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The New Robin
Chapter 6 - The New Robin
By David Circe
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“Robin your balls are so huge and your in so much pain, here let me see if I can help you out with that.”



Now that Alpha has stopped waving his huge penis and putting Robin in a trance the pain of his testicles swelling came back fast.

Alpha sits himself up and grabs Robin’s throbbing penis his mouth goes to the head area.

Alpha starts sucking Robin’s fully erect 9-inch penis with his hand he feels out Robin’s swollen balls they are huge and keep swelling with sperm!

Alpha grips Robin’s swelling testicles he puts a firm hold to them.

Alpha’s lips wrap around Robin’s penis head he starts going down a little then up darting his tongue in and out of Robin’s penis hole.



Alpha is an expert at sucking cocks he sucks Omega off on a regular basis and visa versa.

The drug Alpha put down Robin’s penis hole that will make his cock stay fully erect and the sperm multiplier has a bad side effect with each ejaculation the pain is mind wrecking.

Alpha can taste Robin’s pre-cum he keeps sucking and squeezing Robin’s huge balls.



Robin’s muscle bound body flexes forward his pecs start indenting hard at his big rock hard nipples making large craters shapes.

Load after load of warm sperm shoot into Alpha’s mouth he swallows it down.

Robin doesn’t stop climaxing he keeps shooting sperm for a good five minutes as Alpha swallows every drop down.



Finally Robin stops ejaculating his eyes are bulged out every muscle in his awesome body twitching his handsome head jerking up and down.

Alpha smiles seeing Robin’s pecs indenting and the look on his face and how Robin’s rock hard cock bobs up and down along with his handsome head.

Alpha gets up from the bed and leads Robin to the center of the room.


“Robin you will stand right here I’m going to web you up in very thin rubber so I can see all your wonderful muscles.”



Alpha starts wrapping Robin up in very thin rubber when he is finished Robin is enveloped in rubber except for his huge balls and cock and asshole area and his head.

Alpha pushes a button and a leather harness comes down from the ceiling and he attaches it around the bottom of Robin’s pecs.

When this is done he pushes a button and Robin is lifted two feet off the floor.

Then Alpha pushes a button on a near by control panel and a large screen comes down in front of Alpha and Robin.

The image on the screen is the Riddler laying back on a bed with his fat 13-inch cock buried deep inside of a very drugged looking Batman.

Omega is inserting his huge 16-inch cock into Batman’s stretched asshole along with the Riddler’s penis.

Batman’s fat 10-inch penis is fully erect his testicles also huge out of his head, words coming out of him as both villains’ are fucking him senseless.


“Do you see what the Riddler and Omega are doing to Batman Robin?”




“You keep watching the screen Robin look at your lover Batman being fucked into a total submissive state he’s being done the same way you are.”



Robin’s eyes are glued to the screen watching Batman’s body builder physique muscles quivering his big round pecs indenting wild like his eyes very drugged looking mindless words coming out of him.

Alpha picks up a tube of clear lubricant and slicks up his huge penis head then puts down the lube.

He spreads Robin’s ass-crack and looks at Robin’s ass-hole he puts the head of his huge cock to it and slides it in fast.

The shock to Robin’s ass-hole zaps him senseless all of his muscle bound body enveloped in rubber.



Robin’s mind making him feels like a fly stuck in a powerful spider’s web soon all of his power will be drained away.


“I’m going to help you with that pain Robin I’m going to make you cum again to drain away all the sperm in your huge balls!”



Alpha grins knowing that each time he makes Robin cum the more it will wreck his mind.

Alpha reaches for the lube and picks it up and slicks down Robin’s throbbing rock hard penis.

He puts down the lube and begins pumping and jacking Robin.

Alpha commands Robin to keep watching the screen Robin obeys and watches the Riddler and Omega double dick Batman senseless.

Robin loves Batman but has told him on many occasions he would love to see Dick AKA NightWing fuck him with Dick’s huge cock and tape both of them fucking Batman senseless.

Every time Tim AKA Robin has brought this up he can see Batman’s fat 10-inch cock going fully erect.


“Robin what is Batman being fucked senseless doing to your mind?”



Alpha looks down to see Robin’s penis hole dripping pre-cum down his shaft rapidly.



Like before Robin shoots load after load of his hot sperm this time all over the screen in front of him.

He doesn’t stop climaxing he keeps shooting huge loads of his sperm for a little longer this time about 6-minutes.



Alpha can feel Robin’s rock hard penis pulsating as load after load of his sperm hit the screen in front of them.

Alpha hearing the words coming out of Robin makes him explode he starts shooting huge loads of his sperm deep inside of the mind controlled Robin.

Alpha’s handsome face contorts with pleasure and his muscle bound body flexes hard then he stops ejaculating.

Alpha pulls his huge penis head out of Robin and slams it back in again and again.

Each time Alpha’s penis pulls out and slams back into him Robin’s handsome head jerks back hard.

Robin’s eyes are going backwards the pain from the climaxing and Alpha’s huge cock are wrecking him zapping his mind.

Finally Robin stops climaxing a large drop of sperm oozes out of his penis hole.

Alpha lets go of Robin’s rock hard cock and pulls his huge penis out of Robin.

Alpha spins Robin around and looks over his handy work.

A devil’s grin spreads wide as he looks at the muscle bound Robin.

The hanging two feet from the floor Robin’s beautiful muscles are spasming all over his body his handsome head jerking up and down steady mindless words coming out of him.

Alpha starts removing the rubber by turning Robin around and around.

He pushes a button and Robin is lowered to the floor he removes the harness.

Robin falls to the floor spread-eagle his muscle bound body jerking all over.

Alpha kneels down to Robin the handsome villain places his big hands to Robin’s very muscular pinched ass and pulls the powerless Robin towards his still rock hard cock.

Alpha slams his huge penis into Robin’s asshole the shock to Robin’s asshole makes the Boy Wonder weak so weak!

Alpha stands and pulls Robin up to a somewhat standing position.

 Robin is impaled on Alpha’s huge cock and his muscular arms and legs hang limp no power.


“Robin is my huge penis making you weak?  Surely not.”



With the new muscle bound Robin impaled on the drop dead gorgeous muscle dripping villain Alpha’s huge cock he is powerless.

 Alpha walks himself and Robin around the room a great thought comes to Alpha’s mind.


“Robin you will remember what Omega did to me how he used his huge 16-inch muscle man wrecker cock on me you will only see those images in your minds eye you will obey!”



In Robin’s mind he can see Omega working Alpha over with his huge power tool.

Robin can see the look on Alpha’s face each time Omega’s huge rock hard penis slams into Alpha’s paralyzed asshole.

Robin watches as Omega lifts Alpha’s very muscular arms up high then lets go and they fall down like heavy bricks.

Alpha’s weak-minded words coming out of his mouth as Omega slams his monster cock in and out of Alpha’s zapped asshole again and again.

Robin’s penis hole starts dripping pre-cum seeing the muscle bound stud Alpha being drained of all his power by a huge penis.



With Alpha’s huge cock still buried deep inside of Robin the stud villain wraps his fist around Robin’s pulsating shooting load after load of sperm cock.

This time Robin un-loads his hot sperm for about 7-minutes when his climax ends his muscle bound body turns into a muscle-jerking event.

Robin’s eyes going backwards his eye lids blinking fast Robin’s awesome pecs indenting wildly like they are begging for power.

Alpha smiles an evil grin thinking about what he has planned for The Boy Wonders next cum show.

End of Part 6                     David Circe.

Batman Robin NightWing Bruce Wayne Tim Drake Dick Grayson and Alfred. The Riddler. Belong to DC Comics. This is work of adult fan art. No Copyright infringement intended. The Villain’s Alpha and Omega are my creations.


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