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Deep Blue
Part 8 - OctoQubie's Garden
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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Chapter 8 - OctoQubie's Garden

For the first time, possibly ever, a look of bewildered surprise crossed Qube's sunken face as he slid down the opposite glass wall not unlike Wile E. Coyote. The unexpected punch had blown him across the chamber with the force of a violent explosion.


His curved back screamed with pain where it had connected with the unyielding thick glass wall. His boney ass finally made contact with the wet limestone, and he spit four decaying teeth from his bloody mouth. He had to confess his intended victim had massive powerful fists. The owner of those same fists now strode toward him like an angry god. Not since his boyhood when he was subject to daily beatings from just such disdainful beauties, had Qube felt terror. No stud, no matter how strong or skilled had ever escaped his oozing shackles. This one was indeed his most worthy choice, too worthy. He may die in his attempt to conquer such a divine being. He had no time to muse, as the meaty paw connected again with his delicate glass chin, sending more teeth across the room. "Like playing with big boys do ya faggot?" One oversized meat hook encircled his throat and pulled him high off the ground. A steaming puddle of urine pooled under the floor underneath his tiny dangling feet. Walker's nose wrinkled in disgust


"Please.. mercy" "You want mercy!!!? You want the same mercy you showed my men!!!!!???? Did you show mercy when you tied them up and raped their asses???!! The big screens were still playing scenes from the sub, some showed the battle, other screens showed Flint's first rape. Mitch caught sight of himself draped over the creature's knee and spanked. Walker's free mitt pounded into his soft belly. "The same mercy you showed when you ate Wil??!!!" The huge fist connected with his liver "You..."






"FREAK!!!!" One more blinding gut punch sent pink vomit trickling over the mighty fist that gripped his throat. Qube could barely breathe. "Listen FAGGOT. You got one minute to release my men, and you got two minutes to live. DO IT NOW!!!!!" Walker flung the sniveling rapist, single handedly back across the room, over his knocked out footrest and into his own throne.


The cue ball skull made a sickening sound as it connected with the stone of the chair. He hoped he had not killed him before he could release the crew, and sighed with relief as he saw the dazed pervert twitch, and raise frightened, but still lust filled, eyes toward his attacker. He had to keep his head, and keep control. He was dealing with one slippery mother-fucker "NO TRICKS FAGGOT" "Pl... please don't make me release my prizes.." Walker back handed him like a coke addled, back alley whore "NOW!!"

Qube raised a trembling hand toward the control panel, and was slammed to the ground by a ringing punch to the ear. "I SAID NO TRICKS MOTHER-FUCKER!!!" Qube began to crawl back onto the throne, only to be slammed down again. Walker's foot pressed his neck onto the floor, and spit into his eye. He had Qube pissing himself with fear and begging for his life. He was enjoying this a little too much, but after what he had survived, he deserved to relish a bit of sweet, sweet revenge.

"I don't think you heard me you little pansy cock-sucker. NO TRICKS!!! Now you're gonna get back up there nice and slow and release my friend, and then you and me are gonna go for a little walk, and let all my men free, and maybe I'll let you live. GOT IT FAGGOT?? Qube nodded as much as he could manage with Walker's size eleven cutting of his air supply. Walker felt more than saw the big screens flicker and change. He heard a familiar Connecticut twang echo through the chamber. "Commander Walker" He turned, wide eyed and relieved to see the folksy cowboy face of his hero. Mitch found himself face to face with the commander-and chief himself. He quickly kicked Qube out and saluted. "SIR. This is a great honor sir!"

The well rehearsed folksy drawl oozed from the video screen like molasses. "I'm here to assure you that your country appreciates the brave sacrifice you and your crew have made to defend freedom"

Walker flushed "Sir, just doing my duty sir"

The Supreme commander continued "I want you to know. that your families will be well provided for. We gonna rebuild their lives up even better than they were before, and I'm lookin forward to see'n that. I'm a better life rebuilder. And you will be remembered as the great heroes you are. We're gonna build a big ol monument out here on the Washington mall in yer honour. You've made the ultimate sacrifice. yer ultimate sacrificers"

Mitch cleared his throat. "Sir, I have captured Qube and am about to secure the compound. We're coming home sir"

"Oh... uhh. I'm real happy to hear that. hehe...Yer country is real proud. But ya see... well, we can't have you guys comin home with a story about havin Huma- sexshul relations. That kinda story in the press would demoralize our troops, and give cumfort to the activist judges, and the Christmas haters, and the enemy. And we can't be no liberal enemy cumfort givers ya see?" Walker's eyes narrowed trying to understand. "And ya see, well ol Qube's just sittin on all that oil down there that only he knows how to get at, ya see. Now he's been real cooperative, and we think we can teach him to be a freedom lovin Christian, if we're just a little patient with his oil.. I mean with him.. and I need that oil.. I mean yer country needs that oil.. so .. er .. we can spread freedom throughout the world, and enjoy our freedom lovin way of life. Cause we're freedom spreaders ya see? Our traditional family values are at stake here and you have protected them. You're value protectors. You've made the ultimate sacrifice for yer country, and yer country thanks you.. and I thank you.. thank you"

The screens flickered back to scenes of Flint's first rape, and Walker stood, a Hellenistic statue shocked into smooth marble. He had been asked to sacrifice his crew, at the moment of victory, to a fate worse than death. To be raped by a perverted super villain, for a few gallons of oil. Walker was the ultimate soldier. The best. Perfectly developed, and trained. He accepted orders without question, and followed through to the letter at any cost. Like a finely tuned machine, he completed each task without error. Now that machine had received an order that did not compute. He could not react. He could not turn left or right. He had no logical orders to follow. Without orders he was paralyzed. He could not move.



The staggering blow nailing the back of his head that knocked him into next week was almost superfluous. Whether it was the betrayal or the black jack that stunned the cocky stallion unconscious, neither Walker nor Qube would ever know. The big screens surrounding the chamber recorded and reflected the moment. Magnified for posterity, and displayed at every angle. Already passed out, the beautiful expressionless face, and classic body remained stock still for what seemed an age... and the he fell. He did not crumble. Still the abandoned classical sculpture, he slowly tipped forward and, picking up speed, toppled making a classic face plant onto the corrugated floor. It would have been painful, but he had felt nothing since his presidential audience.

Qube dropped the blackjack and looked down at the vanquished hero. Only moments before he had been in complete control, an all-conquering god, now lying destroyed at his tiny feet. Qube spoke gazing at the big pert naked butt curving defenseless toward the domed ceiling.

"Tsk.. was that a little too rough stud?"


Qube placed a hand on his new victim’s broad back, and savored the cool feel of the granite hard muscles.

“So beautiful in repose. These muscles, as if hewn from rock.”

Frogmen appeared from the shadows with the intent on sharing this new prize, and carrying Mitch to his fate.

They rolled the limp stud over on his back, running their claw like fins over his stilled body.


But Qube waived them away.

“Thank you my friends, but this one is mine”

He leaned in close to Mitch’s ear.

“You cannot know how longed I have waited for this moment. I have stalked and studied you over the years, since your days at the Naval Academy. I have watched your training and your career, and I knew that such exquisite beauty must be mine alone.

Now I have you, you have exceeded all of my dreams.

Come my helpless straight stud, on a short journey, which I have hungered to take you on, myself, since the moment I saw you. I know I seem to weak for this, but my lust for you has given me strength”


Qube grabbed a thick forearm, and with some effort managed to get the heavy pile of naked muscle and limp dangling limbs, over his skinny hunched shoulder, but it was worth it. This time there was no game of possum. Walker was out, and completely at Qube’s mercy.


A massive stone table flanked by granite benches had risen from the floor in front of the throne and footrest. The primordial ooze puddeld in the center, forming a small mucous like mound, rivulets dripping over the sides


Qube dared to raise his hand and lay it on the cold granite sphere. He smiled.

"Your beauty exceeds my dreams, and inspires me toward even more exquisite tortures to inflict upon this perfection."

Qube reached his destination and dumped the slumbering hunk onto the table, like an animal to be butchered.


The frogmen arranged the unresisting limbs wide toward each corner of the table, and positioned his hips over the center of the primordial mound, which formed snugly around his eternally turgid cock, arching the perfect ass up above the tapering back.

They stood back as Qube approached his conquest from behind. He knelt on the stone table between the spread legs. He ran his hands along the broad shoulders, in a loving, gentle massage, working his way down, admiring the shape of the wide delts. He spoke to his sleeping victim. "I especially love these little dimples that parallel the lower spine, just here, past the delicious small of your back, right before the gluteal curve widens from the narrow waist. I have seen them many times on shirtless men such as laborers, or playing basketball, as the baggy shorts slide past thin hips. Irresistible. He leaned down to kiss the dimples, and onto the cool hard muscles of the ass. "As I promised my beauty, unwilling submission"


He began kissing, liking and biting until the firm boulders of Walker's massive buttocks were coated entirely in the fiend's saliva. Qube dug his long talons in, taking full possession of each muscled ham, pulling them apart to admire the defenseless pink hole. Painted fingernails prickei into the naked, unblemished skin. He stared awestruck at the moment of victory. He sighed, and licked from the base of the balls, in one long stroke past the perineum, and over the small, quivering opening. He pulled the huge glutes even further apart and plunged in with his long searching tongue.

Walker heaved a low unconscious moan, his voice composed only of breath, and pushed his dick imperceptibly into the strangling ooze. Qube settled in, he would be at this for quite a while.


Walker dreamt he was swimming in a dark, boiling sea when a giant wave slammed him onto the sea floor ramming his cock into a raised sand bar, which sent warm ticklish shock-waves charging through his trembling belly. Before he could extricate himself a bright green eel wormed its way into his asshole nibbling at the pebbled interior flesh, darting it's little snake tongue at his prostate. He was drowning. He moaned softly into the black water and squirmed away from the sea floor. He swam toward the surface, toward consciousness. But the little eel lodged stubbornly in his hole, it's tongue grew larger licking up and down the entire crack and diving greedily back into his very center. The aquatic creature seemed to grow long busy hands, which played along his body, worried at his sore tits, and returned to knead, and manipulate his butt cheeks. He reached the surface and remembered. He woke to Qube nibbling away at the soft blonde hairs that surrounded his asshole with the few teeth that Walker had not knocked out of his wrinkly lipless mouth. His head throbbed from the blow. His eyes fluttered half open to survey the room, which was now lighted and had resumed its busy debauched activity. His crew was once again subject to myriad tortures, and sodomy in various stages of consciousness.


Seated on either side of him was a rogue’s gallery of leering international terrorists, just as they had gathered around the table to devour poor Will. Was this to be his fate as well?


How long had he been out? How long had that sick freak been eating out his asshole? The raw, chapped feeling in his crack indicated hours.


He seemed to be stretched out wide, like a butterfly pinned into a display case, on some sort of stone slab. His wrist and ankles restrained at each corner by more of that white shit. His painfully engorged dick was wedged into a mound of that same gelatinous muck, which had formed a pulsing strangle hold around the shaft. The stuff was moving tightly around his tool like a cobra, and was raising his ass up to allow easy degrading entry for Qube's probing tongue which plummeted back deep inside his bowels. Qube inhaled deeply which created a sort of vacuum in his chute, and the bristly hairs of the super-villain's goatee sent a seismic ridge of goose bumps from the soles of his feet to the top of his head.


He looked directly forward and locked eyes with an awakened Jason Flint, still in his footrest position. His body rocking in time with the frogman dick slamming into his presented asshole. They shared a moment of infinite sorrow, and Mitch realized that he was moaning like a cat in heat. He stopped, and so did the mastication in his hole. Alerted by Mitch's silence he pulled out of the fleshy cave, but still held the entrance open and exposed to the cool air. "Good morning Commander, I trust you are feeling rested. I am anxious to continue last evening's...discussion." He gave the helpless crack another lick. "Unnghh My sick fag.. What're you doing to my asshole?" Qube manipulated both handfuls of Walker's ass, and toyed with the exposed balls.

"Oh, I'm making it very.." lick



"..wet..." Qube took a mouthful of dangling ball. Walker suppressed a moan.


Qube left his feast to crawl over the prone body of his vanquished foe, and take an earlobe in his mouth. He blew, and then whispered into the aural canal.

"You see I had to pay out so much in oil to have you that I have none left to spare for lubricant" he giggled , tickling the hairs inside Walker's ear. "I'm afraid we'll have to make do with spit"

He yanked Walker's square jaw backward, and shoved his tongue past the ripe inviting lips. The same tongue that had, moments before, been wedged up his asshole. Walker gagged and tried to bite it away. His head was slammed into the stone in response. The foul breath hissed in his ear "That's right, keep fighting me. It makes it all the sweeter.


Walker could feel Qube's gigantic piece lying, heavy and hard, along his back. Terror griped at his throat, and he tested at his bonds. His muscles rippled invitingly, and the ooze tightened its grip on his meat. Otherwise there was no effect. This was not how he could escape.


He shivered as Qube's goatee scraped the bak of his thick neck He scanned the room. Gianelli had replaced Ritter as today's chandelier. Marques, Gregory, Carr, Vardanian, and Rath were receiving the blue enemas, he was certain they were some how drugged. Many others were being flogged. He noticed gym equipment set up in the far end of the chamber. Gregory, Cruz, Donavan, and Trask, manipulated like puppets in strings of goo were being forced to work out, their muscles pumping to enormity. A frogman grabbed Gregory's hips during a squat and entered him from behind. He rode him to the end of the motion, a lewd spot. No matter what that posturing, chimp faced, White House fuck had said. It was his responsibility to free his men. He had to take control of the situation. His head shot up and he felt Qube's fat dick press against his splayed and quivering hole.

This was happening. This was happening to him.

He frantically tried to reason with the madman. " Qube LISTEN TO ME!! You won't get away with his forever. They will come for us eventually" The massive head poked into the tiny entrance. Walker clenched tightly. He couldn't let this happen. "No! Wait! Listen to me! I can make it go easier on you... ugnnh.. just.. let Flint go!!"

Qube went on whispering deep within the earlobe. He remembered, this was exactly how they tamed wild horses back in Nebraska "SSSSSSHHHHH!!!! Shhsssshhhh!!! I know, I know. It's all right now. It's over"


Qube's dainty fingers gently stroked his soft blonde hair. "Just relax, it's all right" The fingers stroked his trembling shoulder's, his ribs. The enormous rod continued inching in, centimeter, by centimeter, and banged against the tightly shut ring of muscle. NO! This couldn't be happening. Not to him. He was Commander Mitch Walker, consum!mate fighter and leader of men, about to be ass raped by an arch terrorist. No This couldn't happen, not to him. More pairs of hands joined the lullaby of touch on either side.




The tremendous rod pushed against the desperately shut barrier. Walker thought he would split in two. His body could not accommodate an object of this size.

Sooo lusciously tight, and he was fighting him with every ounce of strength. Qube wondered if he could enter without permanent damage. Qube wondered if he cared.



"SShhhhhh..." The hypnotic stroking continued, lulling his frantically struggling body. He fought against the urge to relax. The pain was incredible

"Shhhhhhh.." The remaining teeth bit into his earlobe. "I know, I know, my beauty ... it's all right.. it's over now.." Qube repeated the mesmerizing mantra over and over stroking his hair his, his skin.



The world lurched on it's axis and the relentless ramrod finally breached the tight band. Qube's deformity slipped all the way in past the convulsing man band, his bony hips slamming into the granite buttocks. Commander Mitch Walker tried to scream, but was no longer capable of producing sound. His entire self was focused on the white blinding pain shooting from his toes, and up the inside of his tree trunk legs splitting into his entire center. He thrashed, wildly, like a hooked fish on the deck of a trawler, to pull himself off of the cruel invasion, but he was bound, and pinned into stillness.


Qube was also stilled. Enjoying the play of panicked muscles struggle in accommodate his oversized rod, constricting deliciously, like velvet, around his shaft.

He looked down at the fallen giant impaled on his dick. This titan had bested him, nearly killed him as no other could have done. He stared down lovingly at the vast expanse of Walker's heaving, sweaty back and began to thrust.



The word pounded into Walker's brain with every thrust. This was happening.. to him.

Qube reached forward to cover his mighty, outsized paws with his delicate talons, entwining painted fingernail with thick knuckle and clutched for better leverage.



Every hour of his life up to this moment had been spent in Spartan self denial, training, learning, and sculpting his body into absolute chiseled perfection all ultimately for the pleasure of the unworthy parasite brutally thrusting his insatiable hunger in between his marbled glutes, spearing deep into his very core. He knew there was an endless line of cocks waiting for their turn to enter his aching chute.



Qube had picked up to a steady, but still careful pace, this was too nice to rush, and the searing pain turned into something.. un-nameable.



It had cost him but he had won every contest, every fight with only sheer steal resolve. He had never before felt taken, completely used, a fallen idol now a toy for a demented child.

Qube's shattered fangs bit sharply into his massive granite shoulder, and he began to fuck his defeated stud with vindictive frenzy.



His dick, which had been bursting with unsated need for hours, maybe days, throbbed painfully. Something felt hideously natural. Every part of him, taken, used, and yet worshipped like a god. To be finally consumed by the voracious hunger of a lesser supplicant.



The relentless thrusting slammed his dick into the strangling ooze, which had latched little suckers onto his tits. His head pounded on the stone in time, hands stroked, pawed and pinched his naked flesh from every angle. He was drowning, suffocating in a sea of unwholesome adulation, a god devoured by his acolytes.


The word was a searing fever in his brain, kindling to the knotted log ramming into his asshole. White heat caught fire somewhere in is prostate , exploding in his belly, and down through his groin, boiling into his swollen bladder to engulf his tender nuts. Qube sensed his imminent victory. He grabbed had handful of the short blond hair to pull the handsome head back and cover the rugged mouth with a wet cloth.


Mitch was forced to breath in a sweet sticky substance that made his heart pound in his ears, and his mind sail above the room The stud arched his ass toward the attack in unwilling supplication, and Qube slot fucked all his avarice, and rage into the ruined hole



Walker finally found his primal voice, howling as his cock pulsed ropes of his life force, feeding it into the suffocating ooze.

Qube dropped the heavy head roughly on to the slab and Commander Mitch Walker lay still, defeated raped and betrayed to the arch villain whose dick still claimed greedy ownership of his perfect ass

Commander Mitch Walker's mind flew around the room, and he lost the sense of time. He saw himself, hanging like Gianelli and Ritter upside down from the ceiling, a hose stuffed deep in his hole, filling his belly to bursting. He was in the corner forced to work out resisting the bands of ooze. There he was being milked dry by the same frogman who had just given his big ass a bloody thrashing. He caught sight of his broad shoulders covered in welts. Yes, he could still feel the sting of the lash He saw himself in Flint's place with Qube's dainty heels resting pointedly on his granite butt.


No. Qube was still fucking him, when would he finally cum? He needed to concentrate. He could still somehow save his men. No, it wasn't Qube, a scaly arm encircled his throat to choke him out while slamming into his hole. No had he imagined that? It was still Qube. Was this still the first time? Or was it the hundredth? Could he remember a time when some hungry dick wasn't ramming into his full hard helpless ass? Slack jawed he focused past the thick glass barrier to the sea beyond. His eyes followed a school of striped bass upward. He thought he saw a glint of.. what? Metal?.. Was it a submarine slowly gliding through he murky currents? Was it his sub? A pinging guided it's blind hull through this dark water. A diver emerged, his sleek muscles encased in the snug wet suit, as he kicked his way past billowing brain coral, though a graceful, yet predatory world where creatures existed only to consume, and to be consumed. Everywhere around him, he could hear the crackling sound of their eternal eating. No

It is not silent in the deep

The End