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Stupid Cupid
Chapter 6 - First Reward
By baboonfan

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Jerry poofed himself back to Eros' throne room. Eros looked sinfully sexy sitting on the throne, his hairy bulk overwhelming the chair. His golden eyes filled with lust and mirth.

"You did a good job my pet." Eros rumbled sexily. "Come forward for your reward."

Jerry felt his cock grow hard in an instant. He felt a reawakening hunger grow in his belly as he walked to Eros. He stood before the sex god, quaking with lust and craving his delicious seed. Eros stroked Jerry's stubbled chin with a knuckle.

"Kneel, my pet." He commanded. Jerry slumped to the ground, drinking in the masculine smell of his boss. He reeked of tantalizing spices, and warmth, and testosterone. He was the very essence of manliness. Jerry could practically taste the musk rolling of his body, and beneath the tiny pink uniform held the most powerful of the scent.

Eros tugged gently at the string holding his skimpy g-string together. Immediately his mammoth dick thwacked him in the chest. The god's cock gave of much more powerful musk. The bowling ball nuts churning with his next piping hot meal. It drove Jerry insane with hunger and he felt his stomach cramp. He looked into Eros' eyes, pleading for permission to worship his god.

Eros smiled. "Yes, Jerry, feast. You have earned it." Jerry stroked the whale dick with his thick sausage finger. The monster lurched. Jerry wrapped his big hands around the cock. He couldn't even get his hands around the thing! The he gave the mighty head a big lick. A thick spurt of pre rocketed out of the tip into Jerry's face. Not wanting to waste anymore of the precious fluid, Jerry shoved the enormous head into his mouth. Eros looked on with amusement. This often happened with his employees. They get one taste of his cum and they are hooked for life. He loved Jerry's determination to get every last drop, even if the poor guy could neve r fit his whole penis in his mouth. When Jerry slid another inch into his throat he moaned in delight. He could get used to this.

Eros felt his orgasm approaching. Suddenly, a cruel idea entered his head. He pressed down on the back of Jerry's head. Jerry moaned in distress around the obscene babymaker as several more inches slid down his throat. Before he had a chance to dislodge himself, Eros reached his peak. He stood up from his chair, placed his hands on his hips, gave a mighty final pelvic charge, and roared like a lion.

The firehouse of cum shooting into his gullet was far too much for Jerry. He could feel the searing hot liquid gush through the cock, down his throat and into his hungry gullet. He couldn't help picturing the taste of deviantly delicious desserts dancing down his tonsils. After only a few seconds Jerr's hunger abated, but still the jizz came. A raging river of semen flooded every inch of his digestive tract, choking poor Jerry. Eros watched on with a leer on his handsome hairy face.

After what seemed like an hour, Eros dick stopped shooting cum into Jerry. Eros pulled his dick from his employee's mouth like a mother taking away a nipple from an infant.

"How was it my pet?" he asked huskily. Jerry just looked up at him with adoring eyes, and let out an enormous belch. Eros let out a big booming laugh. If wasn't a cruel laugh at all, it was warm and friendly. "Glad you enjoyed it. And apparently, so did your body."

Jerry gazed down at himself. He saw his already huge muscles stretching and growing to even more immense proportions. His once defined stomach was distended and round. As he moved Jerry could hear the sloshing of Eros' heavy cream inside. The itty bitty pink bottom he was wearing threatened to tear with the slightest breath. He felt his cock thicken with blood, and grow to all new lengths. He could feel his bubble butt balloon outwards, becoming rounder, juicier, testing the limits of the fragile fabric.

Perhaps strangest of all was his body hair. He already had a thick pelt of it all over, but now it seemed more like a fur coat. He ran his fingers through his new pelt and growled with pleasure as his hands ran through the silky fur, grazing his big pink nipples hidden beneath the hair. His stubble had grown to an incredible beard and stache, thicker and longer than all the members of ZZ Top combined.

Eros picked at a strand of Jerry's facial hair. "Hmm, we'll have to do something about this, won't we pet?" Jerry just stared back at him with puppy love reflecting in his eyes. Eros weaved the long beard/mustache into a thick, rope like braid. Eros smiled in satisfaction at his handy work, and gave an experimental tug. Jerry's face immediately followed. "A dog on a leash", Eros thought.

"Come, my pet. Let us see your next assignment." He gently tugged on the hair leash and Jerry followed like a dutiful dog, his big rump swishing beneath the skimpy g-s tring, and the beginnings of a tiny pair of wings fluttering on his back.

to be continued...

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