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Aqualad vs. Eric
Part 1 - It unfolds
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

To Metalbond, a truly sexy guy who inspired the storyline and to our fans who inspire us to continue to create. To Telemachus who gives this space to others so generously.

Black Manta and Aquaman are the property of DC Comics. No infringement of copyright is intented.


It Unfolds:

Aqualad stood over the prone form of the younger Black Manta student named Eric. “Well get up!” The former yelled. The six foot one hundred and eighty pound muscled toned nineteen year old glared at his eighteen-year-old opponent with defiance and arrogance. His green-blue eyes gazed with distain the darker toned slightly leaner built five four nine-inch teenagers who lay at his feet.

“I don’t care what Aquaman did in front of everyone.” He snarled as he pressed his fist together causing the cords on his round hard biceps to flex. “I’m still the top dog in this kennel you pathetic wimp. Never forget it! You got it Eric.”

“Well,” the shaken young black manta replied. “Everyone saw it. Now you gotta wonder about you...” He stared up at Aqualad with a mixture of hatred and sexual lust at the black haired young superhero that stood over him. For years Aqualad had been the BMOC in the schools. Tall with striking looks he arrogantly lorded it over everyone especially reveling in his role as the sidekick of Aquaman. Yet Aqualad possessed a certain powerful charisma that drew people toward him. Everyone hated his smug superiority yet many in school craved to be by him. Girls especially fell victim to his stunning features, hot body and, his coolly aloof sense of entitlement. He ruthlessly used that charm, cruelly screwing any girl he wanted even if they had boyfriends. He particularly he liked “doing them” in front of their cowed boyfriends who were powerless to object. Unconsciously quite a few of these normally straight guys found seeing this highly erotic. Many watched while visualizing a revenge sex scenario where they “did him “ as payback! Aqualad was unconcerned but all this. To his way of thinking he was the top teenager in this place. Now that position was being challenged. The Black Manta had recently defeated Aquaman. Worse, he had been sexually mounted by his former foe. Even more shocking everyone had witnessed this act and heard Aquaman excitedly groan out his sexual submission during it all. Now Aquaman, the once mighty superhero lord of the realm, was the sex-crazed slut who eagerly serviced the new lord, Black Manta. Aqualad had been enraged at these events but still held sway in the school as the top alpha dog. Eric had publically challenged the dark haired buff teenager to a fight. Aqualad laughed at the thought of this younger scrawnier kid trying to take him on but still, a challenge was a challenge. “I’m going to kick your ass manta boy,’ he had confidently sneered. Today, as agreed, they had met in a quiet out-of-the-way place. Eric had chosen the location in order to privately accomplish his aims. He had also chosen the time. A weekend where there was three days till classes resumed. Secretly others in school heard about the future encounter and many had hoped Eric would take out Aqualad and dethrone him. Everyone doubted that would be the case.

 Aqualad had smugly consented to Eric’s suggestions about everything. The privacy was, he thought, because Eric did not want to have others witness his humiliating beat down. “You’ll need three days to get over what’s going to happen,” Aqualad had growled with derision.

Oh I think its you who will need the time to ‘get over’ what I’ve planned ,” Eric had thought. Now the fight had begun. Eric however had a game plan. He had been trash talking on the superhero from the second they got to this place. He could see how it rattled the buff young teenager. Eric wanted to tip the scale in his favor. Going toe to toe would be foolish. Eric planned on getting Aqualad so mad he would grow careless with his attacks.  “I bet you and Aquaman really…you know right,” Eric hooted as a red faced Aqualad charged at him.

 Eric danced away from any contact totally frustrating Aqualad who usually just “mixed it up” with his opponents in immediate physical contact. Finally convinced he had Aqualad ready to make his mistake. Eric got in close enough so the buff older teenager could connect with a blow at him. Eric went backward with the strike not really hut but wanting his foe to think he was. To Aqualad it looked as if he had given Eric a devastating shot. “Maybe you are a closet cock lover?” Eric coughed. He pretended to be woozy as he looked up at his foe.

“I’m not him you got it punk,” Aqualad growled as he reached down to pull the young manta to his feet. “So how easy kicking your ass is manta-boy!” He laughed. He was so enraged by the prior taunts he wasn’t really paying attention now. He moved his long tapered legs apart to give him the balance he needed to haul up the prone dark youth. Eric looked out of it and Aqualad smiled to himself. “Too fucking easy,’ he muttered to the younger boy he held dangling in front of him. He drew his right arm back to give Eric a finishing blow. “Nite-Nite time boy!” Aqualad hooted. “I like cold conking other dudes. Put em down then put em out right manta punk! Say goodnight boy!”

Eric smirked. His taunts had done just what they were meant to do: he infuriated the muscled teenager so much he had gotten careless. Eric let himself be dragged up. He saw Aqualad’s vulnerable stance and moved to act. Quickly he brought up his right forearm up from his side to ram it upward between the splayed thighs of the buff superhero.

The force of the blow literally lifted Aqualad slightly upward. “MUTHE FUCK!” Aqualad wailed as the direct hit up into his crotch sent a dizzying cascade of pain rocketing into his head.  His eyes rolled back in their sockets for a second. “My nuts,” Aqualad huffed in pain as he reached down and bent over to cover his balls. “I’m going to beat your ass today,” he wheezed as he glazed down at his throbbing pouch.

“Well today I fuck yours,” Eric laughed.

“Fuck my what!” a bleary-eyed Aqualad grunted trying to clear his brain from the nut-pain. As Aqualad looked up Eric hit the doubled over studly teenager with a right uppercut that snapped Aqualad’s head backward.

“Mutha…fuccc,” Aqualad groaned as his arms dropped limply to his sides. With glee Eric saw Aqualad’s eyes again roll back up into the sockets of his eyes.  An out-of-it Aqualad floated in the water swaying before Eric. The younger fighter gave Aqualad a few lighter face slaps which seemed to bring the former arrogant young stud back from LALA land. I’m going too…I’m...I’m...shit,” Aqualad grunted staring through dazed eyes at the younger teenager. This was not in his game plan. Aqualad had confidently assumed he would beat this punk. Now his brain was reeling from the two shots Eric had delivered.  He tried to focus. “You can’t beat me,” he muttered. “I’ll kick you ass for this,” he groaned as his senses began to return. Unfortunately Eric was at full sensory capacity.

“I think I’ll kick yours first then, bend it over so I can fuck it until you cum for me. Yeah a nice hard fuck!” Eric chuckled as he gave Aqualad a hard punch to Aqualad’s midsection.

“Ooofff,” the brawny young superhero uttered as the oxygen was driven from his lungs. Aqualad couldn’t comprehend what was going on. He had been in charge from the time this fight began now, he was getting his butt kicked big time. Things like this never happened to him. Instead of trying to clear his mind or even move off he floated in the water trying to make sense of events. Eric grinned and moved in for a series of gut hits.

“Ooof. Ooof. Ooof,” Aqualad bellowed as each hit into his hard muscled abdominals drove more air from him. His powerful body soon went limp. By now his stance was totally open for the “kill shot”.

Eric used a hand to gently lift Aqualad’s head upward.

“What…the…fuck,” Aqualad wheezed through heavy lidded eyes. “This…not...happening,” he weakly protested.

“Say goodnight,” Eric softly said as he paused in his body shots to the now vulnerable young superhero. “Go on say it Aqualad,” he hissed in triumph. Eric had heard the “say goodnight” ritual was a signature closer with Aqualad. In fact the buff superhero openly boasted of his pleasure in ending all his encounters with that “kill-shot”. For some reason Aqualad had imbued that finale with some sort of reaffirmation of his manhood and total superiority. No matter who he fought or whether he foe yielded, something in Aqualad psyche demanded he make them literally as to be cold-conk by him.

“Huh…good night?” A dazed Aqualad asked in an unsteady voice. His brain reeled. This was all wrong. He always asked that. Could Eric really be on the verge of doing what no one had ever done to him? “Me…say…goodnight,” he dully repeated

“That’s the magic word,” Eric replied. Eric hauled off and landed a direct jaw-shot the sent the teenager sprawling back in the water.

“Ffffuuuccckkk,” the older teenager groaned as Eric rendered Aqualad out cold!

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