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The New Robin
Chapter 5 - The New Robin
By David Circe
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Alpha walks a very mind controlled Robin to his S&M room and sleeping quarters.

Alpha is so handsome and dripping in muscles but Robin’s muscles are also something to see and he is very handsome also.

Robin could feel Alpha’s huge penis going hard between his ass crack and it felt so good.


“Robin who do you obey?”


“I obey Alpha.”


“That’s right you do now start flexing that awesome body of yours.”

A still masked and naked muscle bound Robin stands in front of Alpha and flexes his muscles.

Making his pec’s indent and quiver his biceps bulge his 8-pack abs ripple and his pinched ass shimmy.

Alpha strips completely naked and stands before Robin.

Robin’s eye glued to Alpha’s awesome muscle bound body and his huge 14-inch cock fully erect.

The girth of Alpha’s huge penis makes it hang downward keeping it from standing upwards.

Alpha goes to Robin and grabs both of his balls and puts a squeeze to both of them.


“Now Robin you keep flexing your muscles while I drain some of that muscle power of yours you will obey!”



 Robin keeps flexing his muscles as Alpha puts a mind-numbing squeeze to both his round testicles.



Alpha lets go of Robin’s balls just in time Robin was about to black out he removes the shock cock ring and throws it aside.


“Robin you will keep flexing your muscles for me you will obey!”


“Yes I will obey!”

Alpha goes to a drawer and picks up a long narrow round glass tube with a bulb head and a vial with very thick clear liquid.

He then picks up a small spray bottle and walks over to a flexing his muscles Robin.

Alpha with spray bottle in hand sprays a good amount into Robin’s eyes.



Alpha just drugged an already mind controlled Robin with a powerful hypnotic drug that will drain away any aggressive side of him.

Robin’s eyes looking very glazed over unblinking.

Alpha then opens the vial and dips the glass tube in getting the clear thick drug coated on the tube and bulb head.

Alpha replaces the lid to the vial and lets it drop to the floor he then picks up Robin’s limp penis and inserts the tube into Robin’s penis hole.



Alpha inserts the tube deep into Robin the drug is a penis hardener and a sperm multiplier and it has the ability to drain a persons mind each time they are made to climax.

Alpha removes the tube from Robin’s penis hole.

The shock has a once flexing his muscles Robin now shaking and jerking all over his well made body.

Robin’s cut fat nine-inch penis goes to full erection it bounces up and down as his body shakes and jerks wildly.

Alpha goes back to the drawer and puts the items back then turns around to see a walking around the room in a powerful stupor Robin.

Robin’s testicles are becoming larger and larger filling with great amounts of sperm.

 The pain is so intense Robin is talking to him self and moaning as he walks about the room like a drunk.



Alpha smiles seeing the body builder type Robin and what the drugs are doing to him looking at Robin’s swelling testicles.

Robin continues to walk about the room his rock hard cut nine-inch penis bobbing up and down as he now stumbles about.

His handsome head jerking wildly his huge round bubble pecs indenting at his big rock hard nipples making big circles.

Alpha goes to Robin and stops him then walks him over to the foot of the bed.


“Robin you will stand here at the foot of my bed you will obey!”

Robin stands at the foot of the bed his muscular body jerking all over.

Alpha lays down in the bed facing Robin his awesome huge penis rock hard and pulsating.


“Robin you will keep your eyes focused on my cock you will watch and look at only my cock!”


“Yes I will obey.”

Alpha with his finger and thumb hold his very fat long 14-inch penis and starts moving it back and forth in a slow rhythm.

Robin’s eyes a glued to it the pain from his swelling testicles is not stopping his gaze.

The Riddler has ordered Alpha to use the powerful hypnotic drug on Robin the mind control drug works very well and lasts for days.

But the hypnotic drug has a strange side effect while under the influence of the drug if made to climax 7 times on the 7th time the mind of its victim will be completely erased.

Leaving the hypno-drugged victim a mindless zombie permanently.


“Robin you are a hero right?”


“Yes I’m a hero and crime fighter.”


“Robin are you and Batman lovers?”


“Yes Batman and I are lovers.”


“Robin when you and Batman make love who is the dominate one?”


“Batman was the dominate one until my body became body builder like now most of the time I’m the dominate one.”


“Why is that Robin?”


“Batman loves looking at my muscle bound body while I’m pumping him.”


“Robin do you feel very powerful with your awesome body and muscle strength?”


“Yes I feel very powerful and strong very powerful.”


“Robin I’m going to take all your power away when I make you cum each time I do this you will feel weaker and weaker with each orgasm.”


“Yes Master.”

Alpha smiles an evil grin time to take all of the muscle bound Robin’s power away body and mind.

End of part 5              David Circe.

Robin Batman and the Riddler belong to DC Comics This is work of adult fan art. No copyright infringement intended. The villain’s Alpha and Omega are my creations.


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