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Skin Trade
Chapter 4 - Skin Trade monthly Orgy
By Caesar
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Chapter 4 - Skin Trade monthly Orgy

Evening had come and Frank was in his office. Alex had come by as instructed after taking care of Logan. Alex was quickly bent up against the office window with Frank behind him.

"Oh, Alex you fucking hot muscle slut!" Frank moaned as he slammed in and out of Alex's tight muscular ass. "You're such a good fuck!" He was taking his sexual frustration out on the muscleman. He received orders directly from the Cartel that Logan's ass was off limits until tonight.

"Thank you sir, please more!" begged the young muscleman in his deep masculine voice.

The smooth muscle ass felt so good as Frank held onto the white jockstrap that framed Alex's ass. "Am gonna come, you want that boy? You want me to seed you?" asked Frank.

"YES, SEED ME SIR! MAKE ME YOURS!" shouted Alex.

Alex tightened his ass muscles as he milked Frank's thick cock. Frank closed his eyes as he shot his load up into the pro bodybuilder. Only when he made sure Alex got his entire load did he pull out of Alex's ass. Alex wasted no time as he turned around and dropped to his knees. He took his boss's cock into his mouth and cleaned it with his tongue. Frank looked into the full-length mirror in his office while Alex licked his cock. His expensive suit looked flawless as he adjusted his tie. Alex made sure that not a single drop of cum touched Frank's suit. Once completely cleaned, Alex carefully tucked Frank's cock back into the suit pants and zipped him back up.

"The guests are starting to arrive, it's time to greet them." Frank slapped Alex's muscle packed ass.

Frank entered the large reception room for the monthly member's party. These parties always amazed him. The rich and powerful men from around the world, not only from the city arrived to be entertained by the gym's muscle bound boys. The music was loud and the lights flashing as if it was a nightclubs, instead of one of the gym's large reception rooms. Several muscle bound jocks were walking around in only jockstraps, offering the well dress guests drinks. Boxes were set up around the room, where athletic gear clad jocks were stripping and dancing for admiring older spectators. Their perfect young bodies were on displayed to the rich men.

Frank smiled as he watched a wealthy sheik moving his hand down the back of a muscular red head stud. The jock just stood there, obedient as the sheik pushed a finger into the redhead's smooth shaved hole. The sheik smiled when realizing the hole was already lubed and ready to be fucked.

"Police Commissioner, I am glad you made it," Frank approached a greying bearded man who led two naked men by leashes attached to studded collars around their thick necks. The two men looked older then the normal age of the slaves, but just as muscular and flawless. Each collar had a police badge pinned on them. "Frank I have to say I am glad you agreed to take in some of our officers into your free program." Said the Commissioner.

Frank smiled as he watched the Commissioner stroked the two men's hard cocks. Frank recognized them as two straight cops that were recruited to join the gym. He remembered them when they both first came to the gym. They were two hairy Italian muscle studs, whose arms were busting out of the shirtsleeves of their uniform shirts. Now they were completely smooth from the neck down. Their normally piercing alpha male eyes were completely vacant, as they were led around on leashes.

"It was a pleasure Commissioner" Frank said. He knew having such a government official on board would be beneficial in the long run.

"I wondered if you have given any thought to our discussion to implement your program to our penal system. There is a lot of fine specimen of men currently wasted in prison that would be beneficial to our demanding citizens." Said the commissioner. "In fact I already know of the prime location and Superintendent who would be perfect for this task"

"I am planning to bring your idea to the board as soon as possible," Frank was truly intrigued with the idea of a fresh source of rough masculine studs to break in.

The party was already in full swing. Frank makes out the smell of sex and the moans of men everywhere. Everywhere he looked he saw the guests of the party taking advantage of the young muscled men.

Frank moved to the alcoves that lined the walls of the large room, making sure each guest was happily entertained. At one private alcove was a light skin, tattooed covered black stud that Frank recognized as a well-known MMA fighter. The buff stud was on his hands and knees sucking a middle age man. The older man held the MMA's fighter's mass of unruly hair as he fucked the manly stud's mouth. Behind the fighter, another man sat using his socked foot to play with the fighter's big muscular ass. He pushed his toes into the fighter's already lubed hole. The fighter grunted and groaned over the cock that stuffed his mouth.

Frank smiled and moved on to another alcove, where a pretty muscle boy bounced up and down on another man's cock. The look of pure bliss was on the boy's face. His eyes were glazed over and drool ran from his open mouth. Frank couldn't resist reaching out and running a finger over the boy's throbbing, pre-cum leaking cock. Frank scooped up some of the nectar from the smooth cock with his finger and tasted it. He could taste the Alpha-B that flooded the boy's system.

In front of the alcove, two naked frat boys were dancing on a platform. They rubbed their perfect muscled, oiled bodies together as they made out with each other. A group of men had gathered around them, watching and stroking themselves. Some even reach out and stroked the frat boys' perfect sculptured calves. Frank had to admit that the boy's had the thickest calves. He often enjoyed fucking each of them after their leg workouts. He would lick and nibble on those exquisite calves as they rested on his shoulders while fucking their tight asses.

On another wide platform, three jocks were obscenely twerking in front of some older men. The men laughed and slapped the jocks' perfect asses as they were shaken before them. The round muscles were bouncing and flexing.

In the middle of the room were numerous sex equipment. Some were already in use as Frank noticed a young well-known rising star in the wrestling world had been placed in stocks, bent over and was getting his ass fucked by a slender older man. The big muscled wrestler moaned like he was in heat as his tight muscled ass was pounded. A line was forming behind the older man, men eager to have their turn with the star.

In another alcove, a tattooed black football player was groaning loud as a large overweight black man fucked him from behind. The muscle bound player hard brown body was cover in sheen of sweat from the fuck he was getting. The older man, a former African war lord, grabbed hold of the black jock's bleached blonde hair as he roughly rammed his hard cock in and out of him.

As he walked passed yet another alcove, he watched as a young short, blonde spikey haired muscled stud sat on the lap of an older man. The older man had buried his face in the young stud's pecs and his hands on the muscle hairless buttocks were pulling the young stud toward him. The young bodybuilder wrapped his muscular arms around the head of the client and moaned as his nipples were sucked on. Frank recognized both the client and the stud.

"Mr. Baxter I hope you are enjoying your first party, I see that Dan is taking good care of you." Frank said.

Dan was a personal trainer before he came to Skin Trade. In fact, he still was a personal trainer, just with additional duties of getting the clients off after their training sessions.

The older man lifted his head from the stud's pecs. "Oh yes! This is indeed a party I will never forget!" Mr. Baxter excitedly replied. Dan looked over to Frank.

"Now Dan, show Mr. Baxter a good time." Instructed Frank.

"Yes sir." Replied Dan. Dan turned back to Mr. Baxter and began to grind his hard muscled body up against the older man much to his delight.

"Well we only just started, so please enjoy what's on offer" Frank said. As he left Mr. Baxter had gotten the muscle stud on this hands and knee ready to mount him.

Frank adjusted his tie again as he came to the largest of the alcoves where three men surround a large cushion ottoman. On the ottoman were Alex and Brandon. The two muscle studs were making out as two of the men were fucking them. Their muscular legs were facing the opposite direction but their heads lay side by side. Their legs were resting on each of the two well dress, elegant men's shoulders as they were fucked. Dr. Laben, the professor that had developed Alpha B and a member of the Cartel's Board of Directors, and in charge of the European side of the Cartel, was fucking Alex's muscular ass. He was kissing Alex's thick hairless legs as he pumped in and out of Alex's hole. Across from him was Frank's boss, Mr. Stone, the CEO and Chairman of the Cartel. Mr. Stone was fucking Brandon's tight ass. Brandon's legs, muscular legs of a wrestler and MMA fighter, were locked around the powerful businessman's waist as Mr. Stone rammed in and out of the his tight ass. Brandon was proven himself an exquisite fuck. Frank also recognizes the third man as Mr. Rutherford, another board member. Mr. Rutherford was merely watching his two colleagues but was obviously enjoying the sight before him.

The Cartel was the world's most secretive and powerful organization in the world. Although, it was involved in several illegitimate enterprises, it main source of revenue and interest was the lucrative male slave trade. It single handedly control the black market in male gay sex trafficking. Also it ran a vast network of sex clubs, strip clubs, and male brothels. Frank had risen through the cartel by using his business senses and knowing what rich gay men's tastes were.

Mr. Stone acknowledged Frank with a nodded but continued to fuck Brandon's tight ass. Frank waited patiently. He was surprised any board members had come to the party, let alone two members and the CEO himself. Frank was hard as he watched the two men fucking Alex and Brandon. They were fucking the two stallions hard and deep. Finally Mr. Stone moaned loud and shot his load deep into Brandon's ass. Dr. Laben quickly followed by cumming into Alex's ass. Both men pulled out of the studs' asses, and drop their thick muscular legs.

The two businessmen sat in their chairs, as Alex and Brandon crawled off the ottoman and began to suck and clean the two men's spent cocks. Only then did Frank dare to speak.

"This is a pleasant surprise, sirs, having you here." Frank said.

Mr. Stone took a glass of wine from one of the servers. He slipped the expensive wine, while he stroked the server's muscular ass. The server was a short muscle Latino boy with a round bubble ass.

"The news that you have captured Logan Readmen and auctioning off his virginity has caught the interest of several of our business associates."

He turned to Mr. Rutherford and both men nodded at each other. Mr. Rutherford had motioned a nearby muscular black stud to come over and the black bodybuilder was on his knees sucking on the older man's cock.

"Having a potential Heisman candidate and first round draft pick for the NFL can be a major acquisition for the Cartel. Men pay a lot of money to fuck their sport idols." Mr. Stone slipped his wine and pushed his finger in and out of the cute Latino boy's pussy, all the while Brandon was sucking Mr. Stone's thick cock. Frank couldn't help but notice the size of his employer's cock and was amazed how much Brandon could take into his mouth.

"Also, Logan's family is very wealthily," Mr. Rutherford spoke up. He was enjoying the muscular black man's thick lips on his cock. Frank didn't know much about Mr. Rutherford.

"When will we see this prize bull?" Dr. Laben spoke up. Alex was now on the lap of the professor, writhing his muscular body for his enjoyment. The professor hands ran over Alex's hard body, feeling the bodybuilder's muscles.

"We can begin now, but first let me give you a sample of things to cum." Frank smiled. He motioned two servers to come over. The two servers, wearing only tight jocks, carried trays with shot glasses filled with white cream. The three men each took a shot glass. Dr. Laben smelled the liquid and smiled. His expert nose knew the smell of cum and the faint smell of his invention, Alpha-B. Mr. Stone removed his fingers from the Latino's ass and put one of his fingers into the glass.

"It seem pretty thick," Mr. Stone rubbed the thick cum between his fingers.

Mr. Rutherford just stared at the small glass. 
"This is from Logan?" Mr. Rutherford looked up at Frank.

"Yes, sir. He is a very virile young men." Frank smiled.

Mr. Rutherford looked at the glass again, then drank the cum in one gulp.

"Well then, let's begin," Mr. Stone grabbed Brandon's head and began to pump his cock into the jock's mouth harder.

"Yes, sir," Frank nodded and moved to a stage on the far side of the room.

To be continued.

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