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Stupid Cupid
Chapter 8 - Office Politics
By baboonfan

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Samson sighed deeply.

“What’s wrong?” said his partner, Goliath.

“What’s wrong is the stupid “no dating” rules here.” Samson said. By here he meant the home office of Cupid, the god of straight love and sex. They were sitting at the monitor, watching for possible love connections.

Goliath was a handsome Asian man, with a close shaved hair and cute dimples. He had a sexy goatee and flawless skin that displayed his bodybuilder physique perfectly. Like most of the love organizations, Cupid’s uniform consisted of only a tiny g-string, in a shade of blue, like the other guy’s in the straight sector.

“Yeah, the boss man has it easy. He has a hot wife to go home to. We have to go home with blue balls every day.” Said Goliath. “Those lucky bastards over at Eros’ office. They get to have sex ALL the time! And they’re always surrounded by their sexual preferences.”

“But even if Cupid hired women, we couldn’t date them. The “no inter-office fraternization” clause, remember?” Samson explained. Samson was wearing a similar g-string on his swimmer’s build. His chest was smooth and tanned as a surfer, and his hair was spiky and blond.

One of their workmates fluttered in on his pair of tiny blue wings.

“Hey guys, the boss wants you to deliver this envelope to the boss of the gay cupid sector.” He gave Goliath a manila envelope and flew away.

“Well, let’s get this over with.” Samson said.

They snapped their fingers and disappeared.


Samson and Goliath appeared in Eros’ marble hall. It was dark and silent.

“Hellooo?!” Samson called. “Is anyone there?” His voice echoed down the vast, empty hall.

They flapped their tiny blue wings and hovered down the hall.

“Looks like no one is here.” Said Goliath.

“Actually, there IS someone here.” A deep voice called from the darkness.

Thick, burly arms shot out of nowhere and covered their mouths. The men struggled against the fierce grip of the larger men. But then they smelled something suffocatingly sweet… chloroform! Then, they passed out.


Samson awoke in a tight, dark, cramped space. The walls were warm and soft though.

“Uggh.” He moaned.

“Samson?! That you?” Goliath asked, panicked.

As Goliath shifted around, Samson realized that the soft wall was in fact Goliath’s body. Samson felt a warm, sticky wetness around his ankles.

“Where are we?” Goliath asked. “And why does it feel like I’m standing on the floor of a movie theatre?”

“I don’t know.” Samson said, slight panic creeping into his voice. “We just need to stay calm and think of a way out.” As he struggled to find room in the cramped space, he realized that he was naked, as was Goliath. Unfortunately, the warmth spreading through his body from the liquid at his feet and the friction against his naked body was resulting in an erection.

Goliath noticed. “Damn, are you getting hard bro?”

Embarrassed, Samson said,” Ignore that man. Think of a way out of here!”

Now Goliath was feeling it. His soft member was starting to harden.

“What’s happening?! I’m NOT gay!” Goliath emphasized.

“I dunno, iz getting’ hard ta think…” Samson slurred. His large dick was already halfway up.

“Samson?! Snap out of it man! We gotta get out of here!” Goliath yelled.

“Uh-huh. Out.” Samson said, as if drunk. He slowly rubbed himself harder into his friend.

“WAKE UP!” Goliath shouted. He felt the hot wetness touch his waist. “Man, the goop is rising!” he tried to reason, but Samson wasn’t listening to logic anymore. Had it not been dark, Goliath would have seen Samson’s big 9 inch cock up to full mast, pre oozing out of the tip. His eyes glazed over in a fog of lust.

As Samson continued to rub himself harder into Goliath, his friend was succumbing to the same lust.

“Oooo. No, no, I.. I gotta think.” Goliath moaned as Samson gave a particularly slow thrust against him. Their stiff cocks rubbing together to create delicious friction. The liquid was up to their pecs, and still rising.

Panting, they seized each-other’s mouth in a violent, lip-mashing kiss, moaning. As the liquid finally reached the top of their heads, they blew their loads, and contentedly let themselves fade into the darkness, while locked in a final embrace.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

“They can still breath in there, right Master?” Jerry asked Eros, concerned.

“Of course, pet. It’s the same method I used to change you. They can breath easily through the fluid.” Eros explained, rubbing Jerry’s head. Jerry leaned into the caress. “I’m glad my brother transferred these new recruits to me. They have the potential to be very sexy bear Jerry’s package.

“MMM. Sir, are you up to it after filling that giant egg with your cream?” Jerry asked, fingering the hose connected to the obscene dick of his master.

“That? Just a warm up, my pet.” He said arrogantly. Eros pulled the hose of his cock with a wet pop. His monster sprang to attention. “Ready for round two?” He asked huskily.

To be continued...






This is all I have so far. Hope you enjoy it!