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The Island Of Dr Mortimer
Chapter 2
By baboonfan

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While Kirk was freaking out over his tail, a door slid open and a man walked in. He was a gray haired, older man dressed in a stylish suit and had a silver topped cane. Although he appeared to be in his fifties, thick muscles bulged under the cloth and his five foot ten frame had an air of confidence and power. His face sported well trimmed friendly muttonchops, which only made him seem more masculine. The man approached Kirk and ran a gentle hand between his big pecs.

"MMM, you turned out nice. Big muscles, smooth scales. I knew you were going to be a reptile, but I didn't know which." he said.

"Wh-who the heck are you?" Kirk asked. He noticed that his voice had taken on a silken quality.

"I'm Doctor James Mortimer. I'm the one who performed the surgery that saved your life." "You did thissss to me!" Kirk suddenly felt an anger that he never felt before, and everything became red. "I"LL KILL YOU!"

Kirk leaped at the Doctor's throat. The man reacted quickly, struck Kirk down with his cane.

“How dare you! You owe me your life! Without me you’d be in a pine box in the ground by now!” the Dr. Mortimer shouted. The rage inside of Kirk cooled, and he was filled with great shame.

“I’m sssorry, massster.” Kirk hissed. He instinctively kneeled and laid his head at the Doctor’s feet. Dr. Mortimer gave Kirk a soft look, petted the scales between his eyes, and helped him stand. “It’s okay my pet. This must be scary for you. Come, time for your examination.” He took Kirk’s hand and led him out of the white room.

This new room looked like the exam room of a doctor’s office, with paper covering the table. Kirk sat down on the table. By the table was a full length mirror and saw himself fully for the first time. What was most striking was his eyes! They were slanted and reptilian, and the irises shown like molten gold! The pupils were thin slashes of obsidian. The scleras, (the area around the iris), were pitch black, making the gold stand out even more.

Kirk entire body was covered in golden/custard colored scales. Sexy black spots all down his back, on his arms, and on his throat. A big dappled black line from the tip of his reptilian nose, running between his eyes, and down his back all the way down to his feet.

His hands were big, the fingers blunt. His feet were large as well, but slightly more reptilian. Each large to ended with a black claw.

“Now for your tests.” Dr. Mortimer said. He tested Kirk’s reflexes, took his measurements, and had him flex his arms.

“Damn.” The Doctor said admiringly. “Six foot eight, three hundred and twenty pounds of muscle. Your one of the biggest snakes I’ve ever made. But you’re not just a big snake. I added several extra features.”

“Like what Masster?” Kirk was only half listening, still fascinated with the bulge of muscle in his flexing arm.

“Well, like all my patients, you can attain human form and become more animal like or attain complete animal form. And of course they all have big sexual appetites, but each sect of the animal kingdom has different bonuses. The canines have increased scent and hearing capabilities, the bats develop echolocation, the mice have increased sexual stamina…

“Mousssse?” Kirk asked, suddenly very interested. Something very primal inside him stirred, awakened by the thought of mice.

“And the snakes have venom. Several venoms. Now these venoms are in no way deadly. In fact their side effects are quite pleasant. One of them induces muscle growth, one increases semen production, another is an incredible aphrodisiac. There are seven venoms all together. You possess all of them. I’ll let you figure out what the rest of them do.”

“Massster, I have one quessstion. How did you do thisss? How did you make me into a sssnake? It’s nothing I’ve ever heard of before.” Kirk hissed, gazing into the eyes of his beloved creator.

“Ah, my new pet is curious. I like that. Well, to fully explain, I’ll need to provide some back info. You do know about the atomic bomb, correct?”

“Yess. It wass developed by the U.SSS. government to combat the Japanesse in World War 2. The government called the production of it, The Manhattan Project, although to maintain sssecrecy, the project was sspread out to ssseveral locationss around the nation. No ssingle location had all the info at one time.” Kirk explained.

“Impressive. Stephan told me that you were a history teacher at a high school. What an intelligent new pet I have.” Doctor Mortimer praised, as he gently stroked the scales on Kirk’s throat. Kirk leaned in to his touch and hissed with pleasure.

“Well of course once the government had finished constructing the bomb, they began testing it. They tested it on uninhabited islands, empty plots of land in the middle of nowhere, on farm animals. But the real question was, what happened to people? They had a pretty good guess based on everything else, but apparently, more data was needed.” The Doctor said with his voice full of sarcasm and bitterness.

“Those monsters actually sent thousands of military recruits into a test site and set off a bomb. Anyone close to ground zero was vaporized in a second. They were the lucky ones. Those far enough not to die from the impact died more slowly from horrible burns that spread over their entire bodies. Radiation burns are very different from fire burns. These burns actually burnt them at near atomic level! The ones farthest away were affected by the radiation. These poor souls suffered from radiation poisoning or worse. Those that were plagued by cancer related problems for the rest of their lives. In fact, even today there are a group of these men still trying to sue the federal government for theses health problems. Unfortunately, their prospects look grim.”

“I was placed on a team of scientists by the government to try to combat these effects. This group of scientists were looking to find a way to repair the cellular damage done by radiation by replacing it with the dna of animals. We worked tirelessly for months. By the time our project was a year old, the government had cut most of our funding to help the was effort. Finally it was just left to three scientists. Dr. Ulysses Brown, Dr. Julius Madison, and myself. We were close to a break through, but we ran out of lab rats. We could’ve requested some army recruits, but we didn’t want to do the same shameful practice as our government. So we drew straws amongst ourselves. Julius got the short straw, so he would be our guinea pig. He injected himself with formula number 114. The first symptoms were an extreme fever, accompanied by excessive sweating. Ulysses and I thought he was going to die. Then the oddest thing happened. His skin started stretching, and underneath it his muscles rapidly grew. His limbs grew out, and he busted out of his clothing, leaving nothing but tatters. When his muscles were done building, they were the size of a pro body builder who has been at it for decades. Every muscle was enormous and bulging, cut like a flawless diamond, but covered in baby soft skin. He stood up, and he was at least eight feet tall. We asked him if he was alright. He just looked down at us and let loose booming laughter. In his new baritone voice, Julius said he never felt better.

Then something strange happened. Julius began to sweat and get hot again. This time, hair sprouted all over his body. The hair on his head became thicker and longer. A lush crop of hair grew all over his chest and back. Every limb was coated with black luxurious hair, down to his blunt digits. His public hair also grew, becoming a dense forest around his big cock. Then his facial hair kicked in. The hair on his face was so thick and bristly, the only skin showing was around his eyes and nose. His forehead protruded slightly, and his nostrils became more wide. In the end, he looked like a big, muscular, hairy ape man. He instantly became hard, his thick tube of meat becoming hard as steel, and a frightening 14 inches, and at least as thick as a beer can. He desperately started masturbating, hoping to relieve the horrible pressure building in his balls. Finally, he let loose a primate roar and shot a monster wad that drenched us, the lab, and all of the equipment. While he was busy lapping it all up, Ulysses and I set up a series of tests. First we tested his strength. We ran out of weights after he reached three tons. We hypothesized that he could lift up a car if he wanted to. Next was his stamina. We had him start running around a track. We gave up after 500 laps. Finally came the intelligence test. His scores were less than positive. We thought we had gotten the results wrong at first, so we tested him again. But it didn’t help. ”

“You mean…” Kirk wondered out loud.

“Yes.” The doctor said sadly. “The formula wasn’t perfect. While Julius had the body of a god, and a sexual appetite that would make the most deviant porn star look like a monk, his intelligence was the price. Every day he lost a little more of his IQ. Luckily he had plenty to spare, being a genius scientist. After about two weeks we came up with a modifying agent to stop the progression of the IQ loss. Luckily it worked, and Julius was saved from being a drooling moron. Unfortunately, he had lost too much intelligence to be of any more use in the lab. This was very sad to lose a colleague, but he understood. “We chose to fake Julius’ death until we could perfect the formula and present it too our superiors. Since Julius had no family, few questions were asked. The government decided to use the money that had been used to pay Julius’ salary and add it to our research budget. With it, we bought some more lab animals, a few rats, some guinea pigs, and a monkey.

“Why a monkey?” Kirk asked.

“Ulysses had a strange sense of humor. He said he thought Julius would like some company while we were in the lab. It turns out Ulysses was right. Julius and the monkey became fast friends, and this is how we made another discovery. It turns out, Julius could understand everything the monkey said. It was like he spoke the same language. That’s another side effect of the serum.”“Ssso I can talk to sssnakess?” Kirk hissed.

“Yes pet. That has been the case for every other subject.” The doctor explained. Kirk could feel his head swimming. His brain felt so full processing all this info at once. Doctor Mortimer, sensing his pet’s distress offered to give Kirk a break.

“Perhaps you’d like to meet a few of your fellow patients?” The doctor suggested. Kirk’s mind began filling with images of mouse men. He licked his scaly lips with his forked tongue.

“Yesss, master. I would love to.” The doctor led him out into the hall, and Kirk followed silently.


To be continued….


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