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Skin Trade
Chapter 5 - Going Once, Going Twice, Virginity Sold to the Highest Bidder
By Caesar
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Chapter 5 - Going Once, Going Twice, Virginity Sold to the Highest Bidder

Frank walked up to the main stage and grabbed the mic from a rip Asian jock in a yellow speedo. Frank smiled as he watched the Asian gymnast walk away. A hole was cut into the back of the speedo to give easy access to the muscle boy’s tight pussy. He had to remember to fuck the flawless jock again soon.

“Gentlemen, on behalf of the Skin Trade gym, I welcome you to the monthly gathering of our members. As is our tradition, once a month, we auction off the virginity of our newest addition to our boy toy program. This month we have an extra special threat for you. He was voted the offensive football player of the year, leading touchdown scorer. A championship-winning wrestler for three years. A Heisman trophy candidate and a potential number 1 draft pick for the NFL. Gentleman, I present to you Logan Readman.”

The room erupted in cheers and claps, as the curtain behind the stage parted and Logan stood naked before them. He was still drugged by the powerful doze of the Alpha-B, and was swaying back and forth. His body was completely smooth from the neck down and his hard shredded muscles were shining with oil. His thick 10-inch cock was rock hard thanks to the Viagra that he was given an hour ago.

“This fine specimen of muscle is only the tender age of 22, please take in the sight of this 6ft 5 straight jock.” Said Frank

Logan unable to focus on what was going on, as he looked dazed into the crowd. The spot light pointing at him, shone into his eyes making it hard for him to see but he could make out a lot of men were nodding and all of their eyes were on him.

Comments were spilling from the gathering audience. “He is beautiful.” “Look at the size of those legs.” “Those arms are massive.” “Look at those pecs, and nipples, perfect for sucking on.” Fucking sexy muscle stud!”

Frank motioned, and Logan unable to resist, turned around. His back was exquisite. A perfect V shape back, from wide delts, lats, and traps faring, down to the narrow v on his lower back. It seemed like all the muscles of his back were pointing to one center focus.

“Oh his ass is beautiful,” Mr. Baxter moaned loud.

“Fuck, Perfect bubble ass, ” the police commissioner hissed.

“Gentleman, as our custom, for the next 15 minutes, you may examine the stud. However, please remember penetration of his virgin cunt is off limits until after the bidding,” Frank spoke into the mic and stepped off the stage. He motion for the Asian jock and a black bodybuilder to come on stage. The two slaves lifted Logan’s arms and cuffed them to an over head bar. Once securely fastened, the two jocks left the stage and the guests began their inspection of Logan.

The members took to the stage and soon they were running their hands over the straight athletes body, feeling every hard muscle and curves. A few ran their hands through his hair, pulling his head back. Another opened Logan’s mouth and pushed a finger into it. In his drug state he instinctive started sucking on the finger to the guest amusement. Logan’s mind was on fire and confused. The men’s muscle worship of him with their groping and probing was torturing him and yet turning him on. Some of men ran their hands over his muscular arms, tracing the thick vein that ran down each popping bicep. His big pecs were squeezed and fondle as his sensitive nipples twisted and pinched. At one point Logan looked down and watched in humiliation as two men took each a muscular pec and nursed on his nipples. He gasps as they sucked with gusto. Other men admired his chisel 8 pack. The brick like abs traced by the men’s fingers and tongues. The men weighed his low hanging balls and rolled them in their hands. They commented on his size and potentials. They stroked his thick long cock and were pleased how much pre cum he was leaking. The Arabian sheik milked his cock. Logan threw his head back, moaned and to the delight of the men around him, he quickly shot a massive load into the older Arabian man’s hand and onto the stage before him. Frank was impressed how quickly the stud recovered from being milked dry only a couple of hours ago. The sheik laughed and wrapped his hands on Logan’s chiseled thighs. “It a shame actually such a beautiful cock would go to waste. It won’t be fucking anyone again,” two men laughed.

“Don’t worry boy.” Said the large African warlord to Logan. “I’ll suck that rod just to get that stud cum out of you. You can even suck my cock at the same time.”

As Frank watched he felt the bottom of his designer suit jacket being lifted and Mr. Stone squeezing his still well formed ass through the tailed suit pant. “You did well, a promotion is surely in your future, maybe one day a seat on the Board, a first for someone from your beginnings.” Mr. Stone stroked the muscular ass. It only reminded Frank where he came from. He started off as an “asset” of the cartel and worked and fucked his way to be an employee. Taken from the streets of war torn Beirut, and breed to be a pleasure slave in a harem. His hard muscular body served him well, and had gained the attention of several important members of the Cartel, including a former CEO. He watched the men running their hands over Logan’s thick smooth legs, as his own boss was stroking his tight hole through the thin silky material of his expensive suit.

“Feel that ass,” a man moaned as he admired Logan’s flawless ass. There was a hard slapping sound as another man tested the firmness of Logan’s plump jock ass. “Hard but still a nice bounce to it.” “Perfectly round.” “Can you image all the squats he did to create such an ass.” Another man spread Logan’s ass cheeks to inspect it tightness. “Beautiful!”

Logan’s straight ego was beyond humiliation; he had never let any gay man touch his muscled body before. Now he watched helpless as these perverted men were violating him. “No… stop….. don’t touch me.” he weakly said.

“I say, he still thinks he’s an alpha stud” said one man. The men laughed and continued to molest him.

When the fifteen minutes was up, Frank once again went up to the stage. “Gentlemen the bidding will now precede. The starting bid to be the first to penetrate Logan’s flawless ass, is $10,000.”

“10,000!” said Mr. Rutherford eagerly said. Frank was surprised that Mr. Rutherford was getting involved in the auction.

“11,000!” shouted the sheik.

“12,000!” shouted Mr. Baxter

“30,000!” shouted Mr. Rutherford

Gasps came from the crowd, Frank was amazed Mr. Rutherford had jumped the price up.

“31,000!” shouted the police commissioner.

“40,000!” shouted Mr. Rutherford, another sound of gasp came from the crowd as the board member jumped the price again. Mr. Rutherford seemed determined to win Logan’s ass for the night.

“50,000!” shouted the large former African warlord.

The bidding kept going up and up at a rate that Frank found it hard to keep up. Only two men were left in the bid, the sheik and Mr. Rutherford.

“100,000!” Shouted Mr. Rutherford.

Do I hear higher? Frank asked. The sheik shook his head admitting defeat.

“Going once, going twice,” Frank shouted into the mic. He never had such a high bid for merely just fucking a virgin ass. “Sold for the privilege to be first to breed Logan Readman. I must say, it our highest record ever!” Frank announced.

Logan was still out of it when two fellow nude jocks unfastened him and led him over to a large bed on the stage. Logan’s cock was hard again from all the touching and groping. He found himself once again on his back. His vision adjusting from the drugged hazed, when Mr. Rutherford climbed on top him. Logan looked into the face of the winner of the bid, whom he began to recognize. “Un…uncle?” Logan weakly whispered, “Wha.. Why?”

Mr. Rutherford smiled down at his nephew by marriage. “I had been waiting for this moment for so long. I watched you grow up for years, watching you turn into a cocky muscle bound stud. You became just like your father. He was so arrogant and self assured, thinking the world revolves around him. I married his sister just to be close to him and you. I watched you grow from a beautiful boy to a spoiled but sexy young man.” Mr. Rutherford ran his hands over Logan’s smooth muscular body. His excitement grew as he finally felt his nephew hard body.

“Uncle no, please no,” Logan begged, tears running down his chisel masculine cheeks.

Mr. Rutherford pulled out his cock. He motioned Logan to be flipped on his stomach with his muscular ass in the air. Brandon and Alex came over and easily flipped Logan face down on the bed with a pillow under him to lift his ass into the air. Mr. Rutherford had waited so long to fuck that beautiful ass ever since Logan had turned into a handsome young man. He had lusted after Logan’s father and now him. Logan’s father always looked down at him. He viewed his brother-in-law as feminine and enjoyed humiliating him. However, after all those years Mr. Rutherford had gained the upper hand. He had grained control of Logan’s father’s fortune when he mysterious died two years ago, and had kept the spoiled rich boy on a tight financial leash. He had used the boy’s inheritance to insure himself a position in the Cartel. With Logan only months away from inheriting everything, Mr. Rutherford had to put his and the Cartel’s plans into motion. He pulled Logan’s ass cheeks apart. He was so turned on as he seen Logan’s tight cunt winking at him.

Mr. Rutherford got on top of Logan; the older man began to rub his hard cock between the stud firm butt cheeks. He whispered into Logan ear. “Logan be a good boy and give your uncle what he wants.”

Logan felt his uncle’s cock head at his hole. “No Uncle, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Logan screamed to the delight of the guests as his uncle pushed his into his tight hole and at last losing his anal virginity.

“Ungggh Yes!” Mr. Rutherford waited so long for this. He had dreamed of this day for so long. He watched Logan grow older and bigger over the years, developing the perfect god like body. Grabbing hold of Logan’s lean muscular waist, he pulled Logan into his hands and knees and fucked him doggy style, he pushed deeper into the tight muscle hole. Logan grabbed hold of the bed, arching his back. Mr. Rutherford pulled out and back in, each time deeper and harder.

“AGHHHH!” wailed Logan as he felt his uncle’s cock deep in him.

“YES LOGAN, YOUR HOT ASS FEELS HOW I IMAGINED IT WOULD BE!” Mr. Rutherford shouted. He was in heaven. He loved feeling Logan’s muscular ass from the inside and hearing his cocky manly nephew cry and scream. He thrusted deep and hard. He finally held the power over his straight nephew.

The alpha stud had been defeated; Logan couldn’t believe a man, let alone his uncle, was fucking him. How could a strong and powerful stud like himself be letting his ass get fucked by a weaker older man, he thought.

The pain soon subsided in Logan as his new pussy grew use to his uncle’s thick cock. As the invading cock pounded his prostate, the pain was replaced with pleasure. Logan’s screams and cries faded to moans and groans. All the hours of hearing and seeing the videos and subliminal messages soon came back into Logan’s mind. His body was perfect for being fucked. He was big and strong, built to take a pounding. It felt so good being fucked by another man. Having the man enjoying his hard muscles. He started to use his powerful ass muscles to pull his uncle deeper into him. He flexed his ass, milking the thick cock. He wanted to please and provide pleasure to his new masters.


“YES LOGAN, YOUR NOW MINE, BOY!” shouted Mr. Rutherford.

Mr. Rutherford was screaming and moaning in ecstasy. His nephew ass was working his cock like a true slut. He wished Logan’s father were there to see it, his pride and joy; his perfect son being turned into a muscle slut. He was so close.

Mr. Stone slapped Frank on the ass, “You earn the privilege to fuck its mouth.” Frank approached Logan, who was grunting and groining. He grabbed Logan’s sweat soaked blond hair and pushed his cock into the jock’s sweet mouth. Logan’s eyes were rolled into his head. Logan looked hotter then ever, Frank thought. His handsome face and Adonis body was covered in sweat. Every hard thick muscles flexing and popping as the Mr. Rutherford rammed in and out of him.

Frank enjoyed Logan’s warm mouth around his cock as he expertly sucked him off, even though it was his first dick in his mouth. Logan couldn’t believe he had wait so long to taste dick, he loved it and wanted more.

The party guests cheered as they watch the former alpha stud being spit roasted by the older men.

Mr. Rutherford moaned loud as he came inside Logan tight ass. He pulled out with a pop to the cheers of the party guests. Seeing that Mr. Rutherford had deflowered and cum inside his own nephew’s tight ass, sent Frank over the edge. He pulled out of Logan’s mouth and started to shot over Logan’s masculine chisel face. Logan looked so good, with cum dripping down his handsome rugged face. Logan opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue hoping to catch some cum on it.

Logan remained on his hands and knees, obediently waiting for more. Mr. Rutherford raised his hands and singled that his nephew and prize was open for everyone to enjoy. For the next two hours, Logan’s mouth and ass were repeatedly fucked over and over. The once cocky, straight alpha jock was in complete bliss as he was turned into a slut and cum dump for the wealthy older men.

End of part 5

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