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Leather Care
Chapter 6
By Anonymous

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Almost completely dressed, my thighs contracted and tensed as I stood there legs apart, staring down at him. God, it felt macho to be in uniform again. He glanced up while running his front teeth inside the big toe nail trying to scrape out the crud embedded there. I nodded and said "That's enough for now. Get over here and finish the job you started earlier. I've been standing barefoot on this crappy floor and my feet are dirty." With that he got up and shadowed me as I turned around and took a few steps to the chair front; reoriented myself and sat down and pushed it back into its full reclining position. As I settled in, I reacted, as I was really turned on by my leather cop jacket rubbing and squeaking against the leather backing and he immediately lowered his mouth over my long big toe and began sucking it.

While he did this I unzipped my breeches, shoved my hand in and laboriously pulled out my cop dick which was getting pretty hard and I began to stroke it. By now he was a real expert and proceeded to lick my toes and feet clean like a real pro; especially the bottoms. I chuckled quietly as I looked at him (while still fondling my stud cock) and thought..."Not so snotty now, are you?...not quite so macho. You ain't a cop anymore; you ain't a stud; you ain't a jock... you ain't even much of a man; just a pathetic wimpy slave. But, you'll be a good slave and serve me very nicely." Satisfied, I grunted and jutted out my chin pointing to my boots. "OK, buddy, now the socks."

He turned slightly, reached into my boots and pulled out the two still slightly damp sheer black socks. First he put them up to his nose, took a deep breath and then put the toe points into his mouth; trying to suck out any remaining sweat. After a few seconds of this he took one, spread the top and slid it over my toes and then up the ankle and lower leg. He tightened and smoothed it up, adjusting it under the hem of my breeches as before. He did the same with the second sock. Finished, he looked at me waiting for some sign of approval while I seemed to be inspecting the completed job. I nodded and forced the chair upright so I could reach out for my tall cop boots and repositioned them directly in front of me. I took the left one by the shaft top in both hands, raised my big foot and while raising the boot upward, I inserted it into the opening and began sliding it up into the vamp. It was a tight, but perfect fit; and once it was in tight, it felt good...real good. I grabbed the second boot and did the same after which I stood, settled my stud feet in them, and sported the biggest macho shit-ass grin that I could muster at him, thinking -- "Hey, cop turd -- you like my tall shiny cop boots? You'd just love to hump 'em, wouldn't you?"

I sat down, reclined back in the chair, and pointed to my rock hard cop dick that was sticking straight up and pulsating furiously. He seemed to know instinctively what I wanted done so he stood, leaned over and lowered his mouth onto my sex tool, sucking and licking until I arched my crotch upwards and shot my loads. He swallowed most of it, but kept some in reserve as he milked it dry. Finished, he pulled his head back to the boots and then drooled some of my thick sticky cop cream onto my boots smearing it over the leather with his fingers. He continued rubbing my cum into the leather until it was almost dry. He then picked up the brush and polishing rag and polished my boots to an even shinier surface than before. They were like black mirrors; even the few wrinkles and creases were hardly noticeable.

He set his tools aside, stood up, leaned forward, took my now flaccid dick in hand and proceeded to lick the last few milky drops of cop cum from my piss slit. He carefully resettled my dick and balls back in my breeches, pulled the zipper up and stepped back. I looked at him, smirked and thought "Yeah, this guy's a natural. Two hours ago when he walked in, he was the straight cocky jock cop...he used to be me. But, now I'm the cop...I'm him and he's my totally queer slave. He intuitively knows how to serve a macho booted motorcycle cop like me. I got plans and he's gonna help me carry them out."

I got out of the chair, grabbed my cop helmet and headed for the door. "Okay, buddy....time I got back to the precinct station and log out. Just a few pieces of paperwork to complete and then back home for the night. You'll be here and take care of the place. Remember, there are just a couple customer orders due tomorrow, so get to them tonight. If another cop comes in, you know what to do. Just call me on my cell and I'll come back to deal with him." He replied "Yes, Sir" and nodded as if he already knew what I was talking about.

I stopped in front of the wall mirror to check everything out. I looked down at my gorgeous cop boots, wiggled my toes inside, rubbed the bulge in my crotch, and restyled my thick dark hair till I was satisfied. I rubbed my gloved fingers over my shiny white teeth, adjusted my mirror sunglasses, slipped the cop helmet over my head (it was a perfect fit) and continued... as I secured the straps. "Now... I gotta find myself a lover, yeah.... another cop. And I know exactly who....Officer Russell Sackler -- straight shooting, by-the-book, ladies man, tall ex-marine, decorated motorcycle cop. We're friends, though not real close... AND TOMORROW, we're partnering on patrol. I rubbed my bulge again. I'm sure I can talk him into coming by with me to take advantage of your free boot polishing offer. He'd never pass up a deal like that and loves a great cup of coffee, especially if it's free. Once here, I can take control of him and turn him into my bottom lover." With that, I took one last look at my reflection and said "DAMN ! I am one stud cop, and as always...I am looking GOOD !"

I stomped out the door, swung my leg over my hot motorcycle, started it up and roared down the driveway to the main road and back to the station. All in all, this had been a pretty good day.