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Skin Trade
Chapter 3 - Logan's Conversion begins
By Caesar
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Chapter 3 - Logan's Conversion begins

Logan stirred from his drugged sleep to the sounds of male moans. His eyes flickered open as he tried to focus on what was going on. He was still so drowsy and half conscious when he came to, that it took him a while to realize the predicament he was in. The muscle stud was strapped to a table in a dark room. He tried to move his thick powerful arms but he was so weak against the bounds. Logan moaned, his cock was so hard and for some reason painful. He looked down and to his horror he saw his throbbing cock trapped in a pump like devise. The devise was pumping his thick cock. He also noticed that he was completely nude, his hard muscled body exposed for all to see. His muscular legs were strap to two stirrups and were left spread and lifted.

“W.. what… the.. fuck?”, Logan weakly protested.

“Relaxed, baby,” he heard a familiar voice whispered into his ear. “I’m just getting you ready for tonight.” Frank came to his side; he looked lustfully at the naked Adonis lying before him. “Your such a tease my muscle boy. When you came into the gym, with your friend, dressed so provocatively I just wanted to see you naked there and then and now I have. I am not disappointed.” Frank moved his hand down Logan’s hard pecs.

“Don’t fucking touch me, you sick …” Logan weakly groan. Before he could finish his sentence, Frank pushed a hose with a cock shape tip into his mouth. Logan choked, as it was pushed into his mouth and down his throat. Frank pushed a button on a controller in his hand; causing the hose to squirt the Alpha-b drug into Logan’s mouth. This time the Alpha-b was mixed with a milky like substance. Logan’s mind was already hooked on the powerful Alpha-b and found himself sucking on the cock shape hose in an attempt to get more.

“Yes my boy keep sucking, show me how good you are at it.” Frank said in approval. “Oh and look at the screen in front of you, I’ve put on the special induction gym video just for you.”

As he sucked on the cock shape device, he looked and realized that the source of the moans that he woke up to was a large video monitor in front of the bed. On the video monitor were images of handsome young, built men getting fucked by older men. Over and over, men like Logan were being used and fucked. Logan wanted to close his eyes or look away, but he found himself unable to focus on anything else except the video. Their masculine moans and groans filled the room. If his mind were clear, he would probably have recognized some of the muscular men from his college, fellow teammates and other jocks. Their perfect muscular jock bodies straining and sweating, as they were getting fucked and used. Images of Brandon even flashed before Logan’s mind, on his knees sucking some older men’s cocks or getting fucked like a bitch. Flashes of words also appeared on the screen. They were so fast, that Logan’s drugged mind tried to focus to read the words and inversely absorbed the subliminal messages. “Submission is good.” “Muscles are meant to be worship by other men.” “Muscles are for other men pleasure.” “Muscle boys only feel pleasure when serving other men.” “Jock boys only purpose is to pleasure other men.” “Good jock boys submit to other men.” “You are a good jock boy, so you must serve.” Over and over the words bombarded Logan’s mind. He was getting so confused.

All the while Frank ran his hand over Logan’s nude hard body. His touched stimulated Logan’s wired body and confused mind.

“My dear sexy boy, do you know how good you feel to my touch?” he asked the bound jock. “Oh of course you do, what a silly thing for me to say. I bet you look in the mirror all the time to admire yourself. I wonder what you think is your best features. I know what I like.”

Indeed Frank had fallen in love with Logan’s smooth pecs with his big manly nipples. He leaned over and licked one of the pointing nipples causing Logan to groaned. As Frank sucked and nibbles one of the nipples, he reached over and pinched the other, driving Logan wild. Logan was soon about to cum, he thrust his hips up as the pump milked him. The young bodybuilder threw his head back and shot his load into the pump. As he came he was reward with more of the Alpha-B, cum mixture, as the hose shot into his mouth. However, he wasn’t allowed to come down from his post orgasm. As soon as he shot his load, Frank licked down his chiseled 8 pack. His tongue traced every deep valley and ridge. As he licked, Frank reached under to Logan’s ass and with his index finger started to tease and stroked Logan tight hole. Logan made a garble noise and widens his eyes as he felt Frank’s finger against his hole, no one had touched him there and he never realize how sensitive his hole was. Tears ran from his eyes, as he made muffled begging noises for Frank to stop. Logan’s macho masculinity crumbled as the pump continued to work his thick cock and his mind was bombard over and over. However, Frank did not penetrate Logan’s tight hole, but just stroked it over and over. Logan couldn’t stop himself from cumming again. Frank smiled as more of the virile jock’s cum was pumped out of him and traveled through the tube into a glass jar. Logan was proving himself to be the stud his image displayed.

Alex entered the room and approached Frank. The young bodybuilder was wearing only a tight jockstrap, which displayed his completely smooth, shredded body. “Are you going to be the one to fuck him first, sir?” Alex watched as Frank continued to tease Logan’s hole. Logan subconsciously tried to lift his bound powerful legs and offers his tight ass to the probing finger.

“As much as I want to boy, no. One of our lucky paying members will get that pleasure for themselves tonight. Just the privilege of breaking in such a stud would fetch a high price tonight.”

Again, Logan moaned as he shot yet another load into the pump. His chisel powerful jaws sucked harder on the cock like hose in his mouth.

“Is everything ready?” Frank asked Alex as he stroked Logan’s thick thighs. The muscles were straining and bulging.

“Yes sir. Everything is ready for the event tonight. The members should be arriving in a few hours.” Alex answered. He was so jealous as he watched Logan humping the pump. He remembered the first time he was converted and fucked. Before, he was an arrogant homophobic stud like Logan. All he could think about was himself and his cock. He had been willing to do anything to win his first bodybuilder competition, including flirting with the gay judges and willing to take whatever “supplement” to get the perfect physique. Now he knew his real place. All of his hard work was to impress other men, to feel their hands and hard cocks against his hard body. The ultimate muscle worship was having his admirers fuck his perfect ass, and use him.

Logan cried in pain as his body jerked. He couldn’t cum anymore. He was milked dried, and was experiencing a powerful dry orgasm. Frank smiled.

“Time to release our prize bull and let him recover for tonight.” Frank turned off the machines and removed the hose from Logan’s mouth. Logan’s tongue subconsciously searched the air to find more of the addictive Alpha-B as the “cock” was removed from his mouth.

Not missing a chance Frank pulled out the pill bottle and pull out two of the Alpha-B pills, and a Viagra pill. He placed the pills into Logan’s mouth and moved in to kiss him. The muscle stud was surprised but was unable to offer any resistance as Frank gave Logan his first man on man kiss. Frank used his tongue to force the confused Logan to swallow the pills.

“Good boy” Frank said as he broke the kiss.

Frank move his head to his Logan’s big pecs “Good bye for now my beauties” he whispered to the muscle jock’s chest. Just before passing out, Logan watched in humiliation as Frank gave a quick kiss on each of his nipples. The video continued to play, bombarding his unconscious mind with the subliminal messages over and over.

Frank turned to Alex “Now clean him up and shaved off his body hair while he recovers. I want him completely smooth. He needs to look his best tonight if he is going to be the star attraction at our orgy tonight”

Frank started to leave. As he walked behind Alex, he pushed a finger between Alex’s huge hard glutes, he worked it into the smooth hole. Alex’s dick hardens in response. “And after you finish, come to my office.” he gave the big bodybuilder’s ass a slap.

End of part 3

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