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The Island Of Dr Mortimer
Chapter 4
By baboonfan

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After sleeping off his big cum meal, Kirk awoke with a yawn. He was back to his regular size.

Greg was stretching on top of the rock.

“Good, you’re awake.” Greg said. “Let’s go see the mice.”

Mouse!!! Something yelled inside Kirk’s mind. He felt a sudden hunger, mixed with a growing horniness.

“Yes. Lead the way.” Kirk hissed. Kirk reverted to his anthro form, and followed Greg through the long grass.

As Greg led him through a field of grass and a small forest, he held up a claw to his lips, signaling silence.

Kirk, listened, and heard giggling and splashing.

Greg bent over, and started stalking close to the ground. He motioned for Kirk to follow.

Greg parted the long reeds surrounding a beautiful sparkling lake.

Frolicking in the water was a large group of mice men. Cute and wet, their fur a variety of browns, white, grays, blacks, and spotted. Their smooth pink tails swishing, their ears perky, their pink noses and whiskers twitching as they splashed one another, laughing merrily.

“Buffet style.” Greg whispered to Kirk. Kirk felt his pupils dialate and his stomache clenching, ready for the hunt. Greg made a hand motion to circle around.

As Kirk circled, Greg walked out of the covering of the reeds, into plain view. The mice gasped, and tried to leave the water, but Kirk cut off their escape.

At 6 foot 8, Kirk was nearly twice the size of the mouse men, who barely made it to 4 feet high. Unlike the snakes, the mice hadn’t grown with the animal transformation, they had shrunk! Only when they were in human form they regained their original height. They also had not developed any musclemass. The only thing the mice could boast was an impressive set of balls, each the size of a plum, with an ordinary sized cock.

Greg picked up a chubby black mouse by the fur on his neck, and raised him effortlessly up to his eye level. The mouse feebly tried to cover his erection, which was growing under the watchfull gaze of the predator. Greg turned to Kirk.

“You know what my favorite part of the mouse is, Kirk? The balls.” Greg ran a forked tongue over the pink orbs. The mouse squeaked shrilly in desire, and a jet of pre escaped his hands between the cracks in his fingers. “Mice have the tastiest cream. I guess that’s why snakes in the wild are so crazy about them.”

Greg stared at the mouse with a mesmerized gaze, and the mouse gained a dull, glazed look and dropped his paw/hands to his sides, exposing the cute pink erection.

Greg enguled the mouse prick in his scaly maw, and circled the mouses orb’s with his strong serpent tongue. The mouse snapped out of his trance, and squeaked loudly in desire.

Greg dropped the mouse into his other waiting hand without releasing his mouth’s hold on his prey’s genitals. With his middle finger, he probed the mouse’s hole.

The mouse began rocking frantically in the palm of Greg’s hand, desperate for release, while Greg gave his cocklet a tongue bath. Finally, Greg pushed the mouse’s pleasure button, and gave the mouse the release he sought. Greg latched onto the mouse’s prick, sucking every last drop of mouse cum into his hungry maw.

The mouse now exhausted, Greg gently placed him under the shade of a nearby tree to rest.

Kirk looked at Greg and said, “50/50 split?”

“You read my mind.” Greg said, still slurping up the remains of his last mouse.

For the next hour a symphony of squeaks and moans was heard as Greg and Kirk devoured the mice, laying them down in the shade after they were finished.

When the last mouse was under the tree, Kirk let out a sigh of contentment. Suddenly, an idea hit him.

“Greg, do my venoms work on other creatures?” He asked slyly.

“Yep, even humans.” Greg replied.

Kirk thought of the delicious milky meal he has just had and felt his fangs slide out. Blue, inky venom dripped from his sharp fangs, and with great care he picked up a tired mouse and, very gently, pricked his balls with the tip of his fang.

The mouse gave a whimper of protest, then felt a growing pressure in his pouches. Before his eyes he saw his empty sacks begin to refill. Even when they had completely refilled, they were still very slowly growing.

Kirk repeated the process with each and every mouse, giving each a delicate poke with his venom filled fangs.

When he was done, the mice’s balls had reached the size of small peaches, and were still growing.

Looking down at the mice laying under the shade of the tree, Kirk said,

“Tommorow, I want twice as much.” The mice squeaked their excitement for tommorow and began dozing, their balls continuing to expand even in their dreams.

Kirk and Greg left quietly as to not disturb them. When they were a good distance away in the grass field, Kirk asked,

“Who do I meet now?”

“How about the other snakes?” Greg suggested. “I think you’ll really-

“Who has eaten all of my mice?!!” A voice roared in the distance.

“Who is that?” Kirk asked.

“That’s Roland.” Greg answered, looking fearful. “King of the snakes.”

To be continued…