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Stupid Cupid
Chapter 2 - The Hatching
By baboonfan

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Jerry sluggishly opened his eyes. He felt incredibly sore all over, and he was very cramped. His knees were in his face, and he couldn't move his head. There was no light anywhere, only blackness. He also felt wet. He was sitting in a big puddle of something.

It was also very hot. The heat was suffocating. The goop he was sitting in was getting really hot, almost searing, like lava. He had to get out, now! He tried pushing against the walls of his prison, but he was too weak. Finally he made a crack in the wall. A pinpoint stream of light blinded him. He also got a whiff of air. Fresh, cool air. He summoned the last of his strength into his heavy arms and pushed against the crack.

His cell tipped over and broke open, spilling Jerry and the lava onto the cold floor. His eyes were bombarded by light. He shut them tight against the pain. He also could breathe again, but compared to inside of the egg, it was freezing outside, and his lungs took in deep drags of frosty air. He was too sore and weak to move, so he had to marinate in the big pool of cooling lava. This must be how newborns feel, he thought. He lay there for who knows how long until he heard a pair of big footsteps closing in.

"Whoa, look who just hatched," a deep voice said. Hatched? What did that mean?

"Let's get him to the shower, wash off that cum," another voice suggested. Cum? This goop was cum? He opened his eyes a little and saw that the once searing lava was indeed now a big pool of spunk. He tried to see whom the voices belonged to, but his head was too heavy to lift. All he saw were two sets of hairy muscled feet. The two men reached down and picked up his heavy body as if he weighed nothing.

"WOOF! He turned out nicely!" the voice to his right said. What? Was he being sarcastic? Jerry knew he wasn't a prize with his sagging, middle-aged body, but there was no need to make fun of him. He opened his eyes and looked to his right.

The guy was a stud! The guy was a beautifully tanned Latino. He looked like a professional bodybuilder. His pecs looks like watermelons, his arms and legs were as thick Jerry's torso, and his abs looked like they were carved out of stone. He had shoulder-length dark, slightly curly hair, and it was matching the hair covering his whole body. When Jerry looked below the guy's waist he gasped. This guy was HUNG! His huge package was stuffed into a tiny, pink string bikini that looked like it would burst any minute. He had a sexy goatee and moustache combo with a wicked smile.

"Hehehe, looks like he likes what he sees," the guy on the left chuckled.

"No!" Jerry responded quickly, his voice sounded hoarse, "I'm not gay!" Then he turned his head to the right.

The guy on the left was just as jaw-droppingly good looking as the goatee guy. He looked like a cornfed country boy with a bodybuilder physique and square jaw. He had a thick blond beard and 'stache, and his pecs were a little more pronounced, with thick blond hair covering his frame. He also was packing a giant dick in a bikini identical to the other guy's.

Blondie chuckled. "Sure you aint." They stood him up in front a big shower nozzle. Blondie held him up and Goatee turned on the water. The warm water cascaded on Jerry's body, and he could feel his soreness just melting away. He opened his eyes and came face to face with a full length mirror in front of him. The whole shower wall was a big mirror, probably so people could wash themselves better. What he saw confused him.

In the mirror, he saw the two hunks, but standing between them was probably the king of all hunks. His body was more impressive than the both of theirs. He was about six foot ten, with the body to match. Massive tree trunk legs, and arms that could probably rip a tree out by the roots. His torso was comprised of two pumpkin-sized pecs and an embossed six pack. He had a big square jaw with a dimple in the middle, which was highlighted by the most perfect beard and 'stache combo. His facial hair was complemented by the rolling waves of pitch black hair on his head, and his thick man fur swirled in a sexy pattern all over his body. The only thing disproportionate to his perfect body was below the guy's waist. He had a monster cock!

"Is that.. me?" Jerry asked in his new rumbling voice. He twitched his pecs experimentally.

"Damn straight stud." Goatee grinned. Jerry was starting to get turned on by his own body. The warm water and the body heat of the other guys were too much for him. His super meat was starting to stiffen.

"Shit, his meat's getting even bigger!" Blondie said.

"You sure you're not gay?" Goatee grinned at Jerry. Jerry wanted to deny it, but the pleasure coming from his dick was too much. His cock became like steel and slapped him between his mountainous pecs. The python dick was oozing pre like a faucet, and the smell made him voraciously hungry for sex. He needed to fuck someone, anyone. NOW!

"He's ready to party Vigo." Blondie said to his Hispanic partner.

"Hell yeah! Let's get him to a bed and give that monster cock a test drive!"

Vigo turned off the faucet, and motioned for the other two to follow. Jerry followed him, but he felt as if his dick was leading the way, controlling his actions. Through the haze of his lust Jerry looked at Vigo's back. It was as impressive as the rest of him, with a juicy bubble butt, but something else caught his eye. A tiny pair of wings.


to be continued...

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