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Stupid Cupid
Chapter 3 - Dinner with the Boss
By baboonfan

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Jerry stood stupidly in the shower and glared at Vigo's little wings through the fog of his lust. They were little dove wings, ridiculously tiny compared to the guy's body, but they were adorable!

Vigo noticed his staring and grinned. He flexed a muscle in his back, and the wings started flapping.

"Like 'em, Jer?" Vigo asked. Jerry just kept on glaring as Vigo lifted himself a few feet in the air. Jerry's cock was already hard as a rock, but now it was becoming more like steel. His giant dick gave a little SPLUT of precum. The pre landed in a big blob on his chin. Blondie noticed this and slurped it off Jerry's face with one big lick. Jerry loved the feeling of the guy's tongue on his whiskers.

"How does he taste, Max?" Vigo asked, floating back down.

"Mmm. Like meat. A juicy, well done steak." Blondie said, savoring it in his mouth.

"Let me have a taste." Vigo grabbed Jerry's monster dick by the head and sucked up some pre. Jerry tried to hump Vigo's hand, but Vigo quickly let go.

"Yeah, this guy tastes great! Wish we could keep him to ourselves, but the boss would kill us." Vigo sighed.

"Let's take him to Eros now. He's been asking about him," Max said.

Before Jerry could react, Max grabbed his wrists and forced them behind his back. Vigo got some rope and securely tied them Jerry's hands. Jerry strained against the ropes, but even with his new strength, he couldn't make them budge.

"Don't bother trying to escape," Vigo said to him calmly. "That rope has been specially treated to hold you."

Jerry growled with anger and struggled some more, his muscles bulging and sweating with effort. Max gave him a hard slap on the ass.

"Stop that," Max said sternly. "If you don't behave, then Master Eros will punish you, and we won't be able to play with you." Max took one big hand and cupped Jerry's massive sack, the melon-sized balls overflowing his palm.

Jerry growled again and gave a savage thrust into the air. His mind was becoming more animalistic, and his need to fuck was clouding whatever sense he had left. Vigo took another length of rope and tied it around the base of Jer's nuts. "C'mon big guy, time to meet the boss." He led Jerry down an immaculate white hall by the leash.

The tugging at his balls just fueled Jerry's desire to screw. Not once during the walk did Jerry's gaze divert from Vigo's manly butt. The muscles clenched and relaxed as he walked. Jerry snarled and could feel his drool falling onto his pecs.

They led him to the forbidden doors and opened them wide. The room behind the doors had to be twice the size of Jerry's old apartment. It had marble Corinthian columns but no furniture except for a giant transparent pink marble in the middle of the room and an enormous throne at the end of it.

Sitting in the throne had to be, in Jerry's opinion, the God of all men. It was Eros, just as intimidating and impressive as before, but even more so now because he had stripped down to the same pink g-string that Max and Vigo wore.

Eros was had more muscle on him than Vigo and Max put together. This chiseled Adonis put all three of the men to shame. His arms and legs were thick as telephone poles and beautifully defined, without the disgusting veiny-ness that pro bodybuilders have. His stomach rippled into an embossed eight pack, and his upper body was graced with two concrete slabs for pecs, each topped with a silver dollar-sized, silky pink nipple. His hands were thick pizza paddles, and his feet were probably a size 20, perfectly proportioned to his limbs. Every inch of Eros' massive frame was covered in a luxuriously thick coat of midnight black manfur. His face was still breathtaking with his mane of wild hair and meticulously trimmed facial hair. A tiny pair of wings was just visible over his ox like shoulders. The most intimidating thing of all had to be his crotch. Jerry knew that the other two guys were hung like moose, but Eros must have had a whale dick. The g-string wasn't even making a half-hearted attempt to cover the obscene bulge; to even try was laughable.

Eros saw the direction of Jer's gaze through his golden eyes, and gave that big rumbling laugh of his. "Welcome Jerry. Welcome to your new life."

Jerry could feel Eros' voice rumble within his own chest, and he felt an overwhelming sense of calm come over him. He felt his stomach clench painfully at the rich scent coming from Eros' groin.

Eros just smiled. "Hungry? Let's see if we can help you out. Vigo, Max, you know the drill." The three hunks grinned and pulled at the knot holding their g-strings together. The fabric fluttered to the floor, and the men's bull dicks slapped them in the chest. Eros' cock actually came close to his face, right in front of his mouth. The men began stroking their penises with both hands.

"Kneel," Max ordered, and Jerry fell to his muscular knees, his wrists behind him still held captive by the ropes. By now the men's efforts had been rewarded with thick streams of pre falling to the floor like faucets. Jerry's stomach made a loud noise, hungry for the thick liquid. Max bent his knees and aimed his cock at Jer's mouth. Wasting no time, Jerry latched onto the dick and began sucking the hot, thick cream out of the cock. Upon first tasting it, Jerry was surprised that the pre tasted like hardy cornbread and beefy chili. He could actually taste the spices on his tongue. Jerry could feel his stomach being filled, and his hunger was abating. After a few minutes of sucking, Max withdrew his cock. Jerry tried to follow his meal, with streams of precum still leaking from his mouth. He felt like crying, until he saw the hot Italian's dick.

Like before, Jerry glomped onto the dick and suckled like a baby sucks a teat. Vigo's cum tasted like pasta, with a big spicy Italian sausage. While the scorching liquid was running down his throat, Jerry looked up at Vigo. Vigo smiled warmly back at him and stroked his head. Jerry increased his sucking to a faster pace. But, once again, his dinner was cut short when Vigo pulled back.

Jerry was becoming desperate. He needed to end the gnawing in his belly, but they wouldn't let him feed! Jerry broke out of his melancholy when he felt Eros' shadow upon him. He looked longingly at the monstrous pulsing man meat. Jerry tried to shove his mouth over the head, but Eros wasn't going to make things easy for him.

"You want this?" he teased. Jerry nodded emphatically. Eros grabbed his pre-hose and waved it under Jerry's nose. Jerry shuddered with pleasure as he smelled the tang of citrus. "But I thought you weren't gay?" Eros teased. Jerry was going mad with need, his desire for cum was approaching unbearable.

"Gay, straight, bi, I don't care! All I know is that I need your cum! Give it to me you sexy bastard!" Jerry screamed.

Eros' eyes darkened with lust at the admission and drove the head of his prick deep into Jerry's throat. Jerry closed his eyes in bliss. This was heaven! All he was aware of was the taste of cream cheese and fruit, filling the emptiness inside him. In the background, Max and Vigo were engaged in a fierce 69, both studs trying to shove the entirety of the other's cock down their esophagus.

Once he had relaxed his throat enough, Jerry preformed the miracle of sucking down almost all of Eros' meat. His chin rested on the bowling ball-sized testicles, as they churned to make his meal. Suddenly, the balls lurched upward, as Eros was brought to orgasm.

Eros gave a final thrust of his cock, and he let out an ear-shattering roar of satisfaction. His dick had become a fire hose, spraying gallons a second into Jerry's gullet. Seeing that their master had achieved climax, Vigo and Max let loose their own creamy reward into each other's bodies. Jerry just kneeled on the floor while frantically trying to keep up with the torrent of cum. His hunger had long since disappeared, but he didn't want to miss a single nanosecond of this euphoria. The heavy stream of ejaculation became a spout, then trickle, until nothing was left but a few strands of cum between the dick and Jerry's face. Jerry strained against his bonds as he lapped up the last few drops on the floor like a dog.

He felt sooo full. The warm circulated around his whole body until he couldn't move a single muscle. The cum feast had left Jerry satisfied and sleepy. Eros stroked Jerry's beard and said, "Yes my pet. Rest. You have a big day tomorrow."

Jerry surrendered himself to the warm darkness of sleep. Jerry was so out of it that he didn't even notice when Eros traced a finger over his left nipple. The outline of a heart appeared became a permanent mark on Jerry's chest.

to be continued...

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