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Leather Care
Chapter 5
By Anonymous

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As the last bit of my stud semen was sucked out, my mind quietly exploded like noiseless bursts of fireworks. New images, thoughts, knowledge, memories flooded my mind. I stood there, almost in a trance, as my mind, my consciousness sensed something new. It was my new identity. I now became him. Every thought, every feeling, everything learned, every memory, every skill -- everything he had ever been, I now was. All of it combined with me -- both together - two in one - one tempered by the other. With this revelation, I looked at him and realized he was going through the same process. But if I was right...if my plan with all my herbs, DNA infused ingredients worked; then he retained nothing of his former self. All he had was what I transferred to him and that was only what I wanted and allowed him to be.

I held his head in both hands, looked right into his eyes and asked "Who are you ?" He stared back, thought for a few seconds and replied "My name is Arnold Botkins. I work here as a boot black and shoe repairman."

"Anything else?"

He again thought for a few seconds and added "I live here and work for you; I am your slave."

I smiled and stated. "That's right. You run this operation for me. I prepare the mixtures and you obediently carry out my plans. You are absolutely obedient and loyal to me. You serve and service me without question, my every wish and desire, isn't that right?

He smiled back up at me and unequivocally stated "YES SIR!"

With that I picked up the helmet with my gloves and sunglasses inside and again grabbed his hair and guided him over to a used mattress set to the side and slightly behind the leather recliner and side table. I deposited him there and when he looked up I said "Now, start sucking those feet again." He repositioned himself, grabbed a foot and extended his tongue and began licking and cleaning in between his new toes.

Satisfied with his enthusiasm and that he was positioned to clearly watch my every move, I began my final transformation. I reached out to my cop gear and picked up my underwear -- my briefs -- and brought them up to my nose; breathed in and immediately recognized my own cop smells. It was erotic and I quivered at the thoughts. I then stooped down, raised each muscled leg and stepped into them, drawing them up around my waist, snapping the waist band as they settled in place. This created a big bulge as the fabric stretched over my sex organs. Hearing the snap, he looked up as he was sucking a big toe and I returned a very arrogant smile. Now, he intently watched me as I continued.

I slipped the tee shirt over my broad shoulders and pulled it down tight over the ripples of my taut six-pack. I slipped my strong arms through the long sleeves of the regulation shirt and shivered as it made a noise as it slid across my back; then completed buttoning the front. Stepping into the form-fitting breeches, I pulled them up over my long, lean, tight and sinewy legs. All that competition swimming paid off. I tucked in the shirt tails and zipped up the fly which pulled the fabric close around my hard jock bubble butt. He momentarily stopped sucking again as I flashed a pearly-white smile to him as I caressed my firm buttocks, sensually ran the side of my fingers up the butt crack and said "Bet you'd just love to have a cop butt like mine, huh?" His salacious response was priceless.

I returned to the pile, picked up the heavy tooled leather gun belt and settled it around my waist as I secured the stays and buckled it it place. I pulled out my service weapon, checked it out and replaced it. Next, I took my heavy black leather police motorcycle jacket in both hands and made one long wet lick of the leather along the front metal zipper from the bottom up to the lapels; then moved over and did the same to my metal police badge pinned to the heavy leather. I slipped an arm into one sleeve as I threw the jacket around my shoulders and then pushed my other arm into the second sleeve as it came around. Again he stopped licking, even drooled slightly as he just stared at this whole operation as if it was something familiar to him. Pulling the two bottom ends together, I notched the zipper, noisily pulled the zipper up and cinched up the buckle tight around my jock waist. I pulled at the bottom edge making sure that my jacket fit comfortably. I reached for the mirror sunglasses and put them on. Then, before proceeding further, I attended to my watch and police academy ring and as I adjusted the ring to look right, I paused and managed a twisted, larcenous, perverse, teeth-gritting smile. I picked up my leather cop gloves and slipped each one over my strong hands. They were skin tight and they felt good... wickedly good.

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