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The Island Of Dr Mortimer
Chapter 3
By baboonfan

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(Note to readers: Every time I use spell check, it picks up all the s’ in Kirk’s hissing. So just imagine him hissing please.)


Dr. Mortimer led Kirk to a pair of large metal doors. “Okay my pet. Behind these doors is the first part of the island.” The Doctor said. “Now, I say Island, but actually it’s the size of a small state.”“But master, how do you keep it from showing up on maps?” Kirk hissed.

“If you pay off the right government agencies, anything is possible. Besides, some of my patients have their fingers in a lot a pies.” The older man said. With that, he opened the door. Outside the compound was a beautiful field of lush, long green grass. Tall leafy trees surrounded the glade, and flowers dappled the field with color. But what was truly remarkable was the creatures in the field…Beautiful, naked men, with animal features. A panther-man laying lazily in the sun. A pair of goats frolicking with each other. A warthog going about his business. Men with wings in flight.

“Kinda takes your breath away, doesn’t it?” Doctor Mortimer asked in awe.

A large emerald green python glided across the grass to the doctor. Suprisingly, it raised itself on its tail so that it was on eye level with them.

“Hello master.” The snake replied in a velvety voice. “Is this the new guy?”“Yes Greg. This is Kirk. Please be his tour guide.” The python nodded, making it seem like a bow. Doctor Mortimer turned to Kirk. “Follow Greg. He’ll teach you everything you need to know. I’ll be inside the compound if you need me.” Then he walked back inside.

Kirk studied Greg. Unlike himself, Greg seemed like a normal snake.

“The doctor told me I could change to a fully animal form. How do I do it?” Kirk asked.

“It’s simple. Just concentrate on what a snake looks like. Long body, strong muscles under the smooth scales.” Kirk squeezed his eyes together, and imagined. He layed on his belly, on the cool grass, the sun warming his back, and he was moving. It was like swimming. His every muscle tightening and relaxing, causing him to glide.

As he envisioned himself, he felt himself stretching, his bones moving, muscles bulging, and his face tapering out.

“Wow. You’re even sexier as a snake.” Greg hissed. Kirk looked at himself lying on the ground. Golden/custard colored scales, with a pattern of black spots down his back. He felt incredible, powerful! His whole body felt like one intensely strong muscle. He flicked out his tongue. The whole world was full of flavors! He could taste the scents of the air, of the other animals, the grass, and even the sun! “Some fun huh?” Greg asked smiling.

“How do I use my venom?” Kirk asked. “Doctor Mortimer said that I had several kinds.”“Well, I’m a python, so I don’t have any venom. But the other snakes say that they just have to think about the effects of the venom they want to use.” Greg explained.

Really? Kirk thought mischievously. He concentrated on images of bodybuilders, and athletes sweaty muscles. Kirk felt his fangs slide out, and quick as a flash he bit into his new friend.

The python responded with a hiss of anger. Then he felt the change begin. Shifting into his half form, Greg felt his arms stretch out, his chest appeared, and his face became more human like, but his lower half remained a tail. He felt his muscles burning under his scales, and he felt heavy. When his chest began filling out with rock hard muscle, he understood the nature of his transformation and struck a cocky pose. His arms swelled up to the point his biceps looked like cantaloupes. His abs rippled, becoming the size of bricks. These changes made Greg feel very horny, and it was starting to show. His serpentine dick slide out of the protective slit, and it rose to the middle of his abs. The cock seemed like it had its own consciousness. It moved and slithered like a snake, and spat out gobs of pre like an angry serpent.

As the transformation finally stopped, Greg looked down with slitted eyes at Kirk. Kirk didn’t notice. He was on eye level with Greg’s angry dick. “Are you going to stare, or are you going to take care of it?” Greg hissed angrily.

Kirk nodded, still in full serpent form. He flicked his fork tongue out to catch the pre. Greg made a pleased noise in his throat.

“Retract the fangs!” Greg ordered. Kirk, in a fog of lust, obeyed. Greg grabbed Kirk by the back of the head, reared his hips back, and with a mighty thrust he rammed his dick down Kirk’s throat. Kirk didn’t seem to mind at all. His own dick had immerged from its hiding place. Greg pushed Kirk farther down on his meat, until it was completely down Kirk’s gullet. Then moved Kirk off his dick, then back again. He picked up the pace, push, pull, push, pull. Kirk was like a living foreskin for Greg to masturbate. Working them both into a frenzy. Greg was nearing the edge. With a final squeeze around Kirk’s neck, Greg unloaded. Hissing, he shot jet after jet into Kirk. Kirk started thrashing about, trying to escape the flow of jizz, but Greg was insistent. Kirk finally accepted and went limp, weakly trying to widen his long throat.

After what seemed like an hour to Kirk, Greg’s balls were finally empty. Tenderly, he pulled Kirk off of his cock. Kirk had swallowed gallons of cum, and now he looked like a big bloated sausage.

“You okay?” Greg asked, concerned now that his lust had passed. Kirk just nodded limply.

“Now I know what a condom feels like.” Kirk gurgled. Then he yawned. “Hmm. The sun feels good.” He stretched out to bask in the rays.

Greg nodded. Being cold-blooded, sunbathing was his favorite thing to do, after sex. He happily stretched out his bigger body on a large rock in the meadow, and drowsed.

Dr. Mortimer, watching the goings on with binoculars, thought to himself, “He’s going to fit in just fine.

To be continued…

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