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Joe Palooka and the Nazis
Part 3 - Round 3
By Catglee

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Round Three

Just the size of Joe Palooka presets a challenge to the Nazis. He is not easily subdued. The sergeant walks over to the seated champ. He cannot help but give the pink pointy nipples a squeeze and a pluck or two. Palooka doesn’t blink an eye. He looks menacingly around at his captors in silent defiance. If they think that he will submissively submit to a soapy enema, they have another thing coming, thinks the champ. He will fight them with all the strength he has.

The German sergeant gets the same impression. He cannot help but taunt Joe. “Now let us see just how full of shit the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion is.”

“Screw you, you filthy rotten Nazi!” the champ fires back.

The squad leader derisively laughs and orders the untying of Palooka from the chair, briefs removed. He is forced to stand over by the suspended Billy Baxter.


From behind Joe, a guard puts a choke hold on him until, although struggling fiercely, he drops to the floor, slightly unconscious.

He is forced onto his back. His hands are tied to his ankles and his legs are raised over his head, exposing his tight pucker hole. While in that position, Dr, Helmut Himmel enters the room with a menacing red rubber enema bag in hand.


The General gives him the honor of administering the first warm soapy enema. The doctor revels in the priviledge of humiliating TheWorld’s Heavyweirht Boxing Champion’s without having to enter thr Squared Circlw with him..

Joe Palooka and Billy Baxter are kept in the dark as to the reason for all the enemas. Dr. Himmel has developed a formula to sexually affect a man. His libido is enhanced, his cock stays erect for a long time and he is able to shoot load after load of cum without going dry.

It is to be injected into both boxers at the proper time.

He greases up the nozzle and forcefully shoves it between the upraised muscular legs.

Joe tries to expel the intrusive device, but it is forcefully kept in place while the enema bag is filled with the soapy fluid. The clamp is released, the fluid gurgles into the gut, and Joe is forced to relive this dark torment from his youth.

When the bag is emptied of its warm contents, the Champ is held down for five minutes or more to increase his discomfort. Finally the hose is popped out and he is allowed to evacuate his bowels.

With each dose Joe gets more and more passive, as if his defiance is being flushed out of him along with the soapy fluid.


Billy Baxter looks on helplessly as he swings and dangles from the ceiling. He know the humiliation Joe is being put through, but nonetheless it is difficult and painful to watch the champ suffers so.

Finally after the fifth enema has been administered. The champ’s ordeal is ended.


He too is strung up from the ceiling along side Billy.

The naked pair of Americans hang there like sides of beef, slightly swaying to and fro, heads down and tired out from their enema ordeal. They are soaking wet with sweat that drips down off their chins onto their damp muscular chests. It trickles down their bellies into the lush pubic hair, all tangled from the dampness.


They look up when they hear the rattle of buckets and the gushing of water.


To Be Continued…………...

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