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Beta Busting the Boy Wonder
Part 1
By Kyle Cicero

Beta Busting the Boy Wonder

By Kyle Cicero

{Sincere appreciation to Jack Parker for his ideas and suggestions}

Part One:

Okay, the first thing you have to know about me is that I’m just an average guy in college. Average looks average build. I’m bisexual which, I suppose is not average but, put that aside. The second thing you should know is that it was never my intention to take down a crime fighter. In fact, when I discovered who the guy was, I was shocked. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

You see it all started over this girl. I had a thing for her for quite some time. At the start of my junior year, I had made my move. Her name was Cassandra and we had already been on a few dates. In my mind, things were starting to get serious. Then, things for ‘us’ went haywire when she bumped into Dick Grayson, a senior and the local campus stud. Once he started zooming in on her, my relationship with Cassandra went bust. I mean, given a choice between a guy who is five foot seven and, while not skinny, was certainly not muscle bound and a guy who was six foot, a star of the school’s gymnastics team with a body to match, and it was no contest. In terms of looks I was just average, and he was, to be fair, strikingly handsome. The problem was that this asshole knew how his looks and build he affected women and, that I was interested in her. Yet, it didn’t make a damn bit of difference. He was all about scoring and she was his latest mark.

I confronted him about it.

“Hey, I’m sorry but,” he patronizingly told me, “she gets to choose what she wants, and I can't help if she chose me.”

Yeah, he was a cocky son of a bitch which, only convinced me that he needed to be taken down hard.

Now I might just be an average guy, but I happen to be really into science especially chemistry. I’d been working on a formula that would serve as a tranquilizer without any addictive properties. I will be honest, my aim was, if successful, to make money. After my confrontation with Grayson, I threw idea that out the window. I turned my efforts into figuring out some chemical formula that I could use on him to level the field.

Going out toe-to-toe with him was never an option. I mean the guy was taller than me, had a better build than me, was a gifted athlete and, in addition to being a gymnast, was a star of the school boxing team. Without any chemical assistance I was always going to come out the loser. So, I spent the next month trying to work out a chemical formula that would, basically fuck him up.

I first started out with the idea of just getting back at him for taking Cassandra. Soon, however, I realized I wanted more than to get her back. I found myself constantly watching him stride across the campus in the cool, commanding manner. Everyone deferred to him. Girls on campus giggled when he even took a few minutes to talk to them. I soon found my anger turning to envy. He was everything I’d want to be. Confident in my masculinity, hot looking, sure of himself. Slowly, to my shock, my thoughts about him took a new direction. As I worked on my formula, I visualized him cowering before me. Soon my images of him in submission took on a sexual aspect. One day, once more observing him, I fixated on how his butt was flexing in those tight pants he always wore. I then realized, I didn’t hate him; I was hot for him. I went from desiring to fuck him over and instead desired wanted to fuck him.

I now doubled my experiments with a new purpose in mind. I discovered the right formula. It was a psychotropic drug which released inhibitions, by screwing up the synapsis connections of the brain. Basically anyone under its influence couldn’t form a coherent thought, was totally pliable to suggestions, and completely lost any inhibitions especially sexual. I decided, considering my new erotic desires, to combine it with a strong sexual stimulant.

I contemplated the best way to deliver the dosage to my quarry. By coincidence one of my professors was a retired vet who occasionally helped out at the local zoo. Because of the danger of treating certain animals, he had a dart gun and ketamine tranquilizers. It was easy for me to gain access to his office, get the gun, as well as some of the tranquilizers. I quickly substituted my drug for the ketamine in his darts. My hunt was on.

Thanks to my continual observation of Dick’s habits, I knew that he liked to work out by himself late at night at the gym. He always took a short cut through a dark path that was surrounded by bushes. Once I was ready I hid behind a bush and waited. It was way past midnight when he finally strode by my hiding place. Before I taken my position, I’d placed a box on the path. As I hoped, my quarry stopped when he saw it and bent over to pick it up. Taking aim at that now totally exposed, round, firm rump, I pulled the trigger.

“What the…” he yelped as my shot it its target. He instantly raised his upper body upward and reached back to pull out the dart that was sticking out of his rear end. He had no sooner pulled out the dart from his ass when I walked into view.

“What the… did you just drug me” he angrily asked. Moving fast, he reached to his gym bag, unzipped it, and began reaching around in it. “Where is that counter acting drug,” he muttered with a hint of panic in his voice.

In a panic, I moved closer. A counter acting drug , I asked myself, why would he have such a drug with him? I put those thoughts aside. I needed to distract him before he secured, and worse, used whatever he was seeking. “Relax you will love it,” I softly assured him while moving still closer.

As intended my words and movements caused him to instantly assume a defensive posture. “Stay back,” he said with a hint of a slur in his reply.

Just a few more seconds , I told myself and it will fully hit him. I moved to the side causing him to turn to keep me in view. He managed to raise his fists then, the drugs began to take effect. “What did you do,” he whispered as his eyes took on a glassy look.

I watched as his eyes began to fully glaze over. By now his body was swaying in front of me.

“Got to fight it,” he wheezed. I casually walked up to him. He was barely able to stand. “Fight…fight,” he mumbled. Suddenly he sighed as my chemicals took hold of him. His arms dropped to his sides.

“I’ve wanted to do one thing so bad,” I uttered as he stood there before me. I leaned in and kissed him. His mouth resisted when I tried to thrust my tongue into his. Counting on the sexual stimulant in my drug doing its job, I reached down to gently rub his crotch. When he gasped, my tongue slipped past his lips.

“No,” he groaned. He tried to push me off, but it was a weak attempt. As I continued, I was soon rewarding by a rise in his crotch area. To my delight, he suddenly mumbled a moan and began kissing me back with equal passion. Shit he can kiss, I thought as we continued with even more aggression. I could have spent time enjoying his soft lips pressing against mine with our tongues working over each other. Yet, I had more planned with him and we needed to be gone before someone came. I reluctantly pulled off. He stared at me trying to focus with his lips slightly swollen from my aggressive actions. “What just happened,” he lightly asked while blinking as if attempting to clear his head. Before he could react any further, I took a capsule from my pocket, broke it open, and held it under his nose. “Take a nice whiff, Dick,” I softly told him.

Thanks to the disorientations from my drug, he did as suggested. Immediately, his eyes rolled up in their sockets. I quickly stood next to him and took a selfie of his drugged-out face and me flashing a thumbs up. “Okay time to go,” I said.

“Go…where?” He rasped. From the dazed look he gave me, my drug was doing its job so I knew he wouldn’t fight me.

“You passed out. I found you here,” I lied figuring his brain was too foggy to know any better. “We need to get you examined,” I told him with fake concern. It took me a few minutes, but I managed to get my drugged-fucked quarry to my car that I’d parked nearby. Wasting no time, I drove to place that I had rented and equipped for what I had in mind. I helped him out of the car.

“I feel funny…I think I’m drugged?” He groaned as we drove to my destination. As we rode, he suddenly reached down to rub his crotch. “I’m horny too,” he laughed. I noticed that the stimulant part of the drug was definitely doing its job. Dick was massaging a respectable tentpole in his pants. Once we arrived, we stumbled into my fake tricked-out medical set up. I quickly got him inside and up onto a doctor’s examine table that I’d acquired.

“What’s going on?” He woozily asked before breaking out into more laughter.

“Just relax stud. I’m a doctor and I’m simply going to examine you,” I replied as I began to unbutton his shirt. It was then I got my greatest shock. As I opened his shirt, I saw a familiar looking uniform hidden under it. It was one that I instantly recognized. “Son of a bitch, you’re fucking Robin.” My mind began reeling.

“The one and only,” he managed to say while still cupping his growing bulge. “Doctor I’ve been drugged,” he slurred. “I need to get off too,” he stated.

Yep, his inhibitions were on the “OFF” button alright.

At that point, I thought about taking him back to campus and just leaving him somewhere. I mean I had no issues with having some sexual fun with Dick Grayson, but capturing and fucking Robin brought things to a whole new level. I wasn’t sure if I was prepared to take that step until he decided it for me.

He tried to focus his eyes on me. “Hey I know you. You’re no doctor,” he slurred. “I don’t know what you did to me, but I will kick your ass for doing this to me,” he added.

“Still a smug asshole,” I replied. It suddenly hit me, I had actually taken down the famous Boy Wonder. I’d actually taken him captive. Here he was, sexiest crime fighter in the city laid out for my pleasure I recalled how I’d see Robin on TV boasting and showing off. In my opinion, the guy was a born exhibitionist. I mean his tight costume with those snug briefs showing off his ass to everyone simply screamed it.

Now here he was, drugged, sexually stimulated, and even better, his brain was completely at my mercy. I had done what many super villains dreamed of doing. I had captured him. More mind blowing I had made out with the Boy Wonder and, the fucker kissed me back too.

It also came to me that, I’d actually unmasked Robin revealing his secret identity. I felt powerful, aroused, and eager to take him! I looked at him lying, moaning threats, there rubbing his crotch, and totally pliable to do whatever I wanted. My original plan to simply fuck Dick Grayson then get on with life vanished. It was right then that I knew this walking wet dream was going to be my bitch and maybe a profitable one too. I quickly took a knife and started cutting off his pants and shirt.

“What are you doing,” he groaned. He tried to raise his arms to fight me off but, by now, he was too zapped to do much of anything. A few times I had to swat his hands away from either me or, considering the drug, rubbing his bulge. Within minutes he was lying there in just his “Robin” outfit. I’d taken his gym bag with us. I opened it and found his boots, belt, and mask. Moving swiftly I put on his boots, gloves, and mask. I examined his belt, saw the weapons and other items in it, and realized why he had been reaching into his gym bag. No doubt the counter acting drug he sought was in one of the belt’s small holders. This item needed to be far from his reach so, I set it aside. I stood back seeing the famed Boy Wonder in full costume now helpless. I also saw his cock was thrusting the front of his tight green briefs upward.

I took a video of him lying there rubbing his junk while moaning about how he needed to get his rocks off. I next grabbed and re-loaded my tranquilizer gun. I had no idea how long my drug’s effects might last and was taking no chances. Flipping him over, I took aim and fired another dart into that green uniform enclosed rear-end that women and a few men, me as well now, probably masturbated too.

“Ooohhh,” he whimpered as he got hit.

I put my gun away and flipped him back, so he was face up. His eyes were pinpricks, his crotch area was still tenting, and a small bit of drool ooze from his mouth. “I’m…so…turned on ,” he sighed. “I need to spray.”

“You will,” I assured him as I plotted my next moves.

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