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Stupid Cupid
Chapter 4 - Job Description
By baboonfan

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Jerry awoke to the feeling of a big strong tongue on his body. Jerry opened his eyes with an aroused moan. Eros was holding him in his arms and sucking the last of the cum off of Jerry's toes. Jerry gave a big masculine purr as Eros looked into his eyes gave one last lick to the Jer's big toe.

"Now that you've had breakfast, it's time to go to work." Eros growled. He gently set Jerry on his feet.

"First things first, your uniform." Eros snapped his big fingers and two new hunks poofed before him in two pink puffs of smoke. One was black and the other was Japanese, but both of them were just as hunky and hairy as everyone else Jerry had met. They sported identical thick mustaches, and they looked adoringly at Eros.

"Men, help your new brother get ready for work," Eros ordered. "Nate, tie his tie. Toby, help him with the strings." The bearish black man held a pink tie in his hand, and looped it around Jerry's thick neck. Then he gave Jerry a deep sexy kiss, their facial hair rasping. The Asian man came from behind them and looped a pink string bikini around Jerry's waist. He reached between Jerry's legs and pulled the last string to the other two just above the crack of Jer's muscle ass. With surprisingly nimble fingers for a man his size, the man tied the stings into a loose knot.

"Now now boys," Eros chuckled. "Work before pleasure." The two hunks stepped away from Jerry and walked out of through the doors, fondling each other. Jerry gazed longingly at their retreating bubble butts.

"Don't worry Jerry. As soon as you do your job, you get to have fun to," Eros reassured him.

"What is my job?" Jerry inquired in his new growling voice.

"Glad you asked." Eros snapped his fingers again. This time the enormous ball in the middle of the room glowed with a beautiful light and it seemed to explode. The shards of the crystals floated in the air, and projected inside of each crystal was an image. Images of lots of men, but not just regular men. There were aliens and monsters and animal-like things.

"What is this?" Jerry asked in wonder as a shard floated past his face. Inside this shard was the image of two robots yelling at each other.

"Those are shards of love. They project the destinies of love for all male couples in all universes. They help us see which couples need help in making their love blossom," Eros explained.

"Our job is.. love?" Jerry asked, watching another shard pass by, this time with the image of two turtles swimming together in graceful arcs under water.

"More like, we help Homosexual male love along. My brother, Cupid, does heterosexual love."

"I thought you were Cupid?" Jerry inquired, confused.

"Being cupid is just a job, like being a doctor, or a teacher. I don't know what my mom was thinking when she named us." Eros shook his hairy head.

"Your mom?" Jerry asked, becoming lightheaded.

"Aphrodite, the goddess of love. She coordinates all lesbian love."

"But I thought Aphrodite only had one son?" Jerry asked, remembering the myth from high school.

"Naw, most people got it wrong, thinking the Romans and the Greeks just changed the names in the stories, but actually, every Greek god or goddess has a Roman twin. Hades has Pluto, I have Cupid. The Romans didn't have a love god, so they borrowed Cupid."

Jerry's head was swimming from all the new knowledge. Gods? Goddesses? Cupids? Turtles? When does it end? Noticing Jerry's confusion, Eros changed the subject.

"Anyway, if you want to earn your wings, you have to complete a few missions first. Help some couples realize their love, and make the world a better place, etc."

Jerry suddenly became indignant. All his life he was taught that homosexuality was a sin, and despite his recent suckfest with Vigo and Max, some of the old teachings clung to him weakly.

"What if I don't want to?" Jerry asked, raising his chin defiantly. Eros lost the look of kindness in his eyes, and his warm smile turned into a snarl. Then he glared at Jerry and snapped his fingers.

Instantly, Jerry felt explosive pain in his chest. It felt like someone was ripping open his pec. Jerry doubled over in pain and roared in anguish. He looked down at his nipple to see that the little outline of a heart was glowing an angry orange and red. It felt like it was one fire.

"AAAAHHH!" Jerry screamed. "MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE! OH GOD! I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! AAARHG! MAKE IT STOP!" Eros clicked his fingers again and the pain ended. Jerry collapsed in a big sweaty pile of muscle, relief from the pain spreading throughout his body.

Eros kneeled and grabbed Jerry by his thick black hair. He raised him to eye- level and glared into his eyes.

"I am your master. You WILL obey every order I give you, or you will suffer ten times what you just felt. Your old life is gone forever, so you better learn to love your new one. Pick yourself up, we have work to do." Eros released his head, and it thudded to the floor.

Jerry quickly rose to his feet, scared to anger the hirsute hottie again. He had never felt such intense pain before and didn't want to experience it ever again. Jerry snapped to attention, ready to follow his next orders, not caring what they could be. Only one thought raced through his mind over and over again.

He's really sexy when he's pissed.

to be continued...

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