Jayden and Kyle - 2
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After a Long Hard Day

A couple months into their ordeal, they had just finished a twenty hour work day and had been locked back in their dungeon room, to recover and return for another day. The work was hard, long, dirty and unbearable. At the end of the day they smelled bad, they were dirty, filled with grime, their bodies were beaten down, bruised and most of all they were depressed and down. After a long day of doing hard meaningless labor the former heroes where beaten down, bruised, dirty, and depressed.

They were allowed to clean up, but it was far from comforting. Their shower consisted of a couple of buckets of ice cold water thrown over them while they were on their hands and knees. They were given no soap and had to wash each other off with the hands. It was more than embarrassing to say the least.

They were usually kept in their harnesses and gages, so all they could do to communicate and comfort each other was to huddle together and look into each other eyes. It surprised both of them how comforting that was to them, and how much they were actually able to communicate without their voices. It was as if they were connected and could almost read each other mind. Now all they needed was for this hell to come to an end.

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