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Aqualad vs. Eric
Part 3 - The Teenaged Superhero Smack-down
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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The Teenaged Superhero Smack-down

“No fucking way dude!” Aqualad screeched as he took in the meaning of Eric’s words. He immediately yanked at his binding. With flaying legs he tried to push Eric away. “You are not shoving that up my ass you sick freak!” he angrily threatened.

Eric sighed and merely greased up his wand. The instrument was tapered to a rounded edge at one end while the other had a large orb on it. Eric’s people had devised the wand years ago. Its sole purpose was to emit pulsating ringed waves of sensual pleasure into any creature in which it was inserted into. True, is also short-circuited the resistance of the creature it probed. Still, inducing mind numbing sexual orgasms was its main function. “Now lets be fair,” Eric mockingly said. “You’ve probed quit a few female butts. Turnabout is only fair.” Eric laughed as he gently ran the palm of his hand along the crack of those fully rounded hard globes that comprised Aqualad’s sexy rump. He gazed with lust at the bound teenagers’ broadly muscular back and shoulders admiring how they tapered waist downward into his narrow waist. “When I get done you will not only experience how they felt but, I swear, you will be begging me for more of it!”

“No one fucks my ass and especially not some manta scum.“ Aqualad roared as his strong body strained at its bindings.  To Eric’s shock some of the ties seemed to be giving way. A diversion from his efforts was needed or else Aqualad would break free!

Quickly Eric raised the palm of his hand and brought it sharply downward to slap the vigorously squirming Aqualad’s exposed rump. The loud sound of the contact echoed in the room.


“Son-of-a-bitch!” Aqualad yelped as his rear end felt the sting of the assault.

To Eric’s relief he saw that the blow had temporarily halted the bound teenaged superhero’s efforts to free himself. Eric grinned. No one had ever realized the true key to taking down this superhero. Never having experienced any real competition Aqualad had grown mentally overconfident and thus rather sloppy in his mind. Instead of putting aside the immediate to plot out his battle he always focused on the immediate. He stupidly should have ignored the harmless spanking and continued his efforts to break free. Now Eric felt even more certain of victory! With a sly nod he brought another hand down onto Aqualad’s rear end.


“AWW!!” Aqualad yelled as his body quaked from the hit. “CUT IT OUT!” He screamed as his long legs flapped up and down useless on either of Eric’s sides. By now the buff superhero had, as Eric anticipated, halted any activities geared toward breaking free.

Eric was delighted. In fact he was enjoying this. With a chuckle of triumph, he decided on giving the captive and once smug macho nineteen year old the very thing he needed.


“AW,” Aqualad swore. “Dude when I…”


“FUCK! Gees. I will so…” Aqualad grunted in pain.


“Son-of-a-bitch! ass…”the bound superhero cried out.


Oh dude…”Aqualad moaned in defeat.


“Stop it…”the captive begged.

“Will you behave?” Eric queried as he struck another series of blows.


“Please I’ll stop misbehaving Eric.” Aqualad finally said in a tone that showed the fight had gone out of him.

Eric figured he’d drive it home.


“Please Eric…please,” Aqualad whined pathetically. His luscious round rump orbs were now a bright crimson. He lay over the rock bawling like a young kid. “I give...I...I…give… Eric!” he sniffed.

“Be respectful now when you address me.” Eric hooted with derision as he delivered another hard blow to Aqualad’s flame colored rear.


“OH SWEET WATERS OF ATLANTIS!” Aqualad bellowed. “Yes sir. I’ll be respectful.”

“Say you will be a good boy now!” Eric teasingly said.

“I’ll be a good boy SIR!” Aqualad sharply replied in a way that showed he was truly eager to please his captor. His old self-confidence had been fully cracked open. It was now time to shatter it!

Eric took out his needle gun and shot another powerful sex stimulant into each of Aqualad sore cheeks. The pain they felt covered up the slight pinprick sensation from the gun’s dart. For good measure Eric shot a bolt directly into the soft skin area where Aqualad’s impressive low hangers met his ass crack. As Aqualad sobbed Eric counted the seconds until the drugs took effect.

“Man you beat my ass," Aqualad moaned in sheer mortification. No one ever…spanked me…before,” he sobbed in defeat. Suddenly his body tingled. Then his nuts churned. “Fuck,” he wheezed in shock at the sexual thrills that were now coursing through him. “Fuck I’m getting turned on,” he groaned as his cock filed up.

“Yeah you probably always needed a strong man to punk your ass Aquaboi," Eric rasped as he swatted the dark haired Aqualad’s sore rump a few more times reveling in the bound stud’s cries and seeing Aqualad’s cock was still rock hard. “You boned the second I hit your boi-butt,” Eric lied figuring Aqualad was probably so distracted during his spanking he never would have noticed precisely when he sprouted wood.

“I’m fucking hard,” a confused Aqualad gasped as the blows landed. “I’m getting spanked by another dude and I’m hard!”

Eric reached for his wand. There would be less resistance now. If the young teenaged superhero had only focused on breaking free he might have overpowered Eric. That failure however was Eric’s luck. Eric re-secured the bindings and added more. Now he was ready to use another nail to fully dominate the school’s once arrogant stud and dominator!

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