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The New Robin
Chapter 7 - The New Robin
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

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Alpha smiles thinking about how he is going to make a very much in pain and more and more brain wrecked Robin cum four more times.

The Riddler’s orders were direct and to the point make Robin cum 7-times to completely wreck his mind forever and turn him into a no longer hero.

One ideal comes to his handsome head right off, he will let Robin fuck him while laying on his back so Robin will see all his good looks and body.


“Robin, I want you to fuck me! Do you want to fuck me?”


“Yes Master, your so handsome and muscle bound I would love to fuck you!”

Alpha sits on the bed edge and raises his muscular legs up and back, he motions for Robin to come fuck him.

Like a robot, Robin walks over to the brutally handsome Alpha.

Alpha hands Robin a can of spray lubricant and Robin slicks his rock hard 9-inch cut penis good.

He then spray lubes Alpha’s tight asshole and Alpha’s big 14-inch power tool then he gives the lube back to Alpha.

Robin puts the head of his fat 9-inch cut still rock hard penis to Alpha’s tight asshole and slides it all the way in.


“Oh yeah Robin! Your cock feels so good, start pumping me and jacking my big cock!”

Robin obeys and starts pumping and fist stroking Alpha’s huge 14-inch power pack.

Robin can feel Alpha working his tight asshole muscle as Robin pumps Alpha is putting a powerful grip to Robin erect penis.

Alpha’s rectal muscle is zapping Robin’s rock hard penis, as Robin’s head gets close Alpha’s power asshole puts a power squeeze on Robin’s penis head.




“Do not cum just yet Robin, you will obey!”

Robin pulls his pre-cum-dripping penis out of Alpha before he climaxes just in time, one more second and it would have been to late.


“That’s good Robin now stroke my huge cock and let your thoughts slow down and go into darkness!”

Robin’s mind goes into complete darkness, his penis is still rock hard but his mind is blacked out, he keeps stroking Alpha’s huge phallus.

Alpha grins seeing The Boy Wonders eyes all drugged looking staring into darkness, Robin’s mind is webbed up in the powerful drugs Alpha used on him.

The new muscle bound Robin is zapped senseless all his awesome muscles are useless, he is helpless.

Seeing the muscle bound Robin before him powerless unable to use his free will, turns Alpha on big time!


“OK Robin, stick your fat cock back into my vice like asshole and we will cum together! You will obey!”


“Yes Master! I will obey!”


“Now start pumping me faster and faster Robin and tell me when your going to cum! You will obey!”


“Yes Master! I will obey!”

Alpha orders Robin to watch his face and upper body, Robin answers he will obey.

Alpha stops for the moment with the rectal muscle power squeeze as Robin starts pumping faster and faster and fist jerking the hung handsome villain’s fully erect 14-inches of power rod!

Alpha moans and groans and acts like he’s withering, his facial expression that of a weaken helpless stud his very muscular arms at his sides jerking.

Alpha makes his huge round pecs indent and ripple and his eyes go back into his head, with weak acting moaning and groaning.

All of this is making Robin very ready to cum he keeps slam pumping Alpha now and he starts moaning with deep pleasure.

Alpha starts back his vice like grip to Robin’s slamming cock Robin’s pumping starts to slow as the tightening of the stud villain’s rectal muscle gets tighter and tighter.

Soon Robin is unable to pump Alpha anymore, the stud villain’s powerful asshole muscle has tightly wrapped around Robin’s throbbing 9-inch cut penis.

Robin stands fist jacking Alpha’s huge member with a drunken look in his eyes; Alpha’s power grip is zapping Robin’s penis putting a red ring around the bottom head area.

Alpha flexes and releases Robin’s rock hard penis, Robin’s most sensitive area his penis head is being zapped well!


“Oh yeah I took away your penis control Robin, I’m squeezing your penis head feel my power Super Robin!

Robin’s penis head is locked into Alpha’s asshole he tries to keep fist pumping Alpha’s huge hard penis but the pain of Alpha’s squeeze is mind wrecking.

Alpha starts squeezing and relaxing his rectal muscle this starts stimulating Robin fast he can feel his climax coming on!



Hearing this Alpha starts cuming too he points his shooting penis at Robin’s awesome big round pecs.

Robin keeps climaxing the pain is brain ripping, he falls backward with his muscular arms hanging down and dangling his penis shooting load after load of hot cum while being vice gripped by Alpha’s power rectum!

It’s like Robin’s penis is stuck in a closing faster and faster vice.

Mindless words coming out of Robin as the pain gets worse with each huge load of cum shooting out.

After 5 minutes Alpha completely relaxes his rectal muscle and Robin falls backward to the floor spread eagle.

Robin’s climax has stopped finally, his penis remains rock hard.

Alpha gets up from the bed and goes down to Robin and grabs his legs and pulls him towards his huge still rock hard penis.

Robin doesn’t know he’s in this world as nonsense words come out of his mouth.

Alpha has Robin’s asshole near and he slams his huge power rod deep into a zapped out Robin!



Alpha starts pounding Robin senseless with his huge fat 14-inch cock, pulling it all the way out and then slamming it back in.

Alpha starts fist pumping Robin’s still erect penis working it while he slam pumps Robin’s asshole.

It takes a good 30 minutes but soon Robin and Alpha start to climax at the same time.

Like before Robin cums for a good 5 minutes the pain with each shooting load is mind wrecking!

After the climaxing is finished, Robin’s mind keeps breaking down he’s powerless body and mind.

Alpha smiles thinking about number six cum action for the zapped out body builder Robin.

He walks a naked Robin over to a silver tilt table and has him lay down, Alpha straps Robin’s arms and legs down good and secure.

Next to the table is a dresser with many drawers he opens one, pulls out a rubber band type thing, and wraps it around Robin’s penis head area good and tight.

Next, he picks up a set of hemostats and a small glass bottle that has two wasps in it.

He opens the bottle lid and with the hemostats picks up one of the wasps’.

He sticks the wasps’ stinger area to Robin’s penis head and the wasp stings!



Alpha crushes the wasp dead with the hemostats, picks up the other and does the same, it also stings Robin’s now going huge penis head!



Robin’s penis head is growing huge like a big mushroom.

His entire muscle bound body is shaking, his eyes blinking rapidly, mindless words coming out of his mouth.

Alpha, smiles and goes to the spray lubricant he gets it and walks back to a zapped senseless Robin.

He spray lubes Robin’s huge mushroom shaped penis head and shaft, then lays the spray lube down next to a withering Robin.

Alpha gets on the table with Robin and then mounts the huge penis head, it takes some doing but finally it goes into his tight asshole and he slides down on it.

Alpha starts riding a body jerking ruffly Robin’s huge penis head and shaft.

Robin’s muscular buttocks juts upward, then down faster and faster up and down, the pain from the wasp stings is driving him insane!

This powerful stimulation to his tight asshole makes Alpha start to climax, he shoots his load all over Robin’s face.

Alpha smiles looking down at a much-zapped sperm face covered Robin.

Robin keeps wildly jutting his hips upward and then downward.



Alpha keeps trying to ride Robin’s now fat mushroom head penis but Robin’s up ward thrusts buck him off.

Alpha stands straight up and looks down at the thrusting up and down Robin, an evil grin on his very handsome face.

Alpha reaches in one of the near by drawers and pulls out a gauntlet and puts it on his lower arm.

Alpha pushes a purple button and a powerful vibration begins.

He sticks his vibrating little finger inside of Robin’s now very huge opening piss hole.

He starts penis hole fucking Robin, the vibration is powerful and Robin’s mind is wrecked he keeps thrusting up and down faster and faster with Alpha’s vibrating little finger inside his penis hole deep going up and down.


“Robin you will tell me when your about to cum! You will obey!”



Alpha’s powerful vibrating little finger finally works and Robin starts cuming hard!



Load after load of warm sperm shoots into Alpha’s open mouth he swallows the more and more mind wrecked Boy Wonders muscle man sperm down.

When Robin finally stops ejaculating he’s talking out of his head the words are a jumbled up mess, his eyes are blinking rapidly and every muscle in his body builder physique quivering making his still rock hard penis vibrate.

Alpha takes the totally defeated Robin off the tilt table and walks him to the center of the room.

He reaches up, pulls down a leather belt harness, and wraps it around the zapped out of his head Robin’s lower pec area.

When he is through he lets go of the harness and Robin is lifted up off the ground by two feet.

Alpha steps back and looks the conquered muscle bound Robin over, he smiles and then frowns thinking about how zombie like Robin will become after his 7th climax.

He re-inserts his huge phallus into Robin and starts the vibration of his gauntlet and wraps his fist around Robin’s still rock hard penis.

He starts pumping the totally subdued hero Robin and fist- pumping Robin’s fat nine.

When a red light starts flashing in his S&M room Omega comes running into the room with his and Alpha’s costumes and a very serious look on his handsome face.


“I took a brake after we made Batman cum 5 times and was in the john when the camera monitor showed a bunch of police officers and NightWing zapping the Riddler! We have to get out of here now!

Alpha re-moves his big fat penis from Robin and he and Omega steps through a hidden door in the back closet in the room and their gone.

NightWing has Robin’s new spandex briefs, Lycra tights, utility belt, boots and gloves.

NightWing takes from his utility belt an injection devise and injects Robin with a powerful calming drug without the venom and drug-analyzing computers advise this is the only cure for the moment.

NightWing dresses Robin fast, so as none of the young Police officers will not see him in the shape he is in.

The calming drug worked somewhat, Robin is no longer talking out of his head but the incredibly handsome Robin’s eyes stare into darkness and are void of expression just like Batman’s eyes.

NightWing walks back into the room where Batman is with Robin and an on his way to Archam, Riddler.

Commissioner Gordon gave the Riddler the sleep drug as soon as he woke up giving the Riddler no time to threat smart or mouth off.

When all is over NightWing loads Batman and Robin in the bat mobile on Robin’s side and he gets in on Batman’s side and drives to the bat cave.

NightWing’s cycle after a few buttons pushed follows close behind.

One month later


“Tim are you sure your OK? You still want me on top?”


“Yeah Bruce, I need you to top me I don’t know when I’ll be ready, just be patient with me Bruce, please!”

Bruce grabs Tim, holds him close and keeps running his fingers through Tim’s black hair it seems to calm him when he does this Tim closes his eyes.

Omega and Alpha are laying next to each other in their big king sized bed talking to each other.


“Yeah we made allot of money on that deal, we have offers coming via our secret e-mail account.”


“How much rest time do we have?”


“Two weeks and lucky the next job is in Metropolis.”


“And who will we be working for this next time?”


“Lex Luthor is his name, 5 million dollars for this gig.”


“WOW! That’s allot of money we are doing well at this villain for higher thing you got us into Omega!”


“Yeah I told you we would, stick with me Alpha and we will have everything our hearts desire.”


“How was it Batman, you never have told me?”


“It was all right, would have been better if we were together working him over instead of being separate.”


“I had a good time working the muscle bound Robin over, makes me hard thinking about the things I did to him!”


“Drink your drink down so we can fuck each other.”

Alpha drinks down the last of the drink Omega fixed him, he found it rather strange since Omega rarely ever did that but he smiles and swallows down.

In no time Alpha’s eye glaze over and are half closed very drugged looking.


“I think I’m going to capture Robin and bring him here and make you watch me fucking him and not let you at all!”


“If that’s what you want Omega, that’s fine by me.”

Omega smiles big and raises up and sticks a mind control drug inside of Alpha and shoves it way into him with his monster cock of 16-inches and starts pumping him slowly.


“Alpha you will only love me from now on you will tell me you love me everyday for the rest of our lives!


“Yes Master! I hear you and I will obey!”

The end.            David Circe.

Batman/Bruce Wayne Robin/Tim Drake NightWing/Dick Grayson Alfred, Lex Luthor The Riddler Metropolis Commissioner Gordon. Belong to DC.Comics This is work of adult fan art. No Copyright infringement intended. Alpha and Omega villain’s are my creation.