking my thumb like a baby. As he did, I took a fast video of him doing it then returned to kept massaging his green uniformed crotch into a nice high mound even as my own junk began to rise. Time to continue.

“Dick,” I stated as He happily sucked my thumb. “Let’s get these tights and briefs off. You want to touch yourself without them, right?”

“Sureth,” he contently gurgled while continuing to slobber on my thumb.

Moving swiftly I yanked off his briefs. I could see the outline of his impressive erection straining against the translucent nylons of his tights. By now its crotch area was wet from his leaking. I took a few minutes to rub the palm of my hand across his nylon encased shaft. My actions caused Dick to moan in pleasure.

“Fuck,” he growled.

“Well. Well,” I thought. Finally an expletive from my Boy wonder. The first true signal his goody boy inhibitions were cracking. I grinned and massaged the area more until he was squealing in pleasure, yelping one or two more ‘fucks’, and his muscled torso quaking in sexual heat. Confident now he was mine to do whatever I wanted, I stopped and pulled down his tights. Immediately, once freed from its nylon prison, his shaft sprung upward. As it did, a light droplets of his pre-jism flew about. I stopped to take in the sight of my bat boy’s family jewels. His cock was close to eleven inches and his full large nuts were just as impressive. I watched as his erection waved about. It’s erotic swaying only stopped when “Robin’ reached down to grab it. “Only edge. Got it!” I sharply commanded counting on the drug’s effects to make his brain pliable to orders.

He nodded. “Yes,” he hissed. Judging from the expert way he was doing it, it was obvious he was an expert at edging.

I suddenly got an idea. I went next to him. I set up my cell to take a video. “Stand up and do it,” I said as I helped him to his feet. I got out of video range and hit record. Any vocals from me could be altered. If this played out like I hoped, the admission price for someone to view this show would be astronomical. He stood in front of me only slightly swaying but clearly high on the drug. “Now edge for me.”

He nodded and began again edging. There he was the famed sidekick of our Caped crusader with his briefs and tights nicely bunched around his booted ankles while he edged his cock with his gloved hand and moaning like a dog in heat.

“Close your eyes and imagine all those people admiring you,” I stated. “Wanting you.”

“Yes,” he rasped as he worked his shaft.

“You’re a thirst trap, right Robin?” I lightly asked. “Tell me how fucking sexy you are. You are fucking sexy , right?”

“I’m totally fucking sexy,” he gruffly replied as he masturbated for me.

“Show me how a stud does it in bed,” I instructed. “show me how a stud moves his body when he’s pounding into someone. Tell me you a fucking stud…say it!”

“I’m a fucking stud. Yeah,” he laughed. Thanks to my drug, he was oblivious to anything and utterly uninhibited.

“Show me how a hot stud fucks someone?” I ordered.

He began moving his hips in tandem with his strokes. From the sexy fluid way he was employing his hip movements to help him thrust his cock into his grip, he must be quite formidable in the sack.

“Yeah. Think about how much they want your fucking dick…tell me what they want,” I quizzed.

“My fucking dick,” he grunted. “they want my fucking dick,” he wheezed.

“What else do they love and crave?” I pressed. I had a good idea of the answer but wanted him to verbalize it for me.. “Go on and tell me what you love showing them.”

“My ass,” he swiftly moaned as he fucked his hand grip. “I’ve got a great ass,” he laughingly stated. “I love when they stare at it!”

“Do you get hot showing it off?” I quizzed. He blushed and nodded

“A lot,” he groaned as he humped faster. “I sometimes get hot doing poses so they can see it.”

Gotcha , I thought. Mental barriers broken and inhibitions crumbling. There he was masturbating. Lewdly acting out both verbally and physically while telling the world he loves being desired. Even hotter, admitting he gets off occasionally flashing his ass.

“Touch that rump. Feel what they want,” I said.

His other free hand reached back. I watched as he fondled it. His moaning and fucking movements increased.

“Yes,” I hissed. “They want your ass. They admire it.”

“They love my ass and my cock,” he growled as he obscenely manhandled his rear-end for me.

“They fucking want it, right” I insisted.

“Yeah, they all fucking want my sexy ass,” he replied as he began thrust ting his cock even faster in his tight grip.

“Go on see it. Your rump being idolized by everyone. You love seeing their admiring faces. Fucking shoot your spunk into their admiring faces.”

“Yeah take it,” he howled. His body shivered seconds before he shot a respectable load. It flew out in waves. He repeatedly jerked off until, in the end it puddled on the floor in front of him. Some remnants dripped from his dick-slit onto his briefs and boots. “Fuck,” he wheezed as he gulped air.

As he stood there panting from his orgasm, I briefly regretted that, by the time I was finished with him, that cock of his would never again be used to penetrate anyone. I consoled myself with the thought that soon his luscious rump would take its place in delivering sexual satisfaction to others.

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