Jayden and Kyle - 2
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Fun with the Heroes

This was the part that both of the former heroes hated the most. Anytime the villains wanted they used them as their sex toys. They were at the mercy of the villains. The things that were done with and to them were unbelievable, unusual and downright depraved. Neither one of them was gay or had ever given a thought to having sex with or being with a man. It was rough for them at first but as it happened more and more it became more comfortable for them, not that they accepted it. The thing they found strange and odd was the fact that the sexual things that were being done to them also gave them some kind of pleasure, and was apparently bringing some deep hidden feelings to the surface in both of them. Yes they had both been with women sexual before, but it was never ever like this. It was confusing to say the least.

They both knew they could in no way have any feelings for these two beasts. They hated them beyond anything else in life. The one thing that both of them had been each other. They didn't have to go through this alone, they had each other. Both began to wonder if somehow, as time went on, they had feelings for each other. It after all made sense; they were best friends and were going through this hell together. They just needed to stay strong and get through this and maybe they would find out what all these feelings really were.

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