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Stupid Cupid
Chapter 1 - It was a Dark and Stormy Night...
By baboonfan

Jerry was hopelessly lost. In the middle of nowhere. At night. In a terrible storm. With a flat tire. He was supposed to be in the city by now, at his job interview. Now he would never make it.

Jerry ran his hand over his thinning hair in frustration. He needed that job. His ex-wife took everything after the divorce. If he didn't get some cash quick, he would end up in the poor house.

His bleak thinking was interrupted by a warm ray of light. He turned his head and saw an immense mansion with bright lights streaming out of its windows. Jerry could have sworn it wasn't there before, but right now he didn't care. He just wanted to get out of the rain and call a tow truck.

He walked up the cobblestone path to the giant mahogany doors. He looked for a doorbell, but there wasn't one. Then he saw the door knocker. It was in the shape of a lion roaring. He picked it up a knocked twice.


Immediately, a large man answered the door, but the man wasn't just huge, he was a giant! He had to be at least eight feet tall and exploding with muscles. Even though the man was wearing an obviously expensive suit and pink tie, Jerry could see every outline and detail of the man's chest and stomach. The next thing he noticed was the hair. The man looked like an animal; he had so much hair. It covered his handsome, broad face with a immaculately trimmed black beard and moustache. Jerry could barely see his handsome thin lips through his moustache and beard. Silky raven hair cascaded over his shoulders, and even tufts of it showed over the collar of his dress shirt.

Jerry felt extremely self-conscious in front of this guy. He himself was balding, pudgy and of average height. His average looks were one of the many reasons his wife divorced him. She said she needed to find herself a real man who could satisfy her. This guy looked like he could satisfy anyone.

The giant raised a black eyebrow and asked "May I help you?" in an unbelievably deep baritone.

"Um, uh hi." Jerry stammered. "My car got a flat. I was wondering if I could use your phone to call in a tow truck?"

The man gave Jerry a warm smile and a rumbling laugh. "Of course," the bearish man growled. "But I'm afraid my phone has been disconnected by the storm. Even if it wasn't, I'm afraid there is no towing company open this late in the area. Why don't you spend the night at my home until the morning?"

"Oh, I wouldn't want to impose," Jerry answered quickly. He didn't want to bother a man who could easily snap him in half.

The man replied, "I insist. It's definitely not any night to sleep in a cold car. C'mon in! I'm Eros." The large man wrapped a beefy arm around Jerry's shoulders and brought him into the warmth.

"Um, I'm Jerry. Thank you." He could feel the frigidness melting from his bones as he took in hothouse-like room.

The foyer was dazzling. All white, with tasteful marble tile work, a two-way staircase, and against the walls were antique wooden end tables holding small vases with tiny flowers in them. The guy wasn't only enormous but filthy rich with great taste.

"You'll want to get out of those wet clothes or you'll get pneumonia," the giant suggested.

"Um, do you want to me to go in a bathroom or...?" Jerry asked tentativley.

"No, no. It's best that you take them off right now, before you catch your death. I'll be back with a robe." Eros stomped off to another part of the house.

Jerry was very uncomfortable. It wasn't that he didn't want to get out of his cold wet clothes, he just found getting naked in front of another male kind of off-putting. But as he began stripping off the soaked fabric, he could feel the heat of the house drying his skin. He stopped at his boxers and waited for Eros to return with the robe.

Eros walked into the foyer with a huge, fluffy pink robe. "Here, put this on. It's one of my warmest ones." He held it out to Jerry.

Jerry was a little hesitant at first, but then he saw that Eros began looking over his body. He quickly donned the robe to avoid further scrutiny from the big bearded stud.

"Ah, wait a minute. What about those boxers?" Eros looked at Jerry expectantly. Jerry didn't want to take them off, but didn't want to offend Eros more. He stepped out of the boxers without removing the robe. Instantly he felt his dick be encased in the warmth of the room, and his inner thighs lost their frostiness.

"There we go. I'll go put these in the dryer." Bending down, Eros picked all the clothes up in his arms. "Make yourself at home, but I have but one rule." Eros leaned down so he could look straight in Jerry's eyes." You must not under any circumstances open those doors." He gestured with one big shoulder at a pair of doors to the left of the foyer. The doors were oaken and very expensive looking. On each door had a golden handle on them.

"What's behind the door?" Jerry asked in innocently. Eros' hairy face became very serious and stern.

"Something very private. Don't open it." He stomped away carrying the damp cloth.

Jerry was a little scared now. His kind host was hiding something. Something big.

A loud moan pierced the warmth of the room and made Jerry shiver. The sound had come from the other side of the forbidden doors. Someone sounded like they were getting tortured.

The sounds of human moans grew louder and louder until Jerry could stand it no more. He tiptoed to the doors, and opened them just the slightest.

Jerry could only see a broad, hairy man, on his hands and knees moaning like he was going to die. Jerry opened the door slightly more, and saw that an equally handsome man was pistoning into the other guy with great fervor. They were so wrapped up in their sexual episode that they didn't even notice the door was ajar. Jerry was so shocked he didn't hear the pounding of footsteps behind him.

"Like what you see?" Eros growled in his ear. Jerry spun around and saw a the hunk glaring at him with killer's eyes. "I told you not to look." Then he took a small bottle of something from his jacket pocket, poured it on a cloth and shoved it in Jerry's face. Jerry tried to push it away, but Eros grabbed the back of his head and stuffed it even further up Jerry's nose. Knowing he couldn't break free, Jerry tried holding his breath. After a few seconds of struggle, he accidently took a big whiff, and then he saw nothing.

to be continued...

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