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Deep Blue
Part 6 - The Minotaur
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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Chapter 6 - The Minotaur

The dappled aquatic light, which flickered softly through the glass chamber, belied the horror which it contained. His men, the best, the strongest, the most elite of the U.S. armed forces. These men under his command and care were displayed around the hall like slabs of meat in a butcher shop, fondled and toyed with like limp blow up dolls as the calm deep sea life glided gracefully past the glass enclosure, without pity or care.


Tilden and Cage, their lean muscles restrained, X-shaped hand and foot, shuddered under relentless whipping, as an enema tube filled Stafford's furry hole with an unknown blue substance from a huge suspended vat drained into many hoses, no doubt subjecting others, who he could not yet see, to the same humiliation. Undetected he slipped from the air duct onto an overhead walkway to dispatch the Frogman guard too enraptured by the scene to notice his assassin's blade slit him gill to gill. His massive quads strained as he hunkered down behind the railing.

Heavy male musks of sweat, blood, and cum, mingled with processed briney air.


Below him, bathed in dim blue light, a roiling sea of rippling muscle, sighed and undulated in anguished captivity.


Gianelli, bronzed descendant of Roman gods, moaned softly as a long amphibian tongue invaded his pert ass, bent over the Saudi terrorist who knelt before him to suckle his thick cock.


And Doc, poor Doc once again was pounded into the floor. This time, it was a greasy oilman slamming into his helpless manhole.


It was quite a party for the faggots. None one of these prime studs was left unattended.


Nipples, and cocks, grossly engorged, by gases or drugs, were pierced with long pins. Body hair singed away by small torches. Fat balls tied indigo, with tiny straps.


Frogmen, and terrorists, sucked, whipped, burned, cut, pinched and fucked the most perfectly sculpted male bodies in the U.S. Navy to the accompaniment of a low chorus of moans, and soft half conscious cries.


Each man, he now saw, was shackled not my rope or chain, but by a stringy white ooze, something between seaweed and cum.


It seemed to be a living organism, roughly yanking the limbs of each hunky meat puppet, into a new desired position by some unseen command.


The nightmare was amplified by huge, flat video monitors lowered to encircle to room, magnifying each humiliation in vivid big srceen detail. There, in the centre, of all of this carnage, Qube. Languidy reclining into a large obsidian throne, his delicate talons tapping onto a glowing keyboard set into the armrest, and his feet up on.....

Oh God NO...

Doubled over a hollow column, bound writs to ankle hung Jason Flint, Qube's helpless footrest.


The intricate play of muscles on his vast back was overlaid by a crisscross of welts. His famously long cock pointed down through a hole at the apex was lazily serviced by a frogman lying underneath. His full round balls, and the dimpled, twin spheres of his perfect ass forced upward, on intimate display for the pleasure of the mad man seated behind him.

Oh Jae


How long had he been ...presented... like this? Mitch guessed days. This was the home Qube had made for his pet captive.

With serene joy, Qube surveyed his empire, absently allowing his ragged toenail, glinting with ancient, chipped gold paint to explore the cleft between the two chiseled mounds. Walker thought he heard a faint groan as a toe invaded his friend's sensitive chute. Sweat dripped from Flints spiked buzz cut, his head swayed softly from the degrading intrusion.


Without taking his eyes from his spherical trophy, Qube called out in a singsong voice to his nefarious guests.

"My dear guests1!! I am delighted to see you enjoying the hospitality of my stables so thoroughly, and that some of you have had a chance to test the limits of your recent purchases, but I fear we must pause, briefly, before we resume this evenings festivities, for now it is time to negotiate."

With one final brutal thrust, Doc's assailant exploded into his ruined hole and kicked the defeated muscleman into a crumpled heap on the wet floor, and joined the various baddies as they reluctantly left their squirming toys, to gather in a formal semi circle behind Qube's throne.

Mitch watched Qube's fingers dance upon the glowing screen in his armrest. "That's it" he thought. "His command centre. That's how I can bring him down. I've got to find a way to get close to that screen without getting ass raped by one of those scaly mother-fuckers"

The frog creatures assumed sentinel positions around the room and Mitch hunkered behind a monitor to avoid their hungry eyes.

Qube's claw wafted over the keyboard and the monitors revealed the boardroom of the world council. Walker gaped to see the planet's most powerful leaders called together, at Qube's command.

The epicene villain settled into his easy chair, and addressed the council

"Gentlemen, I am honored by the attention of this most august assembly. I promise not to impose too much upon your valuable time. You are aware of the recent unsettling seismic activity around the Pacific rim. I am certain you will join me in the sincere hope for the immediate cessation of the events" "Enough Qube, what is it that you want"

"Where the hell's my sub, you pansy freak?"

"Forgive me your Excellency, Mr. President, but I worry that some of you doubt my veracity. It is vital to me that you understand the extent of my ... influence. Observe."

Another waft of the hand and the screen revealed an oil rig.

"Ah the rich waters of the Northern Pacific, such wild beauty, and such bounty underneath the rolling waves"

The hand flew again.

The rig began to pitch and roll, and was soon lost inside giant waves.

"Tsk, tsk such a shame. Imagine the tragedy should such a thing happen to Singapore?.. or Seattle? Yes, somehow I have a terrible premonition that Seattle may well be next, in exactly twenty-four hours. Surely by now, your instruments have shown that I not only have this capability, but my humble abode rests on the largest oil reserve on the planet, which I would be delighted to share with you, at a most reasonable cost, if you are willing to cooperate with a few little requests. I am too much a gentleman to raise the tawdry subject of coin in company, so you will find my price in discreet envelopes in front of you."

"This is preposterous. You can't possibly think we..."

"As to the whereabouts of your vessel, sent so rudely to attack me, well I have taken it into my care, and am happy to host it's crew"

A collective gasp rose from the council as the monitors panned the room revealing the naked captives, coming to rest on a full view of Qubes throne, and it's unique ottoman.

"You see I have taken very good care of them. I believe most of you know the famous Lieutenant Flint, decorated many times for feats of heroism in your service."

He rose to grasp a handful, of Flint's buzz cut, and give the assembly a good view of the handsome, slack jawed face. Flint's heavy eyelids widened slightly in seeming shamed recognition, a tiny glint of drool sparkled at the corner of his voluptuous lower lip.


Qube let the head fall heavy back down, and stroked the bruised sinewy back.

"He is mine now, they are all mine"

He strolled back to his throne, turned around, and parted his robes to reveal a pockmarked sunken torso, and the largest cock Mitch had ever seen, hanging well below the bulbous kneecaps, thick as a man's forearm, and stiffening rapidly. His long white hands tremulously patted the granite curve of Flint's upraised ass.


"You must admit he is exquisite. The apogee of masculine achievement and beauty in it's prime. He is now my toy, and my footrest. His muscles are smooth and unyielding as polished marble. As I sit and hold sway over my little empire, this work of art is always before me, to comfort and inspire."

Qube's voice began to quiver.

"Please .. forgive.. em.. my excitement. This is the first time I have fully enjoyed all that my toy has to offer. I wanted to wait so that I could share the experience with you. I wanted to show you how well I use my possessions"

Both Qube and his victim, groaned as the penile deformity invaded Flint's helpless chute. Mitch thought he saw a tear fall from his friend's eye and fall into a pile of sweat onto the granite tile. Qube found a gentle rhythm, Flint's head bobbed in time.


"Ohhhh. Ugghnn. He was made for this, He feels delicious, he embraces me like tight velvet. " One of the horrified dignitaries found his voice. "You sick monstrous abomination!!!!!" " Yes, your Excellency, I am something of a beast" Qube spoke calmly for someone enjoying the best fuck of his life. "I like to think of myself like the Minotaur. Shall I remind you of the story? Old King Minos, a man after my own heart, defeated the city of Athens, and as the price of continued peacful..ugnnhh.. existence, he asked the small price of the of the city's most beautiful youths and maidens every nine years, as a sacrifice to his personal monster the Minotaur, which he housed far down in the depths of a secret labyrinth"

Qube increased his cadence. The virile beauty began to grunt in low agony with every thrust.


"In this fast paced age, I fear I must insist on a bi-annual gift." Qube chuckled. "However, I will allow you to keep your maidens. I have no need for them. I shall return you submarine in the expectation that in exactly two years time it will deliver my own hand picked crew of such youths... oooh ahh succulent .. young men of my choosing, in perpetuity. My surveillance of military personnel is extensive, and I already have some choice candidates in mind. 'As you already now, if you attempt again to send a sabotaged “Theseus” to destroy me, the sub and a city will be lost."

Qube's breath became labored as his speech, and pace increased.

"I am.. sure.. you. will is.. a small.. price to pay... to save .. millions... aahhh"

Qube began to hammer savagely into Flint's chute, slapping his hips anaginst the marbled curves

"You're MAD. We will never sacrifice our men to you!!" "It ah is aahhh your choice... You have twenty four ... unnng.. hours. That is ALLLLLL"

Qube shot his greed and power deep within Flint's bowels as the monitors reverted to random views of ravaged muscle, and the cruel revelers resumed the ghoulish celebration.

Walker's teeth clenched in gritty determination. He had to stay strong in the face of the enormity of the situation. This was no longer just about saving his men. In the shadow of the monitor, he lay vulnerable, and naked with only one small blade in his meaty paw, and alone with the realization that he must save the world.....

To be continued.........

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