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Leather Care
Chapter 4
By Anonymous

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The door closed, I backed against the wall and took several deep breaths. "I'm doing it, really finally doing it" I panted. "I've taken down this hot jock cop and he's all mine." After a few seconds breathing and my mind clearing, I realized that the big payoff was just moments away. I thought about the muscle stud out there; how I'd stripped him completely of every piece of authority and now it all belonged to me. I now controlled him... his mind. But, it wasn't enough. He was going to give me everything; he was going to give me his very self, his very essence. With that thought I sat on a chair, picked up one of his boots, brought it to my face and again inhaled his smell. I then examined inside the shaft opening and there it was. The markings said that they were size 11 1/2 D, custom-made, probably 19-20" shafts. I rubbed my face against the shiny squeaky leather and then slid my wet tongue along the entire boot -- from toe and heel to the top of the shaft of his......NO!....of MY....tall custom-made cop boots.

Recovering from my sinister, albeit erotic revery, I stood up -- my cock now incredibly hard and sticking straight out front -- picked up my boots, composed myself in the most domineering stance I could imagine, opened the door and walked back into the main room where my new cop slave was eagerly sucking and licking his other foot and he really seemed to be enjoying the whole exercise. His feet and toes were wet; he was actually drooling on them as he sucked. I put my cop boots down and stood there for a few minutes enjoying the whole wicked scene.

Now straddling his contorted form, I reached down, grabbed his hair and pulled his head up thereby stopping the whole sucking operation. He reluctantly stopped what he was doing and looked at me as his head was raised. Still grabbing his hair, I pulled him up and forward so that the recliner returned to its upright position and he stumbled forward onto the floor positioning himself on all fours. I then pulled him along the floor to a nearby padded table where I hoisted him up so that his back and bubble butt were leaning against the table edge. Once positioned I removed my cop gloves, sunglasses and helmet and set them aside. Picking up two green capsules from the table I shoved two fingers in his mouth pulling it open, popped one of the capsules inside and barked "SWALLOW IT !" which he obediently did. I swallowed the second one myself and while we waited for the vile ingredients to be absorbed into our bodies, I took time to survey our two forms.

I was only 5' 9 1/2" and weighed 147# and although I was not repulsive, "attractive" or "handsome" were not words that one used to describe me. I was not skinny or flabby but I'd never really been into heavy work outs or sports so my physique was pretty flat, not much muscular definition, just okay. I had a 30" waist and wore size 8 1/2 shoes. I had thin lips, weak chin, okay teeth, brown eyes, smooth-hairless body and very unruly sandy brown hair. Sexually, not much there, either; 5" cock hard, more dribbles and spurts than shootings. I'm pretty smart/intelligent, however, excelling in the sciences and aboriginal culture and rituals. That's where I learned all my concoction discoveries and figured out how to make my own combinations; all those travels and in-depth research adventures were now paying off. I also had this thing for boots, socks, leather, cops--real hard-core fetishes and I was a damn good boot black; in this I was one of the best.

My stud cop, however, was indeed a hunk, sorta Dean Cain type: probably 6'-6'1", weighed 180-185 all of it smooth sculpted muscle. He was not bulky (no overblown vein-popping muscles here), but lean, taut, smooth V-shape physique with lots of definition. Probably started out in baseball with long term swimming; then football (probably the quarterback, of course) and major wrestling (again, probably the captain) -- your typical jock life. He definitely understood proportion and it showed. He had beautiful thick dark hair; short hunk cut but long enough to grab hold of (as I just discovered). His skin and complexion (body and face) were flawless; smooth and sufficiently tanned for some color. His bedroom deep blue eyes with long eyelashes and pearly white and naturally straight teeth were, again, perfect. His smooth hairless torso was a classical statue's; squared protruding pecs, sculpted lats and envious six-pack abs. His hunk face with its strong jaw line and broad inviting smile exuded youthful masculine charisma and slightly naughty boyish charm. Sexually, he was most everyman's fairy godmother wish; probably 7 1/2" soft and 9 1/2-10" hard, cut, thick with large bull balls packaged in a large heavy low hanging sac. He didn't shoot, he erupted.

I was beginning to feel the effects of the capsule ingredients, so it was time, at last, to take my straight stud cop. I pressed against his body placing my hands around his neck, then lowered his head to meet mine, forcing my tongue between his voluptuous lips and began oral intercourse with our tongues. My mixture immediately aroused him sexually and his penis engorged with blood making it super hard. After some brief kissing and love making, I pulled away and guided his body down to my genitals. I then stepped forward offering my penis to him which he took into his mouth and began sucking like a pro. It was hard to believe that little more than 40 minutes ago, he entered as a straight, gay hating, stereotypical jock, stud motorcycle policeman... he would not be leaving the same. I enjoyed this immensely, but after a few minutes I pulled out, making sure my penis helmet was dripping wet with his spit. I pulled him up, knelt down myself and gave him the same service making sure that his penis helmet was also covered with my saliva, adding an extra shot of spit to his cockhead for good measure. I stood up, positioned our two cocks so the piss slits touched each other and pressed the slimy cockheads into each other until they seemed to connect, disappear, then fuse together into one continuous shaft. Continually pressing forward and getting shorter, the cock shafts were forced into each other till only our dangling ballsacs remained; but then they, too, retreated into our disappearing shaft until at last, we became Siamese twins, joined at the groin; no genitals showing at all.

Through all this, my stud cop stood wide-eyed staring at me and then down at our groins. We were both breathing heavily and extremely aroused. Now co-joined, we began to hump each other faster and faster, back and forth; each of us panting. I stared straight into his eyes and quietly, but firmly said "NOW, cop, you're going to give me EVERYTHING...everything you are....everything you have ever been. You are going to push yourself into me...totally...completely. With that he grabbed my buttocks, took a deep breath and grimaced as he thrust his groin forward, pushing from within as if he were giving birth. He did this over and over and with each tortured thrust he deposited part of himself into me . After only two or three thrusts I already began to feel myself changing, only general overall feelings at first, but then I could feel definite changes happening. I could sense that I was growing; my hands, my legs then my arms, hips were filling out, getting thicker, becoming more and more muscular. I then strangely sensed I was getting taller; I no longer had to look up at him, I was looking straight into his eyes. As I took deep breaths with each thrust, I felt my chest, torso, my whole upper body expanding until I could physically see my taut-skinned pecs protruding out, my new stud nipples twitching as I absorbed each of his deposits and felt my abs becoming rock hard. After only a few minutes I even knew my face was changing into his; I ran my tongue over my smooth white teeth, then licked my full voluptuous lips. He was now gasping for air, but he then tightened his grip on my now hard bubble butt; took one last deep breath, gritted his teeth and made one last thrust. As he was pushing, pushing, I could feel them moving...moving as if they were being pushed over some barrier; PUSHING.... STRAINING.... until at last, he pushed his genitals over that barrier into my body, sliding quietly into place. As he was forcing this last deposit over that unknown barrier, the macho cop let out a tortured scream and then gasped for more air as he tried to settle down.

Not waiting for him to recover, I tightened my hands on his butt, gritted my teeth and began thrusting into his groin, pushing hard to make my own deposits as quickly as I was able to. As I pushed from my gut, over and over, I could immediately see that his body was changing, shrinking. Since he was "empty" he was hungrily sucking in all that I was giving him. After only a minute or two, his physique looked like mine and his hair had already changed color to sandy brown. For a few seconds his face looked like putty as it reformed into a not-so-attractive version of his and mine combined. After another minute I took a deep breath and grabbed him tightly as I made my own final thrust and from deep within I pushed, pushed, and pushed until I my own genitals flowed up and over that same unknown barrier into his new body. I gasped for air and cradled our two forms in my arms, helping prop us both up.

Pausing for a few seconds, I then put my stud hands on his shoulders and we both looked down to our groins as I began pushing our new forms apart, now reversing the process. There was resistance and it was like our shafts were peeling apart as the single shaft first appeared and then stretched longer and longer. I could immediately see that I now possessed the cop's hard stud penis. Our ballsacs began to appear but still stuck to the shaft. A few more centimeters and they finally released, making a noise as they slapped against our thighs. The separation continued until only our cockheads were fused together. Slowly they continued peeling and then abruptly popped apart with a sound of Velcro being pulled apart. Both cocks were still rock hard and instead of falling, they bobbed up and down suspended in air viciously aimed at each other.

Now completely free of my victim, I used my right hand to lower him to his knees. I needed release and he was going to oblige me. Once he was down, I guided my thick 10" sex muscle into his mouth. He had never had this cop's penis before, so it was hard for him to take all of my new monster organ; but he worked at it, hungrily sucking it, pressing his tongue into the piss slit and licking the shaft all the while cradling my heavy ballsac in his hand and massaging my cop testicles with his fingers. I shuddered as I heaved my muscular hips back and forth, straining to hold back the rumbling avalanche of passion that was building inside me. This was new for me and I was savoring every nuance of feeling, every second of this perverse act. He released the throbbing cock and tried to suck my big cop balls into his mouth, finally getting each one into each of his cheeks. He tickled them with his tongue and carefully massaged them with his cheek muscles. That did it! I eased him away from my pulsating balls with my hands and positioned my sex organ in front of his open mouth where upon he stuck out his tongue and tickled the twitching cockhead. He steadied and aimed it with his hand as I cocked my head back and looked upward as my thoughts faded.

All this time, he had been masturbating his small dick and was ready to release as well. Suddenly, up from my shaking feet and down from my head the pent up passion swelled and exploded from my throbbing organ. Massive rope after rope of thick cop cum shot into his mouth; he had to not just swallow, but gulp down my man sperm so as to not choke on it or lose it dribbling out of his mouth, I erupted over and over again. I know I shot at least nine big full loads and several smaller ones; I lost count after nine. He then grabbed the backs of my thighs, took my tool into his mouth and held tight; as the storm eased, slowly and reluctantly, he sucked his way back to the head. He pulled hard milking the last drops out, not wanting to let a single drop get away. I looked down at him finishing his own orgasm, of sorts. Little spurts of cum came out of his little cockhead onto his hand and then dripped onto the floor.

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