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Aqualad vs. Eric
Part 2 - Now We Go To School
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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Now We Go To School


Eric swam over to the unconscious dark haired hunk who drifted there in the water lost in a dream world. Wasting no time the wily Manta teenager slipped a small needle gun from his back pocket. He deftly pulled down the front of Aqualad’s tight uniform freeing the young superhero’s cock and balls. “Sweet family package you got there, Aqualunkhead,” Eric hissed as he reached out to fondle Aqualad’s lightly furred ball sack. “Yeah quite a set of hefty low hangers.” Eric chuckled as he rolled his young opponent’s nuts in the sack that held them.

“Fucking yes,” the still out-cold Aqualad sighed in a manner that clearly showed his subconscious liking for this ball massage. Eric recalled hearing from various girls in school how much Aqualad enjoyed having his nuts played with by his sex partners. It seemed it was a major erogenous zone for the muscled superhero. Even now, completely knocked out, the buff light haired superhero’s cock stiffened from the pleasurable sensations. “Shit,” Aqualad gurgled as his eyes fluttered open. The powerful young hunk was obviously waking up.

Moving faster now Eric took Aqualad’s impressive eleven-inch dick into his hands. Lifting it up he put his needle gun directly into the soft skin where the under shaft of Aqualad’s manhood met his rosy round cock-head.  He clicked the gun sending a powerful sexual stimulant into the dark haired teenager’s his cock glans!

“Ugh,” Aqualad moaned as he felt the light pinprick of the needle. His body quivered. Eric rapidly slipped Aqualad’s junk back into his tight trunks just seconds before the blearily eyed nineteen-year-old came too. “What the fuck happened?” He gurgled as Eric moved back.

Eric watched with a smile as muscled teenager's mind grew more alert. Yet, even as the superhero’s mind returned to consciousness, Eric knew that the fluid he had injected would soon flood into the former’s brain’s erogenous zones. The stimulants would help Eric in his strategy to break then, enslave the proud dark haired teenaged warrior.

“Son-of-a-bitch,” Aqualad suddenly said as he shook his head. “You fucking cold-conked me.” He gazed at Eric with a mixture of shock but also a small ounce of respect. “You had to fight dirty to do it,” Aqualad rapidly added on seeking to recapture some of his old smugness. Still his mind knew that, for the first time, some had “put him down then, put him out.” He glared Eric trying to decide how to end this encounter in a ay that restored his dignity.

Eric floated a short distance away and stayed silent letting the drug do its work. Soon his patience was rewarded. Aqualad’s crotch swelled slightly. “I see getting knocked out turned you on a bit huh,” Eric casually muttered as Aqualad’s trunks pushed outward.

“You’re nuts,” the dark haired fighter snarled just seconds before he felt the erection in his tight. He glanced down at the clearly  tent-poling of his manhood. “No way!” he mumbled in horror as, just as Eric had stated, Aqualad’s junk was in full flower. He gazed over at Eric with hatred. “You did something.” He roared as he charged at Eric. “I swear your dead meat!”

“Well your meat seems lively,” Eric taunted knowing his words would drive Aqualad into an overexcited fury which only increased the drug flow throughout the dark haired hunk’s system.  Eric also knew that these comments would further arouse Aqualad and once more shake his timing in battle just enough to give Eric an advantage.

Aqualad swam forward at full speed only to pass by Eric when the later deftly moved aside at the very last moment. “I swear I’ll kick your manta ass,” Aqualad howled in pent up frustration as he pivoted to swim once more at Eric. He was in mid stride when it happened. As predicted the young nineteen-year old’s body suddenly quaked as a jolt of his drug juiced teenaged hormones flared upward into his brain. He paused in his charge for a second and blinked to clear his head. It was that second which allowed Eric to move forward to slip behind Aqualad and get the buff young superhero into a firm head lock.

“Got ya and I bet you like it. Me holding you like this. Your ass right in front of my crotch too.” Eric hooted as he held on and humped at Aqualad’s rump with his crotch. “Yeah I bet you love what I’m doing.” Eric chuckled as an infuriated Aqualad struggled to break the hold. “Go on baby,” Eric cooed maliciously, “Its clear you want me in your ass. I mean look at your cock. It’s fully up.” Eric knew the drugs were doing this but he also understood that Aqualad did not have that knowledge

 “You sick asshole,” Aqualad retorted. Still Eric’s words caused him to glance downward to see his basket. He was erect! Could Eric be right? Did he, the symbol of teenaged superhero manliness want to get butt plugged by this smaller manta?  He continued his attempt to break the hold while mentally fighting to get his, now fully engorged cock, to deflate. His legs and arms flailed about as he fought to escape. Eric however had no such distractions. His one aim was to humiliate Aqualad by beating him once more in a manner that would rattle his arrogant self-confidence. Eric had also determined to accomplish it in a manner that would cause Aqualad to question his own self-masculine image. “I will get free,” Aqualad yelped as he fought a two front battle. Instead on focusing on using his superior strength to break the hold he was still trying to focus his ill on having his cock get flaccid.

It was a lost cause. Eric’s rear end humps continued to push Aqualad’s hips forward. As the latter’s muscled body thrust outward his sea green trunks rubbed along the sensitive under-shaft of his throbbing erection. For Aqualad the overall effect was as if his cock was getting sensually massaged. To his shock and mortification this activity was sexually stimulating the dark haired youth into an erotic state of bliss. The harder Eric humped Aqualad’s ass, the more pleasure the latter's erect cock got as it was masturbated by the green uniform’s material. “Let……cock…let…go…aw…dude,” the now over stimulated teenaged superhero wailed as he was literally being humped into an orgasm. His struggles lost all direction now. “Aw gees…aw gees,” Aqualad whined as his breathing increased.

“Oh yeah you are getting closer bitch.” Eric hooted with derision as he cinched his grip and furiously humped at Aqualad’s rear end.  “I’m pounding your tight hard round ass Aqualad.” He felt his buff opponent further ease up in his struggles. Eric took a gamble to let one hand drop down to reach between his opponent splayed legs. He devilishly began to sensually caress the dark haired teenager’s nuts.

“AW FUCK!!!” Aqualad bellowed as he quivered from the sensual jolt this gave him. By now if he had only used his hands to grab up at Eric’s one-handed neck hold he might have easily broken it off. But his mind was fully engaged in a new battle. By now Aqualad was useless squirming desperation not to break free but solely intent on not popping his spunk in front of Eric. “I give…you win,” he frantically babbled as he tried to end this encounter.

Eric, who knew exactly what was happening just dry-humped faster. “Go on you jerk. Pop a load right into your superhero tights. Cream for me in your pants, Aqauboi. Go on, I want to see you squirt!”

Aqualad madly waved his arms about. “Don’t make…me…do…dude…oh…Poseidon…my nuts,” he yelped. “I…awww…my nuts….my fucking cock,” Aqualad said in a cracking voice that sounded much higher than his normal deeply masculine vocal tones. It was as if Eric had reduced him back to some pre-pubescent time once more.

“I said squirt you pussy,” Eric snarled as he butt-humped Aqualad from behind.

It was all too much for Aqualad to fully process. First he had his first true ass kicking. Then he had tasted what it was like to have experienced his own trademark “kill-shot”. Now his cock was screaming to blow its spunk right into his own green superhero’s uniform. Worse he was about to shoot his juices right in front of another guy who was not only younger and smaller built but was also a freaking Manta to boot! The smooth tight spandex relentless masturbation of Aqualad’s dick was all too much to contain. Soon the older teenager lost it. “OH FUCK I’m POPING MY NUTS!” He screamed as he felt his hot cream flood into his tights. His mind spun. He had first been physically beaten by the smaller younger manta and now he had cum in his superhero tights like some pathetic bitch. “I fucking jissed in my own uniform,” he moaned in mortification. Eric squeezed Aqualad’s nuts sending another bolt of arousal coursing the beaten superhero’s body. “FUCK!” Aqualad grunted as another powerful streaming blast of aqua cream blew out from him. By now the exertions fried his brain.  He looked down at his crotch and shuddered at the sight of the large wet spot he saw there. “I fucking shot into my uniform,” he sobbed in disgrace. The uniform, which to him symbolized all he was as a confident manly superhero hero, had been defiled by his own weaknesses. Unexpectedly he felt Eric shift his headlock then tighten his grip into a sleeper. Aqualad was too mind screwed to fight it off as once more he experienced the knowledge that he was going to be knocked out again for only the second time in his life. “Nooottt…agggginn,” he wheezed. “Don’t,” he pleaded.

“Say goodnight,” Eric laughed as Aqualad ineffectively wiggled in the grip.

Everything grew hazy for the young superhero. His powerful arms flailed about then slowly eased downward to his sides. He was going out.

“Say goodnight,” Eric whispered to his foe.

The last conscious thought that Aqualad had was the knowledge that he was being ‘put down then out for the second time that day’.

“Say it,” Eric urged as he tightened to close off the last remnants of oxygen to Aqualad.

“Goodnight?” the teenaged hero mumbled in his confusion as he slipped into unconsciousness. His brain processed how he had now twice said those words that had always symbolized to him both his own superiority and the ultimate humiliation to inflict on his opponents. “You…fucking…made…me…say…goodnigggg…” he sighed as darkness took over his mind.

Eric released his sleeper hold on his beaten foe. Slinging the cold-conked teenaged superhero over his shoulder he swam off with his prize to continue his scheme. He took the young hunk to his private lair. Draping the out-cold Aqualad over a nearby rock he methodically stripped the uniform off the dark haired hero.  He expertly bound Aqualad’s hands behind his back then strapped the prone muscled superhero’s waist onto the rock it was lying upon. Eric spread Aqualad’s powerfully tapered legs apart to expose the rosy pink chute of his anal entryway.

“Where am I?” Aqualad mumbled as consciousness returned to him. “Why am I tied up,” he quizzed as he blinked his eyes and glanced over his shoulder to see a smirking Eric. Fear replaced the usually confident look in his orbs. “Look…Eric,” he sputtered failing in his attempt to display an air of superiority he no longer possessed.  “You kick my ass okay. I respect that …ah...buddy…so why don’t we just...get out of here. Look I swear I’ll treat you great at school.” He chuckled nervously. “You’ve a good story to tell. How you put me out twice and…I mean okay you did it. Maybe though we don’t have to tell about…you know,” he gulped trying to mouth the words. “You know…how ...I…ah…shot and all?” He said in a strained tone of voice. Getting no answer he struggled in his bindings. The muscles of Aqualad’s chiseled body strained and jerked as he tried to get free. “Listen,” he now babbled as true panic set in. “Okay you kicked my ass man! You fucking made me say goodnight okay,” he continued to rant in terror. “Look I’ll be your buddy at school. I’ll hook you up big time. Shit any girl you want. Just cut me loose and please don’t say anything about…”

“How you creamed as your ass got humped?” Eric snarled enjoying the flush of humiliation that came to Aqualad’ face. “How you got so fucking off on me humping your Aqua-ass you blew right into your “ oh-look-at-me-in-my-manly-superhero-uniform” , you pussy.”

As Aqualad cringed at hearing these words, Eric reached over to a nearby table and took hold of his own version of the Manta’s “wand of dominance”. He winked at the now utterly distraught young hero. “Yes, I kicked your ass but I promised more for that ass. Now we begin,” he hissed as he positioned his wand between the spread round dimpled butt-cheeks of a screaming Aqualad.

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