Jayden and Kyle - 2
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Heroes Bound and Ready for Work

Jade and Kai were at the mercy of their captors, now that they had somehow stolen their superpowers. The pair retained their super bodies but did not have the powers that went along with them. Their lives had been transformed into a living hell. They were forced to serve their new masters as slaves in every way possible. Their cocks and balls had been fitted with a unique type of chastity device. They were made of heavy stainless steel, so they would not give a millimeter even against the former heroes’ super cocks.

The length of their shafts was locked in these steel tubes which had a ring that went around the head to hold it in, with a ball that rested in their piss slits. One thing that couldn't be seen was the stainless rod that ran from that ball inside their cocks down deep inside of them where the end opened up to hold the whole device in place, there was no taking these things off without permission. The other thing about these devices that wasn't seen was that they kept the former heroes fully erect and hard every minute of every day. They would vibrate and use varying electric charges. There was no relief from what these devices did to them. It was torture and pleasure all mixed into one.

They were also fitted with leather body harnesses with a neck collar and saddle attached to their backs. The saddles were used to carry the villains around and any other items or materials that needed to be transported. The villains also attached a very heavy log chain to the collars around their necks to help keep the pair under control. In effect the two had been turned into or treated like livestock or dogs. They were never allowed to stand upright, always having to walk on their hands and knees. They slept almost naked on a cold stone floor. They were fed some kind of brown sloop that was worse than anything they have ever eaten. They were given very little time to rest or recover as they were kept busy doing meaningless chores for the new supervillains.

One task they had become to loathe in their daily routine was the milking they had to endure. It happened twice a day like clockwork. They were hooked up to a milking machine as there seed was forcibly sucked from their bodies. It was the hardest thing they had to do each, it wracked their bodies. The milking only took about twenty minutes and in that short time they were forced to orgasm at least 5 times in that period of time.

The former heroes’ life had truly become a living hell and it was having an effect on them as they looked into each other’s eyes trying to tell each other they need to stick together until they could figure a way out of this and get their powers back. Neither one would give up, but the doubts were starting to creep in. They were beginning to wonder if being a hero was worth this and what they had done to be reduced to slaves and be treated like this. They wanted their old lives back; they wanted to be students again and wanted to help people as heroes again.

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