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Stupid Cupid
Chapter 7 - Mission Two
By baboonfan

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On the subject of the supernatural, Hollywood has always been off the mark. The monsters you see on the silver screen are just terrible stereotypes that have been around for centuries. Anne Rice? Complete baloney. The Blob? Hogwash. Don’t get me started on Underworld. Monsters are people too, just with fangs or claws or slime. If you got to know some, maybe you would see them in a different light…

* * * *

Lucas Erickson smiled down at his cousin. “You enjoying the barbecue?” he asked jovially, taking a swig from a bottle. It wasn’t beer, but BITE. BITE was bottled blood, made especially for vampires, like himself. It came in several flavors, orange, grape, cherry, vanilla, and of course, O positive.

Miles Erickson shifted his feet from side to side and said, “Um, yeah. Sure.” He was lying. Miles didn’t enjoy social gatherings. He was a quiet, reserved person, which was not unusual for vampires. But since he knew his cousin worried about him being antisocial, he reluctantly came. It was the annual monster barbecue. It was always held on the last weekend of July, and all the monsters in the neighborhood were there. The zombies were break-dancing, (breaking apart in the process), the lizard men were talking politics near the bonfire, and the gremlins were busy lighting off leftover fireworks, giggling like crazy when these exploded in a shower of sparks. Nearly every monster you could imagine was in attendance.

Lucas patted his shorter cousin on the back. “C’mon! Have some fun. Have a nacho, ask someone to dance. There are plenty of guys here.” He pointed towards a young cyclops guy with a cute haircut. Even though they were related, Miles and Lucas couldn’t be more different. Lucas was social and outgoing, Miles was loner. Miles was gay, and Lucas was straight, though supportive of his cousin’s lifestyle. Lucas had classic good looks; built body, spiky blond hair, and was six foot two. Miles had a slighter, more slender body, with thick wavy black hair, and was a less than average five foot 4 inches in height. His two redeeming features were his flawless pale skin, which comes naturally to vampires, and his clear blue eyes behind his glasses.

“I, I don’t think so. Is it time to go home yet?” Miles asked. He was becoming more and more uncomfortable by the minute with this large crowd.

“Aww c’mon. Don’t be like that. There’s someone I want to introduce you to. HEY DRAKE!” Lucas led Miles to the grill by the hand.

“Lucas! Please, no!” Miles struggled in vain to escape his bigger cousin’s grasp. Lucas only let go when they had reached the grill. Standing in front of the hot grill was a huge hunk of man. He was about six and a half feet tall, and was as wide as Miles was tall. Massive slabs of muscle filled out his frame, threatening to rip his tight clothes at a moments notice. Chestnut hair covering his arms and beefy legs, climbing over his collar, and spreading over his big hands. His skin had the tan of a man that worked long hours in the sun. He had a few days worth of stubble on his square chin, and his hair was falling on his shoulders. The only thing that marred his perfection was the ridiculous apron he was wearing. It said “Kiss the Cook” in bright red letters, and had red lipstick kisses all over it. It was laughably small on his large torso, and had a white frill around the edges.

“Drake, I would like you to meet my cousin, Miles. Miles, this is Drake. He works at the moving company with me, he works the day shift though.” Lucas explained happily.

“H-hi.” Miles stammered, offering a hand to shake. Drake gently took Miles small pale hand in his big bronzed one. He bent down slightly and raised Miles’ hand to his mouth.

“Enchanté,” he purred. Then he placed a dry whiskery kiss on the back of Miles’ hand. His lips felt hot on Miles’ cool skin. Miles shuddered as heat spread through him.

“N-n-n-nice t-t-to meet you,” Miles stuttered. His deep blush was starkly contrasting to his pale skin. Lucas, ever the matchmaker, got a sly grin. “I’m gonna go get a new drink.” Then he quickly ran off to the other side of the yard. Drake just grinned.

“So, are you a vampire like Lucas?” Drake asked. Miles, still blushing just nodded.

“W-what kind of monster are you?” Miles asked, mustering down his shyness.

“I think I’ll let you figure it out on your own. So, what do you do for a living?” he asked, flipping a burger.

“I actually have two jobs. I work the night shift at the supermarket and during the day I’m the computer guy at the local library. It’s my job to catalog all the books and put the new ones into the system. “

“You work during the day? Isn’t that a problem for vampires?” Drake asked carefully.

“Not really. We’re not as sensitive to the sun as most people think, it just burns our skin if we stay out too long. But since I work indoors, it’s really not an issue,” Miles explained. Suddenly Drake stiffened. He started sniffing the air like crazy.

“Is something wrong?” Miles asked, concerned. Drake kept sniffing. “You smell that?” Drake asked hoarsely. Miles took a tentative sniff. “Nope. What is it?” Drake was still smelling. The great intakes of air sounded like snorts now.

“I dunno. But it’s REALLY good! Smells kinda spicy, like a cologne, but mixed with food.” sniff sniff sniff. Drake leaned forward. “It’s, sniff sniff, it’s coming from, sniff sniff, YOU!” Drake grabbed Miles by the shoulders and pulled him close. He took long dragging breaths of Mile’s neck. “Mmmmm.” He closed his eyes in pleasure. Then Drake released that this was creepy. Miles had gone still with shock. Drake took a step back.

“Uh, sorry about that.” Drake said sheepishly.

“N-No problem.” Even though it was a bit of the shock when he was grabbed, being pressed up against Drake’s big body had turned him on enormously. From the look of the big bulge, Drake wasn’t unaffected either.

“I know this is kind of sudden, but do you want to do something next weekend?”

“Like what?” Miles asked eagerly. Usually he never went on dates, but this guy was really hot, and seemed interested in him.

“Dinner and a movie?” Drake suggested

“I’d love to,” Miles replied happily.

They talked and flirted until the party ended a few hours later. They parted ways and said their goodbyes.

Later Drake met up with his best friend and occasional fuck buddy, Ralph.

“Hey Drake! What’s the matter? You seem bummed,” Ralph asked concerned. Being a mover like Drake, he had a similar sexy build, though his shoulders were less wide. He was a Mork, half ogre, half orc, with forest green skin, and a huge pair of pearly tusks at the sides of his mouth. His head was perfectly bald, but he had a bushy brown goatee on his chin.

“I just met a great guy, and were going on a date next Saturday,” Drake replied glumly.

“Yeah, that would depress the hell out of me too,” Ralph replied sarcastically.

“No you don’t understand. He smells so good.”

“I thought your species was big on smells?”

“We are, but the way we choose are mates for life is from a special smell they give off.” Just remembering Miles’ scent was arousing him. Ralph just whistled.

“So this guy’s the one huh? Well, I’m happy for you.” Ralph said amiably.

“No you don’t understand. He’s a vampire.” Drake explained.

“So, I thought your kind got along great with vampires?”


“We do. But I’ve never dated outside my species. I don’t know what to do! I need this date to go perfectly, but I’m out of my element here!” Drake whined.

“Hey, no prob! Just do all the stuff you would usually do with one of your kind. It can’t be that different.”

* * * * * *

One Week later

Ring-rring, ring-rring. Miles picked up the phone. It was Lucas.

“Hey! How’s my favorite cousin! Ready for your date?”

“A-actually, I’m thinking of not going,” Miles stuttered.

“What? No way! Why?!”

“Some freaky stuff has been happening lately.”

“Like what? Are you okay?” Lucas asked.

“I’m fine, but I don’t feel safe going out. Someone’s been leaving dead animals on my doorstop, and I hear howling every night. In the morning, I find my windows coated in slime!” Miles fearfully explained.

“Wow, that does sound weird. Maybe you should stay in, and call the police. This may be serious.” Lucas said, concerned. “I’m sure if you just explain what’s happening to Drake, he’ll understand.”


“That must be him now.” And he had been looking forward to this date.

“Call me if ANYTHING else happens!”

“Okay I will, bye!” Miles hung up the phone. As he walked to the door, he mentally prepared what he was going to say to let Drake down easy. Then he open the door.

Standing on his Welcome Mat, had to be the sexiest man alive. Drake could have put any GQ model to shame. He was wearing a sexy Italian suit that looked like it was painted on. Without the tie, the top of his hairy slab like pecs were exposed to perfection. He had grown out his stubble to sexy whiskers that Miles just wanted to run his fingers through, and his long hair was pulled back in a sexy ponytail. The best part was the cologne. It was spicy and musky, the scent of manliness.

“Hi,” Drake purred. “Ready to go?”

“A-Actually, I think I need to stay home,” Miles said quietly.

“W-What?! Why?” Drake asked, startled and disappointed.

“I just don’t feel safe going out. I think something’s out to get me.” Miles said


“Strange noises in the night, a weird smell all over the place, and dead animals on the porch. It’s scary.”

“Oh.” Drake said, suddenly looking sheepish. “You think that’s scary?”

“Yes! It’s like one of those mob movies where a guy finds a horse’s head in his bed!” Miles said, exasperated.

“Babe, no one is out to whack you. That was all me.” Drake said, amused at Miles’ active imagination.

“That was you?! You’re the reason I’ve been scared to go out at night? What kind of sick person leaves animal carcasses on the stoop?!” Drake stooped down so he could look in Miles’ eyes.

“A lovesick werewolf.” he said huskily.

“You’re a werewolf?” Miles asked quietly.

“Yup. ‘Fraid so. I have two personalities. One human, one wolf. My human half wants to date you, but my wolf half wants to sweep you off your feet and fuck you, NOW!”

“Why did you do that stuff?”

“Those noises you heard were my wolf half howling, serenading you. That weird smell is my piss. I was marking my territory, telling all the other animals in the area to fuck off. And the animal carcasses,” he grinned, and flexed his arm, the fabric threatening to burst into shreds, “those were just to show you I can be your macho provider.”

“And the slime on the windows?”

Drake looked kinda sheepish again. “Uh, that was my wolf half trying to get a taste of you. Your skin gives of a delicious aroma. It’s.. mouthwatering.” He leaned into the crook of Miles’ neck and took a deep whiff.

“And when is your wolf half going to stop courting me?” Miles asked.

“As soon as we have sex. Now, I’m not saying we have to. We can take things slow.. WHOAH!” Drake exclaimed as Miles grabbed him and dragged him into the house.

“Why didn’t you say so in the first place?” Miles asked happily.

Even though he was short, he still had amazing vampire strength. He pulled Drake along by the back of his shirt, down a hall and into a room. Then he picked up the studly werewolf and threw him onto his bed.

“You mean, you’re ready for this?” Drake asked excitedly.

“You kidding? I’ve been daydreaming about this all week. Now get naked!” Miles ordered, his fangs sliding out a little. Drake desperately ripped off his shirt and shucked his pants. His slowly stiffening member flopped onto his hairy thighs. It had to be thirteen inches, and it wasn’t even fully hard yet. Miles gazed at it hungrily, sensing the blood flowing into the hefty length.

When Drake reached out to him, Miles roughly grabbed Drake’s hands and pushed them to the top of the bed. Drake was hardening quickly as Miles showed this surprising new side of himself. Still holding Drake’s hands near the bed post with one hand, Miles reached under the mattress and pulled out two large pairs of silver handcuffs.

“Where did you get those?” Drake asked, his breathing becoming labored with arousal.

“My dad is a cop. He gave me a few pairs, just in case.” He gently cuffed one of Drake’s wrists, slipped the other half through the bed’s frame, then cuffed the other wrist. He then did a similar job with his ankles. Unlike many stories will tell you, silver doesn’t hurt werewolves, it only weakens them.

“That bed has been reinforced. Go ahead. Try to get free,” Miles said with a grin. Drake experimentally tugged at the cuffs, but the bed held strong.

“Sorry. You’re not going anywhere tonight. You’re my prisoner,” Miles said softly with an evil grin. Drake’s cock was now as hard as a diamond. He made little thrusts into the air, trying to get relief.

“Babe, you gotta cool it. The wolf is coming. He’s getting loose,” Drake whined. With an air of indifference, Miles tugged of his shirt, exposing the pale skin, the flat belly, and the sparse hairs on his chest.

“Let him come.” He grabbed a newspaper of his bedside table and rolled it up. “That puppy needs to be punished.” With that, the last bit of Drake’s willpower collapsed. His body lurched in his restraints, and a thick coat of fur sprouted all over his body. His face pushed out into a big muzzle full of fangs. His ears relocated to the top of his head and grew pointed and canine like. A fluffy plume of a tail grew out of the top of his ass. His dick grew even harder if possible, as it thickened and lengthened to the size of a regular man’s arm, covered in a pattern of veins, with a vicious grapefruit sized knot at the base.

The wolf let out a growl. His eyes focused intently on Miles intently, his jowls filling with drool. Miles looked on, pretending not to be impressed.

“So you’re the big bad wolf causing all the trouble,” he said condescendingly. The wolf let out a rough woof in agreement.

“That was very naughty of you, peeing all over my yard, licking at my windows.” Miles said, as he removed his pants and underwear in one motion. The wolf murred appreciatively at Miles’ nakedness, glancing longingly at his hard six inch dick.

“No!” Miles said, swatting the big furry hear with the newspaper. “Bad dogs don’t get sex! Bad dogs get the Times across the face!” He swatted again. The wolf growled at him angrily, wanting sex and not accepting no for an answer.

“BAD DOG! No growling!” Another swat. The wolf whined in protest. Miles ran a small hand through the beast’s thick fur and felt the hard muscles underneath it. He fingered the hard ridges of the brick sized abdominal muscles, circled around the navel, and stopped right above the top of the wolf’s cock. Wolf/Drake gave a strangled moan, and gave a sharp upward thrust into the air, precum making the head shine in the moonlight flooding through the windows.

“Do you want to be a good dog for me?” Miles asked teasingly, still fingering the fur above the groin. The creature softly howled in distress and yanked on his cuffs, begging for some TLC for his tender parts. “Oh, you want to be a good boy?” Miles asked. Drake/Wolf yapped excitedly at the prospect of release. He yipped relentlessly until Miles shoved his hand inside the huge snout. At first his hand was scratched by a tooth, but the wolf quickly laved the slight wound with his powerful warm tongue. He sucked on Miles hand like it was candy, licking every last inch of each tasty digit.

“If you’re going to be a good boy, that means I can reward you.” Miles brushed his fingers tips over base of the pre spewing member, making the wolf shudder with pleasure. Using his free hand he grabbed the massive hunk of meat and started stroking, his hand not coming close to encompassing its huge girth. Miles stroked fast and hard, making the wolf whine and yip around his pacifier.

Suddenly, Miles yanked his handout of the wolf’s mouth, and started rubbing the monster cock at full force. The wolf was yowling in pleasure, his knot inflating, and his cock head turning purple with blood. Miles, sensing it was time, plunged his fangs into the engorged head, which triggered Drake’s orgasm. As the rich blood filled Miles’ mouth in delicious mouthfuls, the wolf shot boiling cum out of his dick like a firehouse. Jets of it were spraying everywhere, coating Miles, the bed, and matting into the wolf’s warm fur.

Finally, after the tenth or eleventh volley of cum, the wolf collapsed in a satisfied heap, the puncture marks on his dick healing instantly. The fur, tail, and snout receded, and Drake resumed his human form.

“My god,” Drake moaned blissfully. “You broke him. You broke the wolf.”

“Yup.” Miles said smugly. “And tomorrow morning, it’s your turn.” Miles snuggled into Drake’s big chest, not bothering to free him or pull up the blankets. Their body heat was enough to keep them warm.

Drake groaned in pleasure. “What have I gotten myself into?” He asked sleepily. With that, he let out a long, happy howl before falling asleep with Miles.

* * * *

Rring Rring Rriing. Lucas picked up the phone.

“Did you hear that?” the deep voice asked.

“’Course I did. I think the whole town did.” Lucas joked. “How did you know that they would hit it off so well?” He asked.

The deep voice chuckled. “Just have a sixth sense about these things. Well, it was certainly fun working with you these last couple days.”

“Sure was! Drop by again sometime. We can always use the occasional extra hand.”

“Will do! Bye.” Then there was the sound of the dial tone. “Nice guy.” Lucas said to himself. “Needs to trim that beard though; it’s like a rope hanging off his chin.

to be continued...

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