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The Island Of Dr Mortimer
Chapter 1
By baboonfan

Kirk Woods opened his eyes and saw a blinding light. "Uh. What happened?" he thought. He remembered that he had gone out to a bar last night, but he hadn't drank that much. But what happened next? It was so blurry, and the light is soo bright. He felt weak as a newborn kitten. Kirk couldn't move his body. But the light felt nice and warm on his skin, like getting a suntan.

A cool breeze wafted in the room, and Kirk felt his skin break out in gooseflesh. He realized he was completely naked, and laying on a paper sheet, like in a hospital. The coolness broke him out of his stupor.

"Wha? Where am I?" he asked. He tried to sit up, but it was like iron weights were attached to his whole body, and the light stung his eyes painfully. He felt a gloved hand rest on his cheek.

"Relax." a soothing male voice said. "Your in the best of hands. Now I don't want to alarm you, but you've been in an accident. Quite a nasty one.You were hit by a truck carring several drums filled with dangerous chemicals. When the truck hit you, the drums opened and the contents spilled on you" the breeze ended as the unseen door closed with a whoosh.

"I'm in a hospital?" Kirk asked.

"More like a private clinic. The doctor who owns it saw your accident and decided to help." The man said.

"Why am I not in pain?"

"You were given the best pain medicine know to medical science. It's ten times more effective than morphine. Without it, you'd be in hell." the voice explained.

"What's going to happen to me?" Kirk as sleepily. He was feeling so drozy all the sudden.

"Well, your prospects don't look good. If the doctor dosn't operate immedietly, you'll die from the toxins. We'll need your permission to operate."

"Sure, go 'head." Kirk said before he faded into unconsciousness.

* * * * * *

As Kirk awoke again, he felt a dull acheing sensation in his stomache. The man with the soothing voice was there, attaching diods to his chest.

"Oh, your awake."

"Yup. What's happening now?" Kirk asked wearily.

"I'm prepping you for surgery. The doctor will start as soon as your anestetized." The man leaned over Kirk's face, blocking the harsh light. For the first time Kirk could see the face of his kindly keeper. The guy looked about twenty five, with wonderfully thick chocolate brown hair, and the face of an Ambercrombie and Fitch GOD! Kirk was suddenly very self conscious of his slightly flabby body and tiny penis.

"Is there anything I can do for you Mr. Woods?" The hottie asked.

"What's your name?" Kirk asked drowzily.

"Stephen. Stephen Foster."

"The guy who wrote Camptown Races and Beautiful Dreamer?" The hottie smiled as he put a gas mask over Kirk's mouth.

"Just a coincidence. I'm surprised you know about that guy."

"I'm a history teacher at the high school." Kirk explained through the mask.

"Oh really? I love history. Now I'm going to need you to take deep breaths and count to ten" Stephen said excitedly.

"Cute and a history buff. I think I'm in love." Kirk was pleased to see Stephen blush as he began counting silently. He got up to four before he passed out.

* * * * * *

Kirk groggily awoke on the operating table. He was still under the baking heat of a lamp, but it felt very good on his skin. All throughout his body he felt an invigorating energy. He lept off the table and landed five feet away. But now that he was standing upright, he got a good look at himself. WHAT THE HELL?! Kirk was at least six foot two and he was covered in sleek gold scales, and was that a tail?! Under his scales his muscles were huge and bulging and flexing with every movement. He looked down at his hands; actually, they were more like claws now, with sharp talons. WHAT THE HELL?!!!

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