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Skin Trade
Chapter 1 - Logan Readman, Star Jock
By Caesar
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Chapter 1 - Logan Readman, Star Jock

Logan woke up with a woman’s arm draped over his muscular chest. Her hand moved down from his huge pecs and gently stroked his chiseled 8 pack. He smiled. He didn’t remember her name and didn’t care. She was just another random pick up. He squeezed out from under her arm and got out of the bed. The woman moaned lightly, missing his hard body. He walked naked to the bathroom, stopping in front of the mirror and checked himself out. He was the idea alpha male. Tall, over 6'4, 280lbs of chisel hard muscle. He was the captain of the wrestling team and running back for a Big 10 university football team. He exhaled confidence and masculinity. His blond hair, blue eyes and chiseled features displayed his masculine beauty.

Logan loved to show off and flex. He had a body of a Greek god, a sculptured torso with broad shoulders, a hairless smooth body except for his treasure trail, heavy pecs with silver dollar size nipples and rock hard washboard abs. His deep v cuts of his lower abdomen led to his impressive 7-inch soft cock and big heavy balls. He was proud of his cock. His next best features, he often joked, were his thick powerful legs and round firm bubble ass. Women were always complimenting him on his ass, and he even caught some guys checking it out.

Logan was use to getting attention from both women and men. Women wanted to be fucked by him and men wanted to be him. When he caught a guy checking him out, he would smirk at them and think, “Keep dreaming.” He even caught a few of his male professors, little old men, checking him out. He would tease them for good grades, but they got nothing else. He was no homo, just 100% straight a beef.

Logan smiled as the woman came up behind him and ran her hands over his muscular ass. It was so round and hard to her touch. She kissed his V-shape back. He closed his eyes, enjoying her admiration. He was already started to think of an excuse to get rid of the woman, when his friend Brandon called. He was talking to his best friend while the woman wrapped her hands around his muscular torso, teasing his treasure trail with her fingers. Brandon said he was on the way to the gym and wanted to stop by. Finding the excuse to get rid of the woman, Logan told him it would be great for him to come over. After he hung up, he told the woman that she had to leave but he would call her. Of course he had no intentions of calling her but it was something to say to make her leave. After fucking her one last time in the shower like the prized stud he was, she got dressed and left.

When Brandon showed up thirty minutes later, Logan answered the door in only a pair of shorts.

“Bro where you been? I haven’t seen you at the gym. Oh you want a beer?” He said.

They gripped each other’s hands in a bro hug. Brandon was one of the few guys that Logan considers his equal. Brandon was only two inches shorter than Logan with dark hair and eyes. Like Logan, he was on the wrestling team. The skin tight under armour shirt displayed his chisel torso and his baggy sweatpants did nothing to hide his muscular ass. In fact Logan noticed his friend was looking bigger then the last time he saw him.

Brandon got as much women as Logan did. In his short time at the university, he had become a legend when it came to the opposite sex. One week into his freshmen year, Brandon had fucked the female English professor, and by the end of first semester he was fucking the dean’s wife.

“Dude, I been working out at the Skin Trade gym,” he replied as they walked into the apartment, he took the beer that Logan handed him.

“Skin Trade? That’s that exclusive gym isn’t it?” Logan said as he slipped his beer.

“Yeah, man. I’m working out there for free,” Brandon excitedly said.

“Free? How?” Logan’s curiosity was peaked.

"They are offering free memberships to college jocks like us. The owners think it will lure new members in when they see that some hot guy like us working out there.”

“Isn’t it all guys?” Logan asked being suspicious that it too good to be true.

"Yeah, but it free. Plus they’re no uptight women there or any distractions.” Brandon said.

"Don’t know man. No chicks to show off for,” Logan laughed and flexed his huge arms. His biceps swelled to gigantic proportions as he flexed.

Brandon laughed, “I am on my way there now. Come with me, I’ll introduced you to the manager and you can check the place out.”

"Ok, man. Must be really good to get you this excited. Let me finish getting dressed and I’ll go with you.” Logan finished his beer and headed to the bedroom.

Brandon smiled as he watched his friend walked in the bedroom. He pulled out his cellphone and texted, “He is coming, sir.” A few seconds later the phone beeped and he read the reply, “good boy.” Brandon felt so proud and his cock hardens in his jockstrap that he wore under his sweatpants.

To be continued.

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