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Joe Palooka and the Nazis
Part 2 - Round 2
By Catglee

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Round Two

Moving down the long corridor, Joe and Billy come to the door of a room that is filled with men conversing with each other. The duo put their ears to the wooden door to find out if they can hear what is being said.

“Ja, Heinrich, it won’t be but a few more hours. All the preparations have been made, we just have to wait,” one voice says.

“Das ist gut, Ludwig, I am getting bored out here in the jungle on this rotten little island. I miss Berlin before the war. We had so much to occupy us,” answers another voice.

“So true Heinrich, I miss the interrogations as well. They really got your blood flowing, didn’t they? Ach, all those virile young men we dealt with. Having our way with their muscular bodies almost brings tears to my eyes!”

Before Joe Palooka and Billy Baxter could overhear more of this conversation, they are poked in the back with loaded rifles carried by the squad that followed them through the jungle. “Put your hands up, filthy Americans!”

Slowly the pair raise their arms into the air.

Quickly they are disarmed, cuffed and pushed into the brightly lit room. “Here are your spies, General. Delivered safe and sound just like you ordered,” barks the squad leader.


“Ser gut, sergeant, danka bitte,” replies General Ludwig Hoffman. “Remove their clothing and search them thoroughly.”

Rough hands hold Billy Baxter’s muscled arms helplessly at his sides while the sergeant rips open his sweat-stained T-shirt. He has little time to scope out the room and its occupants before he is pushed against a pole.


His heavy size ten black boots are unlaced and pulled off his feet. Next come his damp olive green socks. The foot coverings are inspected for any hidden items.

While he is still being held against the post, his woven cloth belt is pulled out of the trouser loops and flung on a table. He struggles as intrusive hands unbutton the front of his camouflage cargo pants and slide then down his body. As the contents of his pockets are emptied, they turn Billy around and twist his muscular arms behind his back. He defiantly glares at everyone in the room. Joe Palooka slightly nods at him in support.

They turn to the Champ. It is not long before he too is stripped down to his exposed cock and made to face the general.


Holding his arms out in a mocking gesture, the general begins by saying: “Wilcomen to our humble abode, my American friends. We have been expecting you. Ach, don’t look so surprised, we knew about your plans from the very beginning.

“The light out back was deliberately turned off to lure you into my web. And here you both are, all safe and sound, and none the worst from the weary trek through the jungle.

“Allow me the rudeness of skipping the preliminary questions. I know who you are: the famous World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Joe Palooka and his faithful friend and sparring partner, Billy Baxter. I had always wanted to meet you after you defeated the German Heavyweight Boxer Max Schneiderman. Who would have guessed that our meeting would be under these circumstances?”

“Cut the baloney Kraut and tell us what you plan to do with us,” spits back the restrained boxer.

“All in due time, my friend, all in due time. Gott im Himmel, where are my manners? Sergeant see to it that our guests are cleaned up and cleaned out. We have a long fun-filled busy time ahead of us. Instead of our entertaining this long awaited company, they shall entertain us!

“Take them to the showers!” Joe Palooka and Billy Baxter look at each other with alarm. “No, no, my friends, not the kind of showers at Buchenwald, but a real soap and water shower. And sergeant, make sure that no harm comes to them. I don’t want to even see a cut or a bruise anywhere on them. Understood?”

“Ja, ja, mein herr!” barks back the squad leader.

Struggling all the way, the underpants clad couple are pushed and pulled into a large white porcelain tiled shower room. To the left are open commodes and to the right are three shower nozzles high up on the wall. A red rubber enema bag hangs menacingly from the ceiling. Near the door are black water hoses snaked on the floor.

Joe Palooka is plopped down on a wooden chair near the door. Ropes are wrapped around wrists and his arms are tied to the sides of the chair. Two guards stand behind him to see to it that he remains seated and cooperative. He struggles to get free but it is a vain attempt. He must sit and watch while Billy is abused by the perverted Nazis.


“Let me go, you lousy Kraut!” Billy orders in defiance.

“Nein, nein meine fremder, I have my orders. I must see to the amenities of hospitality. First lets get you out of those smelly underpants.”

As he struggles to get loose, the muscles on his arms knot up dramatically. The firm pectorals tighten, popping his pink conical nipples out further from his smooth chest.

Impudently the sergeant runs his right hand over the sweat covered torso. He pauses at each scarlet pointy nipple and gives them a playful pinch and a twist or two. Moving down the taut abs, he gives the firm belly a few friendly pats and further down, he rudely squeezes the man’s substantial crotch basket. Billy Baxter’s sweat soaked briefs are lowered in one quick yank.


A lush bush of dark pubic hair embellishes a thick flaccid uncut cock and a heavy pair of pendulous testicles. The guards look at one another and lick their lips.

Joe Palooka watches the stripping and humiliation of his friend with regret. Unwilling to draw the ire of his captors, he says nothing.

One of the guards pulls down the large red rubber enema bag with a long hose at whose tip is an over-sized white flexible nozzle. He fills the bag with warm soapy water and hooks it up on a chain.

With menace he waves the nozzle in the face of the defiant captive. He greases the tip of the enema bag with Vaseline and moves around to the bare butt. For some reason, Billy begins to get an erection.



Joe can see the tight sphincter winking at him from across the room. He winces his face up in a grimace in dread as to what is taking place. They are going to give his buddy a warm soapy enema as if he is a constipated naughty child. How humiliating!

With no finesse and little gentleness the sergeant shoves the lubricated nozzle deep into Billy Baxter’s tight ass. Joe’s companion grunts as the knob violates his tight sphincter. The squad leader reaches up with one hand to release the soapy water, while he holds the hose firmly inside the violated butt.

The water gurgles as it gushes to fill the large intestine with gallons of fluid. Even when the bag empties, he keeps the nozzle in place so that Billy cannot expel the liquid.


Baxter fights against the cramping as best he can. Finally to his humiliation he begs to void the soapy water, first in a soft voice and then in a pleading demand. The soldiers laugh in derision and mockery.

The sergeant waves him over to the nearest commode. Billy has all he can do not to dump on the floor on the way over there. Once seated on the toilet, he loudly lets fly a gush of water splashing into the bowl.

More laughter and derision cone from the squad of Nazis. When he is finally finished, they stand him up and without wiping his ass, push him down on his knees again for yet another cruel enema.

While Joe Palooka is forced to watch his friend being humiliated, he has flashbacks to his time as a young kid in the orphanage. From the time he was put into Putnam County Home for Orphans at the age of eleven until he left at eighteen, every week all the boys were given enemas. The staff couldn’t monitor each kid individually as to their health and sanitary habits, so the easiest thing was to give everyone a weekly enema.

How Joe hated that! The embarrassment of being lined up with five other boys in the washroom, forced to drop their trousers and underpants, bent over the washbasin and suffer the discomfort of that intrusive nozzle shoved up their butts. Then when the fluid quickly filled him up, the pressure and the cramps, the quick rush to the commode to dispel the liquid, the noise and the smell, all of which was an unpleasant and humiliating experience each and every time.

The other boys used to make fun of him because his face turned red with embarrassment every single time. They did stop ridiculing him when he grew taller and learned how to box.

Not that the staff was intentionally cruel to the orphans, quite the contrary. This was just part of the weekly regimen. So when Joe left the Home, he vowed that he would never ever get an enema again.

All in all, Billy Baxter is subjected to three uncomfortable sessions with the enema bag.


After the last batch of fluid has been evacuated, they quick-step him to the center of the shower room, He is linked up to a chain hanging down from the ceiling and hoisted up off his bare feet. He is left there to dangle and swing while the squad turns their attentions to Joe Palooka.

To Be Continued……………..

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