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Joe Palooka and the Nazis
Part 1 - Round 1
By Catglee

Joe Palooka and the Nazis

by Catglee

Round One

When I was younger I used to collect old comic books. I was especially fond of the ones from World War Two. Every comic book hero and superhero took part in the war effort to defeat the Nazis and the Japs. They were sent behind enemy lines to sabotage the efforts of those fighting against the United States world-wide. One of my favorites was an issue of Joe Palooka, World Heavyweight Boxing Champion created by Ham Fischer.


In order to serve the war effort, Joe puts his boxing career on hold and joins the United States Army. Unlike the superheroes, this is a regular guy, like the rest of us, who is subject to danger and only has his wits and boxing skill to overcome the day. He is accompanied on his missions by Bill y Baxter, his sparring partner.

This particular issue takes place soon after the war is won and the Axis enemy has been defeated. For a long time afterwards there was uncertainty about the fate of Adolf Hitler. Although the Soviets claimed to have found his body and those of the others in the bunker in Berlin, rumors spread abroad about sightings of the German Chancellor.

One such suspicious location was focused on the South Sea island of Tora Bora where a nest of Nazis was known to be operating from a large plantation in the interior of the island.

Joe and Billy were sent out to investigate. If they found anything to substantiate the rumor, they were to radio headquarters and they would be airlifted to safety.


In the issue in hand, they are captured by the Nazis, interrogated and strung up shirtless and soundly whipped. Just in the nick of time they are rescued by the local tribe and the Germans are neutralized. It is learned that Adolf Hitler is on a U-Boat headed for the island. Navy sea planes sink the submarine and Der Fuhrer is killed.

This is how the story board went in the old comic book. However I would like to enhance the story to make it more appealing to a present-day gay audience. Live models will be used to illustrate the action.

Joe Palooka is a stunning example of a twenty-five year old athlete. He is blond stands well over six feet tall and rippled with hard muscles. The broad body is smooth except for a slight treasure trail of hair below his recessed navel. His nipples are conical and poke out perky and proud. The rest of his assets I must leave to the imagination for the time being until he is stripped naked by the Nazis. Trust me, it is worth the suspenseful waiting.


Billy Baxter is of another body type. He is a twenty-two brunette, stands at just five foot eight inches tall and ripples with tightly cut muscles although not as massive as his buddy. His muscular chest is hairless. His nipples are as red as his lips, denoting great sensitivity. His other attributes will be exposed when he is roughly stripped naked in front of the leering Nazis.


The enhanced story opens up when Joe and Billy meet with the friendly Paulao Tribe. The pair is dressed in camouflage gear and armed with rifles.

The warriors escort them to the Chief of the village.


He tells them all he knows about the Germans. “The Nazis get here two months back,” volunteers the chief. “Dark dressed guards keep everyone away. The good way to get in is from the north, through the thick bamboo grove after moon go down.”

“Thanks Chief for all your help. We plan to spend no more than a day there to find out how many there are and what they are up to. Any information we gather, we will radio it in to Headquarters. Then we will return here for our airlift. If you don’t see us by then, come in and get us.” Joe tells the Chief.

“You Americans help us much during the big war, I will see that you are kept safe,” says the Chief. “It is many hours before night, come so feast with us as our honored guests.”

So Joe and Billy relieve themselves of some of their gear and sit down to a feast of roasted boar, poi and toasted bananas.


They are entertained with the “Snake Dance” performed by the young men of the tribe.

In order to keep themselves as clear-headed as possible, they refrain from drinking the local alcoholic brew.

Before they know it, night falls: around seven o’clock. Although the moon has arisen, they figure that by the time they get to the plantation, it will have set. They express their thanks for the hospitality and go on their way.

Unbeknownst to Joe Palooka and Billy Baxter, their arrival on the island has not gone undetected. A squad of six Nazis follows them to the German compound.

The going through the jungle is slow and difficult. It is not long before they work up a heavy sweat in the hot and humid night. With all the sounds from the jungle creatures filling the thick air, they hardly notice the quiet pursuit of the men following them.


After two hours of climbing over the rough terrain, the pair reaches the thick bamboo grove. From within the dense foliage they get their first glimpse of the Nazi compound.


Outdoor lighting floods the area surrounding the plantation house on all sides. The duo crouch down on their haunches and wait for any sign of activity.

They can see men moving about inside. As they pass in front of the windows.

“We better split up and see if we can find a way to get closer undetected,” the Champ suggests. “You go to the left and I will move around to the right. Meet me back here in ten minutes.”

“Sure thing, Joe!” Baxter responds enthusiastically. They go their separate ways with as much stealth as possible.

When they join up again Billy tells Joe that he found a back door that is dark because the outdoor light is not working. Little do they know that this has been disabled on purpose by the Germans inside.

Cautiously they approach the darkened doorway with rifles ready at hand.


Much to their surprise the heavy door is unlocked. Slowly Joe Palooka opens it and peers into the darkness inside. He waves to Billy Baxter to follow him. He puts his index finger to his lips to tell his companion to be as quiet as possible.

To Be Continued………………...

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