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Deep Blue
Part 7 - Bait and Tackle
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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Chapter 7 - Bait and Tackle

Mitch huddled and stunned in the shadow of the monitor, the licentious din of the statutory bacchanalia pealing into his overwrought brain.

Jae, oh God, how could this have happened? The best operative under his or any other's command. A man's man, strong, noble, confident, cocky and above all his most trusted friend. They had been competitors at the academy, but never bitter rivals. They had tested and pushed each other. So much so that Mitch felt he owed everything to his friend. He was to be his best man, and he would be damned if he didn't bring this red blooded hero back safely to his hot young bride. He knew Jae, his every look and mood, and he saw his slackened face. This noble fighter was sluggish but aware. The humiliation was unbearable. There before his commander and chief and the leaders of the free world a failed mission, stripped naked, bound ass up, and defenseless. His tender hole exposed to the world, and fucked ragged by that weak limp-wristed punk. Qube had brutally raped the bound stud during the meeting as casually as one might toy with a pen, or pour coffee. No doubt a calculated display of his absolute power. Mitch winced at the thought. He watched as Qube repeated the crime, this time with wild abandon, screeching his love for the interior of his friend's rectum at the top of his lungs, as a line formed behind to try this slice of heaven for themselves. He wanted to jump into the fray and slice that fag open now, but it would do no good. He had to bide his time. The party was already beginning to break up. An aging insurgent, had flung Gianelli over his shoulder, and carried his bronzed glutes of to some private horror chamber. Others had already been carried away to whatever unthinkable atrocity fate had in sore for their carefully sculpted bodies.

His dick still raged. The air in here was tainted by small amounts of that gas which apparently affected only he and his men, not their rapists. He closed his eyes, just for a moment, to reserve energy He felt a webbed hand cup the firm curve of his butt, and thick shoulder. Another one. Playing possum, he allowed the creature to roll his limp form face up, dick pointing skyward. He had taken out four guards in this fashion so far. Their bodies piled up in the air duct. They must think he was one of the captured crew, dragged to this remote corner during the frenzy of the orgy. If these creatures thought at all.


The ripe, sinewy structure of strong young human males drew these dumb beasts like moths to a flame. They seem to have no other purpose but the ravenous consumption of virile young studs, both sexually and literally. Knowledge of this single-minded obsession made killing them as easy as falling off a log.


This one, apparently, wanted to start with his pecs. He arched his back voluptuously as the little fangs nibbled daintily into the soft blond fur covering the wide plains of his armored breast. Walker had never been vain. He had more important ambitions than to worry about his looks, but he knew what drew female and, to his disgust, sometimes male eyes. Experience had taught him what bait to offer these mindless carnivores. It's claw wandered down to stroke his oozing cock. He let out a little sighing moan to draw the beast in "That's right Kermit, you know you want it.... you need it." his hand tightened around his blade. "... its all laid out for you like Christmas dinner on a plate, it's all yours, enjoy it come closer to daddy's hook" He moaned louder and rolled his tits up further toward the creature's bugging eyes as a rough amphibian tongue darted, and latched onto his left nipple. It died silently, but in paradise, falling at Walkers' side, and was piled on top of its fallen comrades. Walker was going to have to find new storage for these things. He shot a careful glance over the railing. The hall had darkened. Jae hung alone, in the echoing chamber draped over his column. His ass highlighted by a pin light. His friend had become a solitary and valuable work of art, the only light in the centre of a darkened gallery. Leave it to that pansy rapist to degrade his victims, and highlight their ravaged charms with artistic lighting.


Now was his chance. A quick survey revealed no predatory eyes in the gloom. Walker spied a nearby dangling chain, used less than an hour before to bind Ritter's ankles leaving the square jawed ensign dangling head down six feet above the slime slick limestone to be beaten like a pinata, and lowered slowly into a gauntlet of electric prods, until more organic rods finished off his torment.

The Commander clenched his teeth around his blade, grasped the chain, and swung, an embattled Tarzan, onto the silent chamber. The pungent scent of man sex mingled headily with the ever-present narcotic gas to make is knees weak as he gracefully alighted onto the slippery tiles and crept toward his abused friend. "Jae.... Jae c'mon man" He gently slapped his jaw.

" Ugnn.. ge.. off.. fuckin fag... ot"

The muscleman's eyes rolled back in his head.

"Jae .. it's me Mitch" ".. Mi..cch?" "C'mon buddy"

"Mitch.. uungh... go GO unnghhnnn...."

Flint's head fell in his hands. He was out

"Jae? Jae stay with me buddy"

He tested the strength of the ooze, which bound the passed out stud's wrists and ankles. The viscous stuff adhered to his fingers with a powerful grip. It was cool, wet and extremely strong. He couldn't seem to break it. It re-formed around his blade where he sliced into it.

He remembered Qube seemed to control its movement from the armrest. That had to be the answer. He rested his oversized paw gently on Flint's shoulder. "Ok buddy. You rest. I'm here, let's get you free" There was no response.

Walker jumped into the tyrant's rocky couch and was struck instantly by an awesome sense of absolute power. He was used to the responsibility of command, but this was the seat of a genuine megalomaniac. Someone who held absolute sway over his little realm without any sense of culpability or care for those who labored under his iron fist. Qube was an omnipotent child on an ancient throne.

He looked sorrowfully at his friend. The gooey bonds stretched his arms painfully along his sides fusing elbow to knee, wrist to ankle., so that from this vantage point there was no way to avoid the sight of those massive boulders that were Flint's overdeveloped glutes, and the pendulous balls hanging free below. Luminous white against the surrounding gloom, Walker could see clearly every muscle that muscle that formed the perfect curves, the twin spheres were for wide, and painfully apart leaving the abused hole gaping and exposed for the easiest possible access.


The occupant of this throne had only to stand and step forward to violate this intrepid hero. Walker could not count how many times Qube had done just that during the course of the evening, and how many he had invited to plunge in after him. The hole still leaked cum and blood over the wispy fringe of hair that surrounded it, and down the interior of the meaty thighs. The low hanging balls, he noticed were riddled with tiny punctures. Tears welled in his eyes. He looked down at the screen in the armrest. This wouldn't be easy. It was covered in unfamiliar hieroglyphics. He waved his hand over it, and it responded with a pulsing greenish light. He brushed a fingertip across one of the lighted figures. Flint's left arm relaxed in a loosened bond. Interesting. He tried again. Flint's arm shot back into tight bondage. The hanging ooze lengthened noticeably in the corners from the walls drawing Walker's eyes by the subtle movement. He felt something moist pool under his forearm. By the time he could react, he felt the same sticky sensation under his other forearm. The same goo was growing rapidly from the armrests. How could have he have been so stupid? His well-honed lightning reflexes shot him from the chair, only to be shot back into place, by an equal and irresistible force. His biceps and the veins on his mighty arms bulged to superhuman size as struggled against the glutinous substance.


His stomach lurched as he felt the chair begin to recline. Muculent ropes twined their way around his frantically kicking ankles and underneath his pecs pushing the already mountainous muscle into Himalayan proportion.


Other ropes constricted his thighs, neck and the base of his throbbing cock. He was laid out flat with his arms up on he rests, like a sun bed. Delicate fingers smoothed the sweat- matted hair from his brow. "I cannot say how relieved I am to find you among the living Commander.

" NO!

It was Qube. It can't have been this easy. He thrashed like a wild animal in a trap.


The fingers softly traced along the side of his face, his shoulders, and tickled his under arms as Qube spoke. "It should have been a great tragedy should we never have met face to... face.

But you can't really believe I relied entirely on the ship's roster, or was unaware of the existence of the hehehe succulent Ensign Flanagan. Delicious, not really like chicken at all." The tiny fingertips rubbed the erect nipples,, and danced along the sides of his rib cage. "I hope you enjoyed my little performance. I should truly have been devastated to have missed the chance to truly enjoy the perfection of your helpless body"


As if he were reading braille, Qube continued downward, avoiding the turgid member, along the hips, investigating the interior thigh. The naked Walker shivered in response to the degrading exploration

"You see, your vessel has been riddled with my surveillance devices since you left port. Oh the delightful sights I have seen as you approached" The screens came alive of he and his crew, changing, showering, Flanagan beating off. Walker felt he was about to vomit. "I have been practically drooling in anticipation of your visit"


The expeditious digits had found their way to the soles of the feet, to tickle the sensitive instep, and back up the interior of the calves, and thighs sending shock waves into Walkers already pulsing member.

"You, and your sleepy friend here, are the jewels in my little collection. I will never sell you off, and only share your treasures on special occasions. You are to be my personal, and most valuable possessions.... forever"

Qube had worked his way back to the rippling stomach, and roughly grabbed two full handfuls of man tit in his vice like claws

"Even as you grow older, you may be assured that my servants and I will..."Qube licked his lips. "......have a use for every inch of your delectable bodies" Walker chocked back the bile in his throat, and pounded his arms against his fungal bonds. Qube straddled his heaving abs. Walker felt his attacker's rock hard deformity lay threateningly all the way from his stomach to his throat. In his wild struggle, his hand brushed against the armrest control panel. Miraculously, the ooze began to recede. As if on a first date Qube sprayed a little atomizer into his mouth. "This little trick should help you relax" The ancient pervert leaned in and parted Walkers inviting full lips with his invading tongue. Whatever that spray was, it's sweet suffocating taste made his head light and his dick ache. This freak had unlimited ways to drug his victims into submission. Walker held his breathe. His mind was weakened but still his own. The ooze continued it's slow retreat... almost. Qube's mouth followed his finger's example slobbering all over his pecs, tenderly biting at the abused nipples, and along the magic treasure trail. Walker inconspicuously yanked an arm free, and undulated toward the villain, just like the hapless frogmen before. 'That's right grandpa, you just keep you focus on that cock you want so bad.'


Both arms were free. He reached for his knife. No this also was too easy. Why should this demented pervert die in the throes of ecstatic passion? This mother fucker was going to PAY! He would beat the old fag to death with his own mighty fists, and it was going to feel good. Qube's fetid mouth closed around his victim's throbbing cock, and Walker struck.

To be continued.........

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