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Leather Care
Chapter 3
By Anonymous

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Slowly standing up and starting in a quiet but firm tone with an edge and absolutely no emotion, I said "No, I'm not going to suck your toes ! WHAT I WANT IS TO SEE YOU SUCK 'EM YOURSELF ! YOU'RE GONNA SUCK ON YOUR OWN TOES ! YOU'RE GOING TO LICK THEM CLEAN !"

That stopped him cold; his jaw dropped and his mouth gaped open. He just sat there with this confused look on his face like his coach just told his naive star jock that he missed a play. Then he stared straight ahead, tightly clenching his teeth, pumping adrenalin and building up the anger; then looking me straight in the eyes...

'WHAAAT ?!? OH...NO WAY IN HELL !! " he bellowed. Mumbling obscenities under his voice, he was trying to figure out how to force the recliner back to its upright position and then beat the holy shit out of me. Once again, I blocked the maneuver with my knee. I suddenly leaned over, grabbed his glove from the helmet, cocked my arm back and slapped him twice across the face with the glove as hard as I could. He was completely stunned, shell-shocked, bug-eyed, mouth agape, frozen in place. No one had ever done that to him before...NO ONE. He started to move and I slapped him again, and then once more for good measure. Now there was fear in his eyes, on his face; his lips were quivering and he was taking in deep breaths. He could not believe what was occurring, what was happening to him; his adrenalin, mixed with my little coffee concoction had done its work. It essentially removed all resistance and will power. He was bigger and tougher than me, but it didn't matter. He was quickly becoming submissive and passive; momentarily defiant internally but unable to effectively react.

His lips still quivering and his tense body clenching the chair arms, the look on his face went from defiant shock to tense acquiescence. He slowly raised his head to look at me. I still stood in front of him looking down on him, stone-faced, unmoving, without any emotion or expression showing and gazing with a bullet stare as our eyes met. When they did, he quickly looked down again and swallowed hard. In a cold-blooded tone I spoke to him "You're gonna suck your toes like I told you to, aren't you! -- it was an absolute statement, not a question. Again, he looked up at me and then quickly back down, panicking at what to do until finally giving his humiliating response of short quick nods of his head with clenched teeth and lips still quivering.

"I didn't hear that" I tersely said. He was grinding his teeth and then quietly offered "yes!" I immediately shot back " YES, WHAT ?!" His whole body tensed as he fought back any weak-seeming expression as he again reverted to his police training mode to answer. "YES, I will suck my toes like you told me to.....SIR !" I barely cracked a triumphal crooked smile and nod in agreement and went on. "Yes, you will....yes, you're going to suck your toes clean for me just like I told you....BUT, first things first. At that, he shot a look up at me and I calmly said "Gimme your hand" and I pointed to his still gloved left hand resting on the chair arm. He hesitated and I cocked my arm again feigning another slap to which he instantly reacted by instinctively flinching his head. I stopped; he took a deep breath now looking back down and slowly lifted his left hand toward me. I dropped the one glove which I had been holding onto the chair, grabbed his wrist and aggressively began pulling the glove by each finger until it was completely removed. I put it up to my nose, smelled the warm soft leather and the stud sweat lingering inside and made one slow lick of the surface with my tongue. I then pulled it onto my left hand and glared with a malevolent smile at this broken cop now slumped below me as I picked up his other glove and pulled it over my right hand, clenching my fist in the process. They didn't fit as tightly as on him...he was much bigger and more muscular; but that would soon be remedied.

Finished with that, I extended my hand and snapped my fingers to which he looked back up at me and I pointed to his still booted right foot and motioned with my hand to raise it. He lowered his head again with a look of pain and resignation and raised his leg toward me. I immediately grabbed the spit-shined boot with my cop-gloved hands and pulled and tugged at the boot until it was completely yanked off... and I was not gentle about it. When he was completely de-booted I set the boot on the floor next to me and then picked up his remaining boot with the $20 bills inside that was laying on his lap, removed the cash, and placed it next to the first. I then went for the sweaty socks, yanking the remaining one off and placing each inside its respective boot.

This stud, with head bowed low, was now completely submissive. Without any warning, I shot out my left arm, grabbed him by his hair and yanked him forward toward me. He winced as I held his head still. I took hold and removed his mirror sunglasses with my right hand and then violently shoved his head back onto the chair back. He gasped and sharply grunted at so sudden and aggressive move. While he was reacting, I stood upright and without any expression I calmly raised the cop's sunglasses and put them on. I then reached over to the side table, picked up his police helmet, slipped it over my own head and secured the straps under my chin. I stood quietly for a few seconds and then began to undress myself, quickly removing my leather work apron, olive green work clothes, shoes, socks and everything else I was was wearing.

The cop sat there wide-eyed, still in shock at the whole episode, completely taken aback at what was happening. Now working quickly with absolute confidence, my own bravado and no hesitancy whatsoever; I walked around the chair to the back, bent over the reclining man, reached for the gun belt and unbuckled it before I tackled the motorcycle jacket belt; unbuckled it, took hold of the front zipper, loudly unzipped the jacket, forcefully opened it and pulled it apart. I took hold of his hair again, pulled his head forward a little, placed my hand against the back of his head and shoved it and his whole upper body forward where I then aggressively pulled his jacket over his shoulders and off his arms until it was completely removed after which I dropped the heavy leather jacket onto the side table. Not slowing the pace, his shirt was next. Repeating the process with the buttons, the shirt and undershirt were removed in less than a minute. Finished with the shirts, I again grabbed his hair and sharply yanked his head back onto the chair back which musta pained some.

I walked around to the front of the chair, leaned over, completed removing the awkward gun belt, attachments and stays; then undid and unzipped his breeches, grabbed the sides and began his de-pantcing. The breeches were taut smooth over his lean tight muscled legs and bubble butt; but with a few yanks, they were peeled off quickly. Before I started on his underwear I reached over and put my hand over the large bulge hidden underneath and began to erotically fondle the stud's package. I glared into his still wide open eyes and smiled my most evil grin I could make and then slowly, sensually licked my lips. He was aghast at what I was doing, but offered no resistance whatever. However, it was having some additional effect...he was getting a hard-on. I chuckled and then continued with my business. I grabbed his briefs and pulled them off and set them on the pile of cop gear already removed, but not before bringing them up to my face and breathing in the sex and musky, sweaty cop smells of their former owner.

Without ever worrying or even considering how I might be manhandling this cop, I leaned forward and again pulling his head toward me, took hold of the dog tags around his neck, pulled them over his head, shoved his head back, stood back myself and then placed them over my own head and neck where they nicely laid flat against my own chest. Next, I took hold of his hand and stripped his expensive watch and academy ring from him and then replaced them on my own wrist and finger, fitting somewhat loosely. I stood there in the beginnings of my new cop gear, arms crossed against my chest and arrogantly surveyed the pathetic jock that sat stripped and buck naked in front of me. I took a deep breath and issued my orders to him. "All right cop turd, you're gonna start sucking your toes for me; you're gonna lick your toes--your feet clean, understand? and you're gonna keep at it until I'M satisfied and come back and tell you to stop, UNDERSTOOD ?" He took a shallow breath, slowly began reaching for a foot, made short quick nods of his head and pathetically whimpered "Yes Sir." As I watched, he contorted his jock body so he was able to grab his ankle and heel and then insert his big toe completely into his mouth, whereupon he began loudly sucking on it. Once he started, it almost became naturally easy for him to continue... licking and sucking his other toes, even doing several at once. I coldly said "That's better. I want them licked absolutely clean, spotless you hear! Not one speck of dirt...all the toe jam in between; the toenails too!" Satisfied that he understood and was obeying, I turned, picked up his boots and walked into an adjoining room closing the door behind me.

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