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Skin Trade
Chapter 6 - Logan Readman, Mr Pro-Football Jock
By Caesar
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Chapter Six - Logan Readman, Mr Pro-Football Jock

Logan awoke in a hotel room, where he found himself naked in bed with a man in his late 40's. The man, who had balding hair, had fallen asleep with his head on Logan's muscled chest. Logan quietly pulls himself away from the man and headed to the bathroom. He stopped and checked himself out in the mirror. He still looked like the idea alpha male. Tall, over 6'4, 300 lbs. of chisel hard muscle. It had been over a year since he went to Skin Trade. Logan began to reflect on what had happen to him since he went there.

After his induction into the Skin Trade gym, Logan's quickly adapted to his new life. He obediently signed over his massive inheritance to his uncle. The logic that his uncle told to him, was that he would be making just as much as the star football player he always dreamed of being. Plus managing his father's huge fortune required too much thinking for a pretty jock like him.

Every morning he got up and went to the gym to workout for two hours. In the evening after classes and after wrestling or football practice, he head to the gym again for another two hours. When he was in public, he was his old normal self, with repressed memories of what happened. However, he excelled in his sports more then ever, and his coaches even complement on how much more focus became recently. Also, since that night he had no interest in women any more. His once proud cock was now limp and useless around a woman. They were too weak, too soft for him and not what he desired anymore.

Logan still had his cocky alpha male stance as he walked down the street toward the gym, turning heads of both women and men as he walked by. As he entered Skin Trade, he was always friendly greeted by Alex or Frank. After he given them a friendly bro hug, they handed him a bottle of Alpha-B, which he gladly accepted. He then would go directly to the locker room, and to his assigned locker. Before even opening his locker, he would strip out of his street clothes, down to his jock strap, and stood before his locker. Logan wore only jockstraps now; his cock tucked away in the tight pouch, and his flawless ass displayed and available. He continued to keep his body smooth from the neck down. Over the last couple of months, his body became more shredded and muscular. Especially his ass, it was always round and tight, but now so much more sculptured. When he opened his locker he would always find a pair of tights, compassion shorts, or short nylon running shorts hanging there for his workout. Each piece was design to show off his long thick legs and bubble ass.

Once in the weight room, Logan would often workout with Brandon and his other jock friends. The group of young hot jocks often gathered a crowd of older admirers as they worked out. The older men were impressed with how much each young muscle god was able to lift. They got the most attention when they workout on their legs, especially when doing squats and deadlifts. Each jock pushed and egged each other on, as if they were in any other gym. Their macho bravado as they pushed each other was so sexy to the older men. As the each young jock stood waiting their turn at the branch or squat rack, and encouraging their friend to lift more, an older admirer would grope and stroked their hard, sweaty muscles. Logan's big pecs or ass always got the most attention. On chest day, as he stood waiting his turn, an older man would reach around him and cupped his massive pecs. His chest pumped and shining with a layer of sweat, was so irresistible to the older men. Logan would just stand there, sometimes with his eyes closed or shouting to his jock buddies to push harder, as if this was normal. On leg days, after squatting low to the floor with the massive weights on his board shoulders, he would rerack the bar and with pats on his smooth sweaty back, he would step aside so that a friend could have a turn. As Logan stood waiting his turn, the older men would worship and admired his big muscular ass. Rubbing their hands over the powerful glutes through the lycra tights or shorts as he stood there, while his hands were on his muscular waist or his thick forearms crossed. When he wore the short nylon running shorts, with the sides cut high up his smooth thighs, the men got extra bold and pushed their hands up the short shorts and played with his bare muscular ass. He merely closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of a man's hand or finger on his ass or sensitive hole.

However, above all the older men respected the younger men workouts. The young men were required to workout for one hour, after the hour the older men were allowed to have their fun with the buck of their choosing. After getting his hour of workout in, Logan would always be led into one of the private room by a paying member. Some men, like Mr. Baxter, would start off giving Logan a slow massage. His hard smooth muscles felt so good as they rubbed him, working his sore muscles and oiling him up. Mr. Baxter always started off massaging Logan's board back and working down to his lower back. Mr. Baxter then would work each thick, smooth leg back up to his flawless perfect ass. The older man would take his time and enjoy each hard sculptured muscle. He would keep Logan's ass for last. Finally he would worship Logan's large ass cheeks. His hands kneading and squeezing the beautiful glutes, before he would push an oily finger into Logan's still tight hole. Logan would let out a low grunt as his hole was loose, and spread his thick legs to give the man easy access to his man pussy. Mr. Baxter would reach under Logan and pulled out his hard throbbing cock from under him, and stroked it while fingering Logan's hole. The older man loved watching the bigger muscular stud buck and grind against the table as his cock was jacked and hole fingered at the same time. Mr. Baxter got off more by tormenting the big stud by fingering and jacking him off then actually fucking the muscle god.

Other men like the Sheik and police commissioner, took the more direct approach. They would order Logan on his knees to lube up their cocks with his mouth. Logan was trained to use his memories of all the blowjobs he received by women over the years, and to copy them to provide pleasure to the older men. Once coated with salvia and drool, they order him onto his feet and would peel off his lycra workout pants or pull off his shorts. His cock would be so hard as he obeyed their every desire. He would moan and groan loud as they fuck him on his back or bent over a workout bench. He would only cum after the men cum on or in him. Often Logan would cum without even touching himself.

Sometimes, Logan would join his friends in the sauna after a hard workout and having sex with the gym paying patrons. They would laugh and joke. Talk about sports and school, as any young jocks do, as they strip in the locker room. Their perfect tone and muscular bodies displayed for the older patrons' pleasure. Naked, the young jocks would walk into the sauna or steam room. They sat enjoying the heat against their hard smooth muscles. It wouldn't be long before older men joined them. Logan would just sit there with his eyes closed as a stranger stroked his thick smooth legs and meaty cock. He submissively spread his legs to allow the older, less in shape men to move their hands under him to probe his sensitive man pussy. He would look over and see Brandon or another of his muscular friends, on their knees sucking some overweight man's cock. The sound of sucking filled the small room. Logan would soon join them, on his knees sucking a hard cock of some old man. He would look up at them with submissive eyes, eager to please. In the gym, all trace of the alpha male was subdued.

After graduating from college, Logan entered into the pro football combine. He out did himself and impressed the talent scouts at the various skill performance tests. Growing up watching the televised yearly combine, and dreaming of one day being there, Logan never realized how much of a meat show it actually was, as he and other potential draftees wore the skin tight workout shorts and skin tight shirts as they perform the drills to judge their football skills and abilities. Little was left to the imagination. Like always, Logan was the center of the attention. The sport commentators even made a comment on Logan's muscular ass development as being a benefit for him on the field.

Several team owners, with connections with the cartel, were also impressed with Logan on the field and in the privacy of their hotel suites. He stood only in the league issued spandex shorts and shirt, before a group of wealth businessmen, once again. He obediently stood there with his hands behind his back as the men inspected and grope him as they decided his future. His draft for the big leagues was insured thanks to his skills and the cartel.

After being drafted to a pro football team, his uncle became his agent and manager, and as such got the standard percentage of his huge new football contract. His uncle did all the thinking for him. As predicted, men paid the cartel a lot of money to fuck Logan, the rising football star. His muscular football god body was in high demand. The Cartel and his uncle promoted him as the all American alpha God in public, which only increase the demand to fuck him.

And here he was in a hotel suite, after a politician had paid the cartel for a night with the star player Logan Readman. He had come to the hotel room and did whatever the politician desired. All night he sucked the older man's cock and he got fucked as the politician enjoyed Logan hard muscular body. The older man particularly liked Logan's big pecs as he constantly sucks on them. One occasions during the night the rich, powerful political placed his dick in between Logan's muscular cleavage, he squashed the massive pecs together and fucked them relentlessly.

Logan's thoughts were brought back to the present as he felt two hands cupping his pecs. The older politician had awoke and come up to Logan from behind. Logan closed his eyes, feeling the older man's cock pushing between his smooth muscular ass cheeks, while squeezing his hairless pecs.

"Good morning my star player," he whispered into Logan ear. He turned Logan around. Logan looked down at the older man, who was smaller than him. "We still got some time left before you go, lets make the most of it and let me fuck your fine ass in the shower. But first let me taste your fine chest again"

Logan watched submissively as the older man latched onto his right pec and sucked on his nipple. In the public eye, he was the straight alpha male star jock, but in the present of the power elite that paid for him he was an obedient muscle slut. Despite how much money he made and his newfound status as a mainstream celebrity, he remained a submissive muscle toy for the Cartel to pimp out to the highest bidder.

The end.


"Sirs, have you given any thought to the penal system suggestion from our friend the Police commissioner? He says the supervisor at Iron Valley Penitentiary is particularly keen to work with us." Frank asked as he stood before the board of the Cartel.

"We have and we are very interested in this project. We see the potential as you do with gaining a new resource of men for our needs. It could provide use with new types of men our clients would like," said Mr. Stone, as he sit at the head of the long table.

"However we have a pressing matter at hand," said Dr. Laben. "Have you heard the name Detective Cooper?"

"I have, he came to see me a few days back" Frank replied.

Detective Cooper had come to the gym to speak with Frank as he was investigating the disappearance of some local college jocks. Frank was impressed that the detective knew that the boys had come to the gym prior to their disappearance but was also impressed with the detective physical features. He was in his early 30's and was a fine specimen of a man, masculine with a deep voice and handsome face, although he wore a suit Frank could tell the detective worked out a lot as the chest filled out his shirt and arms that almost looked too big for his top. He also admired the detective's fine ass as he left the office after the talk. Through a bit of backchat he found out detective Cooper was ex-army and liked to work out 5 times a week. A truly masculine man he thought.

"I told him nothing that would suspect us in his cases," said Frank. "And he seemed to believe me."

"Never the less, we don't like the fact a detective is investigating our business, please asked the Police Commissioner to step in and stop his investigations," said Mr. Stone.

Frank thought for a moment and smiled "Sirs, I have a better idea."

Thanks to Ken Laben for his help in creating this story.