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Beta Busting the Boy Wonder
Part 4
By Kyle Cicero

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Beta Busting the Boy Wonder

By Kyle Cicero

Part Four:

During the day, I had sent last night’s video to him while we were in a class we shared together. I watched as his face displayed first utter shock, then complete horror, disgust, quickly followed by anger. When he gazed in my direction, I winked at him. He angrily started to get up from his seat clearly intending to confront me. Thankfully our lecturing professor saw his actions and asked him if there was a problem. Watching his flustered expression while weakly apologizing was priceless. As class broke up, he made a beeline to me.

“If you touch me it gets released,” I quietly told him. “Now midnight, after you finish your crime fighting tour. Same place.”

“I got your note,” he seething replied as he stood still clenching and unclenching his hands. “I can’t keep making excuses for why I’m not booking out after we finish and not getting back until early morning,” he rasped.

“Don’t care. Midnight,” I told him before turning and walking out leaving him standing there glaring at me.

When Dick arrived tonight he was furious. “This game stops,” he yelled.

“It stops when I say it stops,” I calmly replied knowing my ‘attitude of unconcern’ would only enrage him more and leave him feeling helpless. “Now he’s how it’s going down. You lay down face up on this table.” He opened his mouth to say something, but I cut him off. “Do as I say, or I post on the Net. Did I mention it has me on it telling everyone about Batman and your secret identity.” I stared at him. Checkmate , I thought.

He clenched his jaw. Saying nothing, he sullenly did as ordered.

I stood next to his splayed-out body. “Arms above your head,” I instructed. He hesitated. “I’m not going to injure you, but I will not hesitate to post if you continue defying.”

Reluctantly he complied. I adjusted them into position and hit a side button. Instantly mental bands curled up and encircled each wrist tightly securing them.

“What are you doing?” He asked as he struggled in his binding. By now his body was twisting about. “Take these off me,” he yelled.

“You can’t break them,” I assured him as I moved to grab his right ankle and secured it to the table.

“Stop this,” he howled as I bound his other ankle to the table.

I stood waiting as he squirmed without success to somehow get free. Watching his muscular torso gyrating and flexing was quite erotic but I put that aside in order to finish my task. Finally, he stopped. I grabbed a nearby dart and approached him.

“Please don’t,” he said with a hint of fear in his voice. “Look I’ll do anything you want, okay. Just don’t shoot me up with whatever you’ve been using.”

“Relax,” I assured him. “It’s not what I used before. It’s my newest compound,” I truthfully told him. “Having you mentally zoned out like before is not the plan.”

“Don’t do it,” he plaintively told me as I inserted the dart into him.

I gazed at his body lying helpless on the table. The only thing hotter than the sight of this good-looking hunk’s bound body was hearing him begging me not to do anything. “It will be fine,” I repeated as I injected it into him even while he screamed for me to stop.

I stood and waited. Within minutes his breathing deepened. “I feel funny,” he said. “It’s not like before though,” he mumbled.

“I told you it is a different compound. Your erogenous zones will simply be more sensitized, and you will experience less inhibitions when I exploit them.” I explained.

“Exploit how?” he lightly asked.

“Shh,” I told him while placing a finger on his lips. I reached down and let my fingertips trace the outline of his cock. My bat boy just stared at me saying nothing.

I smiled then slowly slipped my hand under the waistband of his briefs and tights. Gingerly, I gently stroked his shaft. He let out an audible gasp.

“No,” he lightly groaned as his cock started to stiffen.

My hand grew moist both from the heat of that enclosed space and the dribbles of precum he was oozing.

“Stop,” he whimpered as his powerful frame twitched. He squeezed his eyes shut. “I can’t,” he grunted as his dick rose under my hand.

I removed it and brought its wet fingertips to his lips. I let my other hand reach down to rub his growing bulge. “Go on. Taste it,” I whispered

He moaned. Suddenly, his tongue slipped out to gently lick them. He was ready.

I unbuttoned his vest revealing his defined upper torso. He had well-developed pectorals with an amazingly hard eight pack. Lightly haired, there was only the merest trace of a “honey trail” going down into the waistband of his briefs. “Such lovely nipples. Soft brown orbs the size of quarters,” I said as I leaned down to lick one.

“Stop,” he whined as I kissed and nibbled on it until it shrunk into a hard, darkened, little circle. “God,” he groaned as I next worked on the second one until it too was fully erect. While I worked on them, his body writhed about on the table. A quick glance downward by me revealed his crotch was getting visibly wet.

“Oh dear what will Alfred think,” I teased as I began kissing the valley between his pecs. “All that sticky – pre-goop stains to try and ash out.”

He said nothing. In fact his eyes were still tightly shut, as if he wanted to blot out what was happening. I gradually kissed downward, nuzzling my face along his ribbed abdominals on its journey.

The only sounds were his panting along with his occasional, unconvincing cries of protest. By the time I’d reached his honey trail, his cock was obscenely pushing his briefs up and the wet spot had grown to encompass over a third of its area.

“Well someone needs to be set free,” I teased. I quickly pulled down his briefs and tights to his feet.

“Yes,” he sighed as his now unrestrained pecker flew up from its confinement.

I injected myself with something to counteract the drugs in his system then, stared at his jewels with a growing desire. As he lay there gulping in air with his eyes still squeezed shut , I lowered my head to capture my first prize.

“What…oh…fuck,” He gasped in shock as my tongue licked his shaft. He raised his head, opened his eyes, and stared at me. “No…it’s not right…you’re a guy…why is it…hard” he wheezed while I my tongue worked its way to the head of his cock. He delightfully yelped when it began probing it’s slit. “Shit,” he sighed.

I glanced up at him while continuing my oral savoring. As I sucked and licked, my right hand began playing with his nuts. The effect on my captive hero was electric. His body quaked, he let out a loud squeal, and his dick emitted a nice gush of pre-cum. Dick was famed for his rump, but his cock was also something worthy of admiration. Long, thick with a nice veiny surface, bat boy had a true treasure in his pants. His spunk or pre-spunk was a bit salty but savory too. Thanks to the injection I’d taken, I had no worries about ingesting any of the drug in his system through this cream.

I broke off my oral activity and looked at him. “Want me to stop,” I teased still massaging his sack. Judging by his reactions thus far, I knew the answer but wanted to hear him say it.

“NO,” he moaned. “More,” he sputtered.

I smiled and went back to enjoy my meal. After a few minutes, I moved my mouth down to work on his nuts. Taking them gently into my throat I let my tongue run along its roundness. The few hairs on it tickled and, by now Grayson was mewing in pleasure.

“More. Suck my balls more,” he growled as he tried to push his thighs farther apart to give me greater access.

Taking his current obliging mood into account, I reached out to free his ankles. Instantly the Boy Wonder spread out his legs. I began humming causing his balls to vibrate in their sack.

“Ah yes,” he roared. His dick was really leaking now. A musky, not unpleasant odor filled my lungs. I could have spent more time on his nuts but, my work was only partly done. I took a hold of each of his legs and pushed them up and apart.

“Why did you stop?’ He lightly asked.

Saying nothing I positioned my head between his now fully splayed butt cheeks to let my tongue now at his outer hole do my answering.

“HOLY BATS,” he cried out as I rimmed him out. “No…one…has…eaten out…my hole…fuck...don’t ...stop,” he yelped while literally pushing his body down to press my face in deeper between his rounded muscled cheeks. “Eat me out,” he begged again as his torso bucked on the table.

My tongue swirled around those ridged muscles that barred entry. Alternating tickling and pushing at them, I was soon rewarded when they gradually unfurled to let me probe into that virginal territory.

“YES,” The Boy Wonder bellowed as he received his first tongue fucking. “Oh shit,” he cried out a few minutes later. “I’m going to bow!”

I reached out to squeeze his nuts while ramming my tongue deep into his anal chute.

“Can’t…hold…off,” he hollowed. His body lurched. Wailing loudly, thank to my hands on his balls I could tell he was erupting. Once he stopped moving, I raised my head to check out the results of my efforts.

I stopped. He lay there gulping in air. His spunk lay splattered across his stomach, filling the crevices between his eight-pack looking like glistening pearly rivers. I moved to scope up as much as I could and brought it to his lips. He looked at me for a second then, submissively opened his mouth to let me thrust my fingers into it so he could ingest his jism. He simply closed his eyes and slobbered up his amounts of his cum without a word of protest. Once I decided that he had consumed enough, I tousled his hair letting the cum remnants on my fingers serve as a gel to give his dark locks a spiky, punk-out appearance. I released his wrist bindings and brought his arms to his side. Gently using a damped washcloth, I wiped his torso clean. I next packed up prepared to leave him time alone to rest and, more importantly process tonight’s activities. As before, I took with me the camera that had recorded it all. “Alfred better get washing tonight,” I giggled as I took in the sight of Dick’s pre-cum stained briefs and tights.

“Fuck Alfred,” a now only half-awake Dick mumbled.

My. My. cursing now too , I thought. “Tomorrow at midnight. No arguments or else.” I sharply stated. “Besides you seemed to like it all.”

“Yes, I’ll be here,” he softly replied. “You bastard. You drugged me. It was the drugs,” he added

I smiled. I assumed calling me a bastard and justifying his activities by blaming the drug was his feeble attempt to preserve his shriveling delusion that tonight’s actions had not been either voluntarily or pleasurable. I went to my car to drive home and plot out tomorrow night’s grand finale.

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