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Skin Trade
Chapter 2 - Welcome to the Skin Trade Gym
By Caesar
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Chapter 2 - Welcome to the Skin Trade Gym

Logan and Brandon arrived at the Skin Trade gym. The gym complex appeared to Logan to been converted from a large warehouse. Brandon swiped his keycard at the door and they both entered. Logan had to admit he was impressed by the design of the modern gym. Everything was chromo, steel, and ultra modern. A young blonde bodybuilder was working at the front desk. He was wearing a tight blue polo shirt with the skin trade logo on his left pectoral and a nameplate with Alex on it, on his right pectoral. The shirt was hugging his massive pecs. He greeted Brandon with a friendly smile.

"Hey, is Frank here? I brought a friend here to meet him and see about letting him join." Brandon smiled.

"Sure, let me call him," Alex smiled. He pulled out two bottles from under the desk and handed them to Brandon, before picking up the phone.

Brandon handed one of the drinks to Logan. "What's this?" Logan looked at the label.

"Alpha-B. It's their exclusive brand. They come in either an energy drink or a post workout powder. It taste awesome and give you a great pump for the gym." Brandon opened his bottle and took a big gulp.

Logan shrugged his shoulders and took a slip. It did actually taste good he thought to himself. He took another gulp.

"Brandon, how it going?" A dark haired, bearded man crossed the gym's elegant lobby. Logan judged the man to be in his mid-thirties and from how the khakis and the skin trade logo polo fitted he was in good shape.

Brandon shook the man's hand. "Frank, this is my friend Logan. I was telling him about the gym and thought you might be able to hook him up with a free membership."

Frank smiled and took Logan's hand. Logan was surprised how firm the man's grip was. "Brandon has told me a lot about you." Frank openly looked Logan over. Logan's loose stringer could barely be called a shirt as it paramount displayed his big smooth pecs. The strings of the shirt exposed his big hard nipples. His black shorts came mid thigh and showed off his thick shredded quads. Logan smirked, he was use to that look that Frank was giving him, the look that fags had gave him a hundred times. He took another slip of Alpha-B.

"Well your friend certainly looks like he fits the requirements for our free membership program. How do you like our new energy drink?" Frank smiled.

"Yeah, it's pretty good," Logan, replied.

"A professor at a University developed it and did a test market at a fraternity, with good results. We been giving it to those in our free members program" Frank smiled as Logan took another slip.

Turning to Brandon, Frank said "Brandon my boy, why don't you go workout, while I show your friend around. Oh, and Mr. Hirostiro been looking for you."

"Sure, sir," Brandon finished his drink and headed to the locker room. Brandon almost seemed submissive around the older man. Logan never had seen his friend submissive to anyone.

Once Brandon left the lobby, Frank put his arm around Logan's board bare shoulders. "Now let me show you around." Logan looked at the man's hand on his shoulder and felt uneasy, but he let the older man lead him out of the lobby.

As they walked, Logan asked, "Brandon said that you give free membership?"

"Yes, we do. However, from what Brandon said, you don't have to worry about money." Frank replied.

Logan was uneasy that his friend was talking about his personal business. "Well, I don't received my inherence until I graduate from college. Until then my uncle give me a small allowance from my trust fund. It not much to cover the cost of living the jock life."

Frank laughed. "I see. I think we can arrange something. The free membership programs we give out are for the guys that excel in strength and fitness, it's our reward to those men that dedicate their lives to achieving the perfect male form"

"But wouldn't that cost you a lot in membership?" Logan asked.

"You would think so my boy, but it actually increases our paying members" Frank replied. "Crazy right? But the numbers don't lie."

Frank opened the door to the weight room. Logan was impressed again. The room was large and spacious with all new equipment, including at least three sets of dumbbells. The highest dumbbell weight of each set was 120lbs. There were about 10 men in the weight room, a mixture of young, muscular guys and older less in shape men. Of them, five were young men who were working out shirtless. Logan noticed that each was wearing lyria spandex workout tights or shorts. While the older men were fully dress in regular workout clothes. Logan thought it was weird but he took a slip of his Alpha-B drink and put it out of his head.

"How do you get by allowing them to workout shirtless?" Logan nodded to the group of muscle bound studs.

Frank laughed, "Our rules allow such a thing, their no women to get offended or complain. Just men focus on working out," Frank replied.

Frank led Logan through the gym. The older men looked more focus on the muscle boys then focus on working out, Logan thought, but he took another slip of the drink and let the thought fade.

"How about the tights. They pretty reviving," Logan watched a young muscle jock with a chisel hard body performing a deadlift. The spandex material stretched over his big muscular glutes. Logan wasn't much for wearing spandex workout gear.

"We provide them for our members. Many of our younger members prefer them. It gives them free range of motion." Frank kept walking. Logan took another slip.

"The cardio selection is upstairs in the gallery," Frank pointed to the second floor gallery that overlooked the main gym floor. Logan noticed several older men were ogling the shirtless guys in the weight room below them. Logan was disgusted but the thought faded as he took another slip.

"Frank my friend!" bellowed an unknown voice. An older gentleman in his 40's came over to the pair. Logan looked the man over. He was an average looking guy with a bit of a belly on him. Logan noted the man was sweating profusely, dampening his gym clothes.

"Mr. Baxter, how nice to see you." Frank replied.

"I must say I've only been here a short time but this gym is the best gym I've been in" Mr. Baxter said excitedly. "I can't believe I can fu…"

"I am glad you are enjoying the facilities Mr. Baxter" Frank quickly said.

"But I am just showing this potential new member around so if you could excuse us?"

Mr. Baxter looked Logan over and smiled "Oh I see, I'll leave you to it".

The man turned and left. Logan thought he saw the man lick his lips as he left but wasn't sure.

Frank resumed the tour, "Besides the main gym and weight room, we have a cross fit studio, MMA training facility, basketball and racquet courts, plus a locker room and wet area facilities with sauna, steam room, and hot tub." Frank led Logan out of the weight room into a long corridor with doors along each side.

"What are those rooms?" Logan asked as they pass them.

"They are for our paying members. You see there is a requirement for the members on the free program to provide some one on one personal training time to the paying members. It the only thing we ask in return for the free membership." Frank answered as he kept walking.

"In fact, I believe your friend Brandon is helping out one of our paying members now in one of these rooms"

"Oh?" Logan said. Brandon was never into helping other he thought "But I can't hear anything"

"They're sound proof my boy. Total privacy. I am sure Brandon is totally satisfying the needs of the member" Frank said with a smirk.

In fact, in one of the private rooms, Brandon was laying on a workout bench in just his favorite red wrestling shoes and a jockstrap. His muscular wrestler's legs were bounded to the weight rack, leaving his straight jock pussy exposed as a little, middle age Asian man rammed his cock in and out of him. Brandon was moaning in pleasure as the cock pounded his prostate.

Frank took Logan into the locker room. The locker room was large and spacious with a giant mirror dominating one whole wall. Men of all ages and shapes freely walked around nude. Logan was uncomfortable with all this male nudity and drunk the last of the Alpha-B. The showers were large public rooms with the showerheads lining the walls. Frank pointed out to him the large steam room and sauna. The steam was so thick in the steam room that Logan couldn't see much in there. He couldn't see the muscular black man with huge tattooed arms, on his knees giving another man a blowjob.

Finally they made it back to the lobby, and then to Frank's large office. "Well, what do you think, you want to join?" Frank offered a seat in front of his huge desk. As Logan set, Frank remained standing behind him, admiring Logan's smooth bare shoulders and back.

"The gym was great. A lot better then my college gym. However, I don't think it is for me. I am not big on an all man gym. I like the girls too much." Logan laughed.

"I understand," Frank relied. "However, we might still be able to help each other out. I was wondering if you would be interested in taking part in our latest test market?" Frank pulled out a bottle of pills and handed them over to Logan.

"What's this?" Asked the young muscled man.

"It's a new version of the Alpha-B in pill form. It's much stronger and quicker. We need testers for it. If you interested in taking part in trial, just take two of them now. Brandon been on the trial for a couple of weeks and already seen amazing results."

Logan uncapped the bottle and put two pills in his hand. He looked at them, unsure if he should take them but Brandon had gotten bigger and better looking taking the stuff. He needed to keep up with him. He placed the pills in his mouth and swallowed.

At first he felt fine but suddenly he began to feel dizzy. "w -what the fuc.." He said. He started to rise in surprise.

"Just relax my boy." Frank gently pushed the stronger Logan down. The Alpha-B drink had left Logan's mind relaxed and aided the pill form he had just taken to act quickly. "That it just relax," Frank rubbed on Logan's bare shoulders, pushing the stringer's straps aside.

Logan dozily looked down and watched as Frank freely moved his hands down his huge pecs before he passed out.

When Logan was completely out cold, Frank moved to his desk and hit the intercom button. "Alex, can you assist me with our new member?" he spoke into the intercom.

End of Part 2.

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