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Joe Palooka and the Nazis
Part 4 - Round 4
By Catglee

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Round Four

Long handled stiff bristled brushes are soaped up and the Americans are hard scrubbed all over.


Special attention is paid to sensitive nipples and dangling cocks.

Their pendulous balls are brutally brushed and swatted with the stiff bristles.


Even their firm bubble butt cheeks are spread to allow access to their sore sphincters. The frothy soap suds slide down their firm bodies.


The Nazi Squad is relentless with the soapy stiff-bristled brushes.


The boxers are suddenly lowered to the ground and flung on the floor while their ankles are strapped together, hooked up to a chain and raised to the ceiling upside down.


The sergeant and another soldier walk over to the black hoses snaked on the ground. They are picked up by the nozzle and are carried over to the naked suspended men.


When the first blast of cold water hits their sweaty bodies, they yelp in surprise. They are thoroughly drenched from head to toe, from front to back with an up and down and back and front motion of the rubber hose. As the stream strikes their heavy balls, they yip and yell even louder, much to the amusement of the on-looking Nazis.


Once they are thoroughly drenched from top to bottom, the nozzle is tightened and the hose is dropped to the floor. The excess water pours off their naked flesh and gurgles merrily into the floor drain. They hang there dripping wet, cold from the water and scarlet from the rough scrubbing.


The Germans stand back to admire their work and the magnificent muscled men hanging naked and dripping dry.


“It is a shame to return them to the general without having a taste of them, isn’t it, comrades?” asks the squad leader.

“Ja, ja, das ist so,” responds the squad enthusiastically. So they lower the boxers to the floor and prop them on their backs.

Palooka’s flaccid cock is impudently lifted and sucked into a warm welcome mouth. Another soldier nibbles at his meaty nipples like a hungry baby at nursing time.

Billy gets the same treatment. In spite of their efforts not to respond or surrender to these sexual assaults, both muscled men are soon fully erect and hard throbbing.


Each member of the squad gets a chance to work on the nipples and cock on both naked boxers. Unwilling to incite the displeasure of the general, they don’t allow the muscled athletes to shoot their loads; they just keep them stiff and frustrated until everyone has a chance to taste and chew on the boxers’ meaty flesh.

Their legs are hoisted to the ceiling so that their smooth butt cheeks can be forcibly spread. The squad laps and licks the bruised tight sphincters like dogs licking a bone. Joe and Billy still are almost cock hard from the sexual pleasure.


Finally, after every Nazis has had his turn on the suspended beef, they are lowered from the ceiling until the champ and his sparring partner can stand on their own two feet again.

Black cotton tank tops are slipped over their heads, black briefs are slipped up their muscled legs and then they are cuffed behind their backs. Whether it is on purpose or not, the underwear is several sizes too small so that their six-pack abs are exposed and their muscular chests stretch the cloth thin. Hard nipples poke out like big buttons. Their big bulging crotches and melon-round butt cheeks are squeezed tightly inside the clinging cotton fabric.

“Well done men, now our guests are squeaky clean and ready to frolic,” volunteers the sergeant, much to the amusement of his men, “Und jetz we bring them to General Hoffman’s Playroom for the rest of the evening’s activities.”


To Be Continued…………...

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